October 13th, 2004

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well, i just finished my Tetsuo Shima vs Edward Elric pic.
they're arm-wrestling...with both of their mechanical arms.
i wish i had a scanner.
once i get to a kinkoz or something, i'll scan it.

maybe i should have had jet black from cowboy bebop being the ref or something...
*shrugs* oh well.

tetsuo's sexy and his mighty forehead could kick vegeta's ass.
take that, toriyama.
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FMA #51 and fanfics... (minor spoiler)

Ehh... watched 46 straight through to 51, patted self in the back after finishing 50 and congratulated self for *waiting* until 51 came out before watching....

.... very... unexpected ending... I don't think anybody saw this coming, I certainly don't, and I do believe this is one of the very few endings that neatly collect all existing fanfics and drop-kick them all into the AU field. Hrmph. And hey, calintz was right, Ed did gave up his braid and use ponytail instead!

Nevertheless, quite a satisfying end, it managed to wrap up some very important issues nicely, and some aspects it wrapped up *very* satisfactorily indeed. Very rare for an anime for which the originating manga's ending is not yet known. I can't wait to see how the manga will do its own ending.

What do you all think?
Look up and Smile! ♥

More workload for SV-chan! XD

Sorry sv-chan, i couldn't resist X_x

ZOMG! The children learned how to sparkles!
I wanna go to this school and learn about the Armstrong sparkles!

And I finally Enrolled... So...

Here my class schedule:

1st period: Armstrong History Teacher: Mr. Armstrong
2nd period: Weight class 1 Teacher: Mr. Alex Armstrong
3rd period: Weight class 2 Teacher: Mr. Alex Armstrong
4th period: Sparkle class Teacher: Miss. Armstrong
5th period: Weight class 3 Teacher: Mr. Alex Armstrong
6th period: Earth/Space Science Teacher: Mr. Neil Armstrong

oy! I'll be wear out from different level of weight class X_x
By the end of the 1st semester I'll be muscular as Mr. Alex Armstrong. O_O
And guess who sit next to me in Armstrong History?!?! Edward Elric! XD XD

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Momo // SnB [sad] NO STEALING
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It's not entirely FMA-based, but it involves my site - so please help me ^^;;

I never thought I'd ever need more than 3GB a month o_O. I'm already up to 4GB, and that's only after buying an extra 2GB yesterday. o___O;;

So, does anyone know where I can find another host? My domain's paid for a year, but my hosting gets renewed on the 15th - when I have to pay again.
I want about 1GB of space (same as I have now), but more than 5GB bandwidth. Preferably somewhere in the 10+ range ^^;. Help!

[EDIT] Sorted, thanks ^^
Young Love

Random post by ME ♥

So, I'm going to my high school anime club today. :DDD (Please note that I am in college. I'M A LOSER!! :DDD)

My brother is the club's vice-president or something (like I was before him! *wipes away a tear*) and he decided that since I'm coming to the club and I'm SO special because I'm one of the Legendary Original Members and I have a Silver Watch, they should watch Fullmetal Alchemist to celebrate. (Of course, I'M the one who has to walk all the way to school carrying my laptop because it's their only means of watching it.) My immediate response was, "DON'T WATCH EPISODES ONE AND TWO!! That would be a bigger waste of an hour than the time we watched Hikaru no Go episodes one and two!!!"

He kind of looked at me strangely and asked, "Well, then what episodes should we watch?"

"Episodes three and- wait..." I paused to think. "Episodes three and five!"

HAW HAW HAW!! I posted this here because I found it amusing but I thought that most of my flist wouldn't get it. :(((( Please delete if it's too off-topic and strange.

(PS- Apparently the current president of the club has only watched the Chopstick subs. I heard that and was like, "Okay, who chose this moron to be presi- oh wait, that was me.")

Crossposted to haganenokokoro.
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Ed/Winry ficlet.

Warning, yaoi fans, this is Ed/Winry. Don't like, don't read. I figured I'd post here too in case there were any het fans who hadn't found the het community yet! I know this pairing isn't that popular ^.^

An introspective, lemon-tinged vignette about our dear braided alchemist and his wrench-wielding mechanic.



Linked to my journal.
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raiel upsidedown
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Plushies and dreams

I got my plushies! A little Roy, a little Hawkeye, a little Al, and of course, a little Ed--"who you calling so little he'd make a better keychain than an alchemist!"--and I love them so~! They are TINY. I mean, they MIGHT be the size of lightbulbs, but only barely. And they really ARE keychains! Tiny tiny..CUTE! *is in her happy land*

I vaguely remember my dream last night. At one point I was apparently watching the FMA dub in it. But I could never remember what a voice sounded like cuz I was focused on the ep and not the voices. I finally payed attention in this dream land and thought "Hey! Ed sounds closer to his age than i thought he would!" Although the dream ep I was watching felt more like some mystery thing they were trying to figure out... at a council meeting type thing... I think "case closed" on adult swim being the last thing I saw before bed and reading a Valdemar book before finally sleeping mixed oddly in my brain as I slept. o.o

This spam brought to you by procrastination! No cleaning done and now Zra might be laste for class!
Oracle of Quantico, Plus-Sisters represent!

Odd Fan-isms

I was just wondering if there were any 'fan-isms' that have popped up in other online or real life groups of FullMetal Alchemist fans. If you don't know what a 'fan-ism' is then ...
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I figured that all the FMA wackos can’t be in Florida. So I want to hear from all the other fans out there!
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Eeep! Fiction...

Yeah okay, so the scariest thing I've ever done (or rather, am about to do) is share my fanfiction with the population that cares about what I'm writing about o_O;. So here goes a ~biiiig~ nothing XD;;. I have no idea how good of a writer I am (I haven't written a 'story' in a long, long time) but I guess I made it for my own personal enjoyment (which I'm sharing with everyone) than anything else.

So anyways, let me entertain you with a continuation to the FMA storyline beyond episode 51 ^_^. I hope you like it. It'll probably end up being several chapters long... and it'll keep me occupied for quite some time (read: it'll be the perfect excuse to do homework "later"). Oh and it's probably littered with spoilers >_>;

My fic! 'He Who Searches For Himself - Chapter 52' =3

*begs for mercy and watched the clock tick off the last few minutes before going to work* @_@;
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[SHINee] blue

AMV Dare

i have a dare for you guys

the other day i found a CD for $2
the band is called "Bitch and Animal"
and the band sucks ass

but the second song on the CD is like "WTF?" to the point where you cant stop laughing

i want to see if someone can make an AMV to that song

as far as how to get the song
you can try to find it... its called "Croquet"
or you can IM me on AIM and ill send it to you
ill either be on Relanir or m00nl1t_rh4ps0d1
Relanir will most likely be up... but me and my bro kinda share that one cause were to lazy to sign off that one...

edit: im a moron and spelt Croquet wrong
so i fixed it
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I am SO going to hell for this. No pass Go, collect $200. I'm going to hell in a handbasket.

Number One: There is a warning that goes with this: It is Ed/Roy. If you can find and identify the chibi, ten points to you! EPISODE 51 SPOILERS!

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Number Two: Angsty Ed pic.

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Number Three: Utena Spoof pic. Tiny hint of Ed/Roy. ^^

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