October 9th, 2004

The Second OST? (Does it exist O_O; )

Sorry if this may have been asked already, but I didn't see it in the comments. But shouldn't there be a second OST too? Some of the music I heard in the later episodes wasn't in the first OST. So there must be one for the later ones, right? If anyone might have a release for date, it would be nice to know :)
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He a bicyclist
Win 6 times in a row at the Tour de France
Battling for cancer
He even having a foundation for patient who have cancer
He wear Yellow..
He wear the Livestrong bracelet
Its...Its......!!! Ah I can't even say it!! >,>;

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Ok, this is kind of a fanart... Well, it IS fanart Heh. It's the first time i draw something like this, i usually just make my own animish characters, never before i did anything related to an actual anime. Heh. *a bit nervous*


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Ex posted in... many places. Sorry. My friends made me. ^^v

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[Fic] Changed For Good - Chapter 7 (finally)

It's here! At long last, I wrestled chapter 7 into existence. It wasn't easy - but I did it!!!

So yeah, uh, here it is. And I pologise to all of you who are following this; I just had writer's block of the worst degree for about 2-3 weeks.

Title: Changed For Good - Chapter 7: The Strength to Walk Away
Author: miss_arel
Beta: laylah
Rating: PG-13 for language
Word Count: 5077
Warnings: Angst, cuteness, some language, mild yaoi. (No, I won't tell you the pairing.) Did I mention cuteness?
Summary: Ed and Al prepare to return to East City and solve the mystery of the experiment in the alley - both of which are easier said than done.

Missed a chapter? Previous chapters are archived on skyehawke.com, starting here.

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Comments/critiques are the most wonderful thing you can give an author, so even if you don't think you ahve anything major/nice/worthwhile to say, I still wanna hear from you! Please! Thank you. ^_^

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Latest Animage pics ....ENVY LOVE!...And ol' pics too! And the TOPS!

Latest Animage has ED!ness. Beautiful ENVY!ness, and somewhat (more than) hinting Edvy ness, and Roy-ness too. I'm sorry if these have arleeady been posted.There's also some extra pictures, though some might have (probably) already been posted.
Have a nice meal and onto the gallery love,baby!

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Oh, and the character tops too:

1- (and irremplaceable), Our Ed!
2-the boiling hot Taisa, Roy Mustang!
6-Riza.Damn,she's usually first in Animedia.
16-Arufonsu Erurikku, the cutest armor there is.
17-And Winry Rockbell. Because she rawks...err..Tinkerbell?(don't mind the bad puns)
26-MAES HUGHES! Loved for ever and ever.

Done! I apologize if these have already been scanned(though I'd expect so for some^^;;). Oh,and there's also 'older' pics in Animage, I mean, ones that have been already released(like, ENvy holding Ed by the poneytail) but didn't quite scan them. Though, say if you're interested, I'm planning on a scans gallery.
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batoru rowaiaru

FMA art community

Considering there's been such an influx of FMA fanart, photoedits and other such retina-based sugary goodness here, arelyn530 suggested there should be an FMA art community and...GUESS WHAT?

That's right! I decided to play the part of the Obnoxious Superhero and give you all fma_art.

Made from natural ingredients! 100% free of all artificial additives! Your mother would be proud. Insert obligatory JOINJOINJOIN comment here!

i've studied this comm's rules and acquired several hundred degrees about the subject before, but if blatant plugging is the equivalent of human transmutation here, just give us a buzz and i'll delete this post and send it into oblivion. :)

NOT another photoedit

Contribution #2: fanart
The quality isn't what I would like since I have a crap scanner that I got for free, but it still turned out pretty well.

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This is just kind of a random thought: Since we've been churning out so much art, both original and photoedit, I thought it might be a good idea to have an fma_art community. I have no experience starting or maintaining a community, but I didn't know if anyone else would be interested in that kind of thing. At the very least it would make it easier for wabisuke to find all of the pics :)
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Black and White

It's been a while since I've actually sat down and drawn decent artwork (she draws decent artwork, you ask?) so I took a large bristol paper with a rejected 2-point perspective plan on it and drew on the back, taking a break from finishing my midterm portfolio. And since I'm going to be stuck using charcoal for the next five weeks in my sketching class, I decided to experiment with it.

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Going to cross-post to the fma_art community a bit later.

Calcination Update (fic)

Yes, it's true, I can actually freaking update my fics... kind of eventually ah heck whatever.

GENERAL WARNINGS: This is a yaoi fic. It is a work in progress. There is non-con and badly written sex. Angst has reached a new level of high with this fic and crack may or may not make an appearance.

Due to the fact that LJ is still being a royal pain in the arse I uploaded slightly edited versions of Chapters one and two to my GJ.

You can find all of the chapters to date of Calcination nicely lined up for you here.

Chapter Three (which is the new one) is waiting patiently for you right here.

Notes, there is torture and bad attempts at humour in chapter three, read at your own risk.

x-posted to my own journal.
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Ed Cosplay?

well, i had a thought the other night about cosplaying as Ed...
and i was wondering what you guys would think of it...

what do you guys think of me cosplaying as a female Ed?
do you think its cool?
think its stupid?
will kill me apon seeing me?

and i was wondering if anyone knew of a site that had screen shots of Fullmetal Alchemist...
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Post-series fanfic

For anyone who wasn't satisfied with the end of episode 51. Note that I didn't do any research for this, so sorry if I got any facts wrong.

Title: Adapting
Rating: G
Warning: MAJOR SPOILERS for episode 49-51.
Summary: Ed and Hohenheim bond in their own unique way.

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Btw, did anyone notice that the series began and ended with the same BGM? ^^
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some new ficcage, whoa.

apologies for everyone wanting ah! masuta-sensei 2; school has destroyed my brain lately and all I've had time for lately are ficlets. Soon, I promise. <3

I'm attempting the Liza 12 themes - here's the first two. I'll post all the rest of them together when I finish them, which should be soon. Fake LJ cuts are our friends.

Title: A welcomed rain / to a city in ruins (4, 5 of Liza Hawkeye 12 themes)
Category: Fluff (4), introspection (5)
Pairing: None

( Let's step out of the shadow of the Flame Alchemist for five seconds, shall we? )

La la, let's delve into PAIRINGS LAND! Both are giftficlets for neko_yasha001, who demanded I write stuff to what she drew. Both are PGish, nothing your parents would get angry at. And fluffy, like bunnies.

Title: Definitely
Category: Fluff
Pairing: Roy/Liza.

( Perfect in the predictability of her behavior; he expected this reaction.)

Title: Behind Speech
Category: Fluff
Pairing/Warning: Roy/Ed and language (we ALL know they talk to each other like that).

( Ed jumps. '...It takes effort to slam that door, and you broke my concentration.' )

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Kobetsu no Jyuu-ichi [DEFAULT]


Well, it's not my first FMA fic, but it is my first one that I'm willing to let others read. It's a shame I never finished "The day the shorty snapped." That was really funny. But after Ed slaughtered everyone for philosopher's stone components, there jsut wasn't anywhere to go with the story. but. um. yes. I'm rambling. TO THE FIC.

This hasn't been beta'd or anything, mostly because I'm too lazy to find people to read it before i post, and this is barely over what is (in my mind) drabble length. So consider this like... uh... World of Warcrafttm's Open Beta! yeah.

Title: Tabete?
Author: lelldorin
Rating: maybe PG?
Genre: sheer stupidity
Spoilers: YOU SHOULD READ TO CHAPTER 39 (of the manga), but I won’t blame you if you read this anyways because I’m JUST THAT FUNNY. *sly wink*

written because wiccat asked me to.
Length: 710 words or so.

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[PKM] Chatot

2005 Calendars

Who's preordering a calendar? :3

Version A
Version B

I'm not sure which to get... T_T;; Version B has more pages because it has 1 month for each, while Version A has 2 months per page. I'm more concerned about the illustrations inside though. >>~ *desperately wants a sample from each versions*

(If I can't figure out which to get, I'll probably get the Matantei Loki calendar instead. xD)
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