October 14th, 2004

Whose Line?

Lust's Jacket.

I was wondering if anyone here has pictures of Lust with the jacket that looks like Greed's or the one she is wearing in the first episode of FMA? I would appreciate it, if you have it. Thank you in advance if you do.
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neko_yasha001 JH

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Since everyone seems to really like the Hughes chibi in one of my pictures, I decided to be cool and make an lj icon out of it. I don't care if you credit me or not, just take it and love it like it's your own.

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sven in bathrobe


Yes, it's that time of whenever again, the time when Amanda collects all the weird icons she's made recently.

All are Hughes, and all are... really strange.

Rest are down yonder.
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Some of them are crappy, I know. Usual rules, comment and credit, etc etc.

xposted to a few other places, so if it shows up multiple times on your friendslist, shoot me.
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Well, okay. Better...Did I mention I have Kimblee hands?!

I swear, the people in the afternoon classes were doing some kind of undetectable airborn dope. I am so out of it. XD I've been running around screaming "SPLODEY!" and laughing maniacally all afternoon, whilst habitually tensing and flexing my hands at people and smirking insanely while plotting how to blow them up. I am NOT ZOLOF J. KIMBLEY. I'd like my brain to acknowledge this.

I didn't even put the symbols on the right hands! I screwed that up too! THE CRESCENT MOON IS ON THE LEFT HAND YOU TWIT! -Slams head against desk-

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Yes, I am insane. Thank you for asking. Now have the revamped once more and now shaded version of the picture I posted last night. Whee.

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Another reason!

Another reason why Hiromu Arakawa. Is. GOD.

In Global History, we've been going over Ancient China, and I was looking through my textbook, taking notes on Tao(Dao)ism. I found this excerpt a little too wierd.

"...Instead of accepting nature as it was, Daoist priests searched for a substance to bring immortality and experimented with alchemy trying to transfrom originary metal into gold. To achieve this goal, alchemists mixed chemistry and magic. Sometimes, their experiments led to advances to science. Efforts to find the key to eternal life may have contributed to discoveries in medicine..."

Ling, and the crew from Xing, anyone? There's more about the Daoist's creating gunpowder, but as of now, that's not relevant to Ling, and the crew but come on. Cool info that once again Arakawa didn't make up.