October 17th, 2004


God of Death?

I was reorganizing my stash of images and the Photoshop editing bug bit me.

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Do you know how tempted I was to put Gluttony there instead? Feel lucky I am not feeling well enough to stomach that enough to put into reality. Yes, that is a challenge. >=D

I'm gonna go collapse on my bed now, kthx.
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I've been meaning to ask ya'll at some point (respectfully of course!) about FMA AMVs.

Number One: could someone point me in the direction of some good ones
Number two: if any of you are feeling up to it, could you quite possibly do an AMV to 'Livin On the Edge' (Aerosmith "Big Ones").


And so she joins the photoedit war! WARNING! CRACK! INSANITY! Naruto?!

Yes. In a previous response to a comment on one of my previous posts here, I got the idea stuck in my head that ItachixKisame from Naruto was like...an alternate universe KimbleyxGreed. It spawned my edits. I just wasted my afternoon. I am sad. But hopefully I can now scare the shit out of you. -Grin-

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Feel free to throw things, but I'd prefer they be either large amounts of explosives or large, heavy boulders that will kill me instantly, I don't like pain. -Cringe-
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Wall-E & Eve [1]
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From the gamefaqs.com site, the girl is named Corniche-- due to this one person's FAQ there.

Why? I don't know.

And my opinion, she's pretty useful in the GameBoy Advance game. :D She heals you and all, so Ed doesn't have to go make those medicine out of his alchemy cards.

Why am I sharing this? I don't know again.

That is all from me today. :P I'm pretty sure this entry doesn't really make sense. XD
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I come bearing offers! If you've seen the fanfiction I've been writing, Unsettling Affairs, you'll probably be a bit more familiar with how I get my material.

That being said, I need some serious help! Do YOU roleplay? WOULD YOU RP FMA characters in a plot scenario type situation? If so...PLEASE DEAR GOD I NEED YOU PEOPLE!

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If you are interested in RPing, please post a reply to this entry with who you wish to roleplay as, and once we get you set up, you'll be part of my fanfic! (Unless you don't wish to be, in which case I'll just cut out parts with you in them by request)

Thank you for your time, I hope I get some positive responses! I hope this isn't inappropriate to post here, I'll take it down if it is, just tell me so.

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spammish post/stupid poll...

Just an informal poll here...

How many people have gotten people who don't know about FMA to recognize FMA references?

I sorta have. All of my friends know what a flamel means, they all call me "chibi," and I've gotten my parents to use the phrase "don't go Moofy on us now" to tell me to watch out because I might be going into a manic stage. (And they haven't even seen the show...)
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Hughes help.

Hi all, have a little favour to ask... my friend will be cosplaying as Hughes at the end of this year, and he needs some good pictures of Hughes with his hair. (ack, that didn't come out too well. O_o;; ) So, help! ^^; I know there are a lot of Hughes fans around, so help!! XD

I promise cosplay photos.
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Deviant Art People!

Yeah, just for those who don't know, I maintain the Fullmetal Alchemist club on Deviant Art and every month, we have a friendly fanart contest with a theme and occasionally, a showcase. So yes, we have a contest this month again and I'm hoping to see a lot more entries from different people so I just decided to leave a message here. Yayz. =)

What's the contest/theme?

Every month at the time of voting for the previous theme (like now, we're voting on the winner of October's theme), I announce the theme for the next month. Usually, this is a single word that the artist is free to interperate; I've seen a lot of creative entries. =)

November's fanart theme is "meal". You have until the 15th of November (at noon, Pacific time) to send the club a note with a link to the entry.

Also, we're having a showcase for October in honor of the anime's first birthday so if you happen to have any doodlings to commemorate it, send it in. =)

Rules of Monthly Art Contests:
*One entry per person.
*The theme is always up to you to interprerate
*No copying (tracing or copying another artist's fanart/fanart ideas)
*No stealing (entering another artist's fanart)
*No submitting an artwork you've already submitted for another contest on this community.
*Nothing above the American PG-13 rating.

The DA Fullmetal Alchemist club

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