October 8th, 2004

Look up and Smile! ♥


Hmm... I wonder what is Envy real name when he was a normal human (Hohenvy)?

Trisha - Sloth
Moofy (I dont consider that a name for him -_- ) - Wrath
? - Gluttony
(forgot lust real name) - Lust
? - Greed
? - Envy
King Bradley - Pride
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Ficlet: Impossible

I'm not sure what made me write this. I'd say think of it as a prequel to my last drabble, and you should be okay. No pairings, a tiny referrence to episode 50, and a new writing style. I just needed to get it out of my system. Let me know what you think, even if it is that I'm a horrid writer who should never be allowed to hold a pen.

Look up and Smile! ♥


Anyone know what/where in the world Gluttony related to? O_o

I've been pondering about this one.. <,<;

Maybe Gluttony is related to a crossbreed of a Brainless Cow and a Goat that eat anything... XD;
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meaningless post. =D

You guys are going to kill me~~~~~~ you've gotten 73 edits for the war done since the last update so far. You ALL go to Hell-con and take pictures. XD

Anyways, can you guys,who decide to post edits after this message, name the edits ending with "by[insertljname]"
(ex: photoeditbysv_chan) and make sure the pictures are 100kbs or lower if the large size is not needed so I can slice off some time needed to compile them? Thanks. XD;
happy days are here again

Introduction and request

Hello. I'm pretty new to commenting in the community(been lurking for a LONG time). I've been hooked since the second episode, and I just watched the last one yesterday, which brings me to my request.

I need funny. Would anyone be so kind as to seed the Chopstick episodes? I am a huge fan of parodies, so I've been curious about Chopstick's subs for a long time. (Plus it gives me an excuse to watch more Greed. Mm, Greed.)
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You guys killed me this time. Go and feast on it, ya vultures. =D

Also, I'm pretty sure I'm missing a few this time so if anyone has ones that I forgot, or just happen to have new ones now that they want me up next update, put them here.

The things I do instead of studying.

Ordering the Chinese Doujin Game ^^;;

Since this was where I first heard about it, I figured this was the place to ask.

About that Chinese doujin game "青鳥の虛像" I tried following the steps posted here to order it using Western Union, but I'm concerned it won't work, seeing as how there wasn't really a 'name' to ship to among other things. I emailed Chris and that was the only address he gave, but the Western Union person made me doubtful.

Has anyone else went through this process successfully? Any tips or is there anyone who got a successful response?

Something hilarious

Okay, I might get some weird "looks" from this (for lack of better online terminology) but whatever. I'm actually subscribed to a couple alchemy-related mailing lists. So, I'm sifting through the archives and one guy says, using poor punctiation, and I quote:

"Does anyone know how to create a homunculus."

I damn near fell off my chair laughing my ass off. I am not joking. It was great.

In other news...does anyone know who made this icon that I'm using right now? Because I can't recall who originally made it and I'd like to credit them. Haha. I'm a tool.

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allen . ♥♥

Searching for songs for AMVs.

Taken by sudden inspiration, *cough*called peach ice-tea*coughcough*, the will to make an AMV on 'Pretty Fly(for a white guy)' By The Offpsring has grown on me. Would anyone have the song?
...Also, would anyone have te 'Boom boom boom boom' song by Venga Boys? The one that goes 'Boom Boom Boom Boom, I want you in my room, Spend the night together, for now and forever.'

This,of course, for the sole and beautiful purpose of AMV-making xD. THank you in advance (to anyone who replies)
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[fic] Happy Families 3/?

Title: Happy Families 3/?
Author: girl_starfish
Illustrator: hime1999
Rating: PG 13, for implications and sordid secrets -- it's a murder mystery, what do you expect?
Genre: Mystery / Angst / Drama.
Spoilers: This is an AU, set vaguely in the 1920s and inspired by copious amounts of Agatha Christie and Episode 50. There is only one major spoiler, and it's character wise, not anything to do with the plot of the anime series.

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yasu (Acid Black Cherry)--QED


I don't know if any of you read the Mainichi Shinbun online, but their photo special for this week has some Fullmetal Alchemist cosplayers at the Tokyo Game Show here.

I think they're kind of cute, and we need something a little different around here, so I'm popping out of lurk-dom. >.>
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the heart of things


So I was just doing this a few weeks ago for 49, but I'm trying to catch my roommate up (35-end) and we realized we don't have 48. Could someone be a doll and send it to me?

I can't do AIM transfers for somereason, sadly, though.

Thanks! <3
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(no subject)

Yo. I was playing with my tablet tonight, and churned out some FMA fanart while trying to learn painter. I thought it was about time that I contributed something to this community beyond begging for episode downloads, considering I've been a member for about 10 months. :D

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