October 18th, 2004


FMA Tatoo Desing request

Well I just thought i would ask since there are quite a Few Art Inclined people here.  I am planing on getting two FMA tatoos.  One would be the Humonocule Tatoo.  and the second is where the request Mainly falls. 

I want to get A tatoo of Al's Helmet as if it was sitting on the ground over top of The blood Array or the Symble that him and Ed ware.  Not sure what one i Profer but I would love to see this if anyone is willing.  thanks in advance
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Quick and fairly useless question.

OK, I looked through all the "memories" section, and couldn't find the answer, so here goes:

What language is the "Bratja" song in? *^_^ I just can't quite put my finger on it...

Sorry for the useless post. XD *Cough* At least it's not another stupid photoedit... *cough*
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Bad fics


I was supposed to be sleeping as I have to wake up again in 5 hours to make preparation for a presentation, but nooooo, I just had to go to the Pit.

Guess what I found? .

My eyes are bleeding.

And now I really really really reeeeeeeeeeeally want to make a community to spork the thing. Anybody else agree with me? I just can't stand them and to think that there will be more to come.... *shudders*

*weeps herself to sleep*

EDIT: Made the community, although I haven't got the time to edit the community page. It's called fma_spork. Spork away, comrades.
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alert the medic
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(no subject)

Does anybody here know how to make Sim2 skins? I've been fiddling with the Sim creator, but for some reason it's extremely adverse to male characters with braids and female characters with pink hair. I've been trying to build my happy Ed/Roze family, you see, and it's just not happening.

So does anybody know where I might be able to find a tutorial on building sims? If there isn't already a bunch of FMA Sims skins out there that I haven't found yet. If they can, I'll for sure make an entire package of FMA skins for the Sims 2. <3
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happy days are here again

The things you find on humor sites.

Sorry if this is off topic, but this was too amusing to pass up.

I was just browsing Bad Bad Baby Names(a site that makes fun of, er, unusual choices for names) when I came across this.

"The names we've picked out are Lyra Star for a girl, and Dante Randall for a boy."

Needless to say, I giggled like an insane hyena.
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My dearest, darling community...

OK. Yes. I'm asking for something. :D;;

Would anyone by any chance happen to have a clear (or at least large) copy of the Ed and Al photo? Yes, you know the one: Ed is beaming like the proud little shrimp he is while holding up a fish, Al happily holding one beside him.

If anyone has it, I'd be most grateful if you could point me in its direction. I need it for an art project. At some point. Yea. :D;

Thank you! <3
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Full metal alchemist complete best CD?

Hello everyone,

I was just wondering what was in the Full Metal Alchemist's complete best CD/DVD? well I know what's in the CD but not sure of the DVD.. I heard it contained just OP/ED's of the animation. I saw it today at my local Kinyokunya today. I was really tempted to get it but I haven't heard much about it. Can anyone tell me if there's more added than just a CD with all the OP/ED songs, and the DVD with the guide?

Thanks so much.