October 6th, 2004

Hello! *waves*

Hello! Just a quick post from a lurker as I'm being shooed off by my sister!

*waves* Been lurking for a few weeks now, just wanted to say hello! O_o; Nice to meet you all!

Oh, those who are interested in claiming, I made a claiming community: fma_claims. I rather like claiming communities =P. Check it out if you have time! ^^;;

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Oracle of Quantico, Plus-Sisters represent!

One more poster edit

and a different addition to the whole Lightblub!Envy thing.

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... you could tell my trip to Atlanta has been rather dull by the number of hours I've spent on Photoshop in the last few days. Hugs my shinny new icon.
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Kobetsu no Jyuu-ichi [DEFAULT]

Dunno if anyone particularly cares...

but the following was wrapped around volume 8 when I bought it:
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I suppose the text on the inside is to small to read, really, but I thought I'd include it for completion's sake. um, yeah, anyone who can translate even a teeny bit for us kanji-impaired, I'll love you forever. <3
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(C) Teruteruboozu [....]
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I'm just so bored... And I'm curious...

Which character do you like?

Roy Mustang
Edward Elric
Alphonse Elric
Jan Havoc

Chapter 40 is due to release sometime next week and I can't wait for it!! :3 I'm so disappointed that we don't get the FMA DX over in Singapore... T_T
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[fic] Happy Families 2/?

Title: Happy Families 2/?
Author: girl_starfish
Illustrator: hime1999
Rating: PG 13, for implications and sordid secrets -- it's a murder mystery, what do you expect?
Genre: Mystery / Angst / Drama.
Spoilers: This is an AU, set vaguely in the 1920s and inspired by copious amounts of Agatha Christie and Episode 50. There is only one major spoiler, and it's character wise, not anything to do with the plot of the anime series.

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Ears - Perk
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Lookit! A serious fic from me! O_O *looks around to see if the sky is falling as well*

Title: Punishment
Challenge: Childhood
Pairings: Nothing, really. Really.
Words: 222 (okay, so I went just a *little* bit over. bite me.)
Spoilers: Yep, all over the place

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Full Metal Alchemist Scans

Hi everyone :) I'm new here :D But I was wondering if anyone had any FMA Animage or Animedia scans by chance from sept or earlier? I'm an avid collector of FMA "official" art and especially scans from magazines so any and all help is appreciated! Thanks in advance!
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[SHINee] blue

Newbie Photoedit

umm... hi...
ive been lurking for awhile (wow, actually i noticed that there have been a couple of people posting like this... im so un-original)
but yea... i decided to join and leave a post

so i leave you with a photoedit that will probably send me to hell

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Other - Velvet Cherry back :D

No not more edits.

I guess I'm sorta a newbie to editing... but I thought I'd share these anyway since I generally don't contribute as much to the fandom as I should. But first, a not so story.

See not so long ago a man many know as Skippy joined the military. There he proceded to do many idiotic things just to test the limits of said military. Eventually he put all the happenings into a list for all the internet's amusement. Fast foreward a couple years to my friend Pengie-sama... who recently provided me with the well known link to Skippy's list once again and told me just one thing. "Now apply that to FMA!!!11!ONE1!" I did a was once again amused... and thus inspired to create these.

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For the record I wouldn't even call a couple of these edits... more... putting a caption to screenshots. Captions which aren't even mine (just in case that hasn't been established yet) But I might do more if this goes over well... *really would love to see rule number 105 done*

¬¬ how you people that make some edits regularly find just the right images... be it time or luck, I commend you.
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neko_yasha001 JH

(no subject)

Do any of you know what it says (in full) on the alchemy array that appears quite often on the merchandise? I have the Ed and Al pencild board and all I can pick up is "...blue as lead There shall appear before you in perfect white" If any of you can tell me what it says in full I'd love you. If not... oh well.
[not!kamui] what fools these mortals be
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Homunculus Fanart?

A random conversation a while back made me crave a particular of fanart and I appreciate anyone who can provide links or sites which will feature my flavor of the week.

Homunculus Edward or Homunculus Alphonse or BOTH!

I so need these lately. I saw nanashiivy's icon and desired the full picture that comes from most of all.

RO - Angel SHIN /lv Neko-Jo
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(no subject)

>_>;; I decided to google sailor moon pics. And this was just too funny to pass up. :3

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Going to Hell-con now, anyone coming? =3 I'm cosplaying Bunny-Mercury!Hughes. :D ::cough::

((Sorry for adding to the edits, wabisuke. <3))
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