October 5th, 2004

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Image Request

I got a little request for all of you.. I'm wondering can anyone send me images of Hohenheim? I'm trying to make a LJ wallpaper. However, I can't seem to find any decent images of Hohenheim..

Lend me some and I'll love you forever. XD;

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neko_yasha001 JH


Title: Larger and Simpler World
Pairing: Liza/Roy, Ed/Liza (just a mini-suggestion, don’t eat me)
List of indictments (catagories): Humor, AU, OCC, randomness, bad idea...
Rating: PG (to cover anything that might happen)

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Please don't eat me.

HagaRen DX

Possibly someone mentioned this before, but apparently the reason that no one can find HagaRen DX is because the publisher pulled it from the stores because of a misprint? Has anyone else heard that that was the reason it's so hard to find? Someone said it would be available again in mid-October. Am I just hearing weird rumors or is this true? And if it is true, what kind of misprint would lead to a book getting pulled?
Red Dragon

(no subject)

Ok, I know that there are many who did not like how 51 ended. I watched it last night and in the interest of a spoiler-free post I will limit my review to only 3 words: best. ending. ever.

BTW, is there much info out on the movie that I may not have heard? All I know so far is "FMA movie, 2005".
kaz - glamorous beast

(no subject)

Okay, so I'm a little newish to the FMA fandom. All I've ever done was watch the episodes and that was it, but with the latter episodes I was feeling a little lonely and wanted to read everyone's theories and comments about the series... well, I joined this community and here I am. XD

So being a bit "new," I have a question I'd like to ask, even at the risk of sounding clueless. XD

Alright, I see peole referring to Wrath as "Moofy" sometimes. I take it that Moofy is Wrath before he gobbled down those red stones, right?

If that's so, who made up the name Moofy, and what exactly does it... mean? XD lol. Or, if I'm way off the mark, explain what Moofy is to me. ^^;

Thank you! <3
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Masters of War (Hughes/Roy)

Title: Masters of War
Fandom: Fullmetal Alchemist
Rating: PG-13
Pairing: Hughes/Roy
Summary: One hundred days of the Ishbal Civil War
Feedback: The best thing evar. Flame away, even, if you feel like it.
Disclaimer: Don't own anything. I make no money. Etc.
Notes: Follows the manga canon, mostly, as I know in the anime that Hughes wasn't actually at the war. There's some anime stuff thrown in there as well.

Much thanks to tatooine for the beta.

Title and lyrics come from the Bob Dylan song. Yes, I know that's cheesy.

(Masters of War)
One without a name

(no subject)

Here's a hopefully nonspoiler question:

What age is Winry supposed to be? Was her age ever mentioned specifically? Or was it ever referenced as older than Ed, Ed's age, between Ed and Al, Al's age, or younger than Al?

Yeah, not really looking for a spoiler here. Just, something like "In blah chapter in the manga, blah said Winry is blah age."
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...And you think *I'M* insane?

Me: Thought up any more crack pairings?

My Brother: ...Cornello and Cornello!Envy.

Me: O_o

My Brother: Yeah! They standing there, just smiling at each other, then all of a sudden *bzzt* one of them's nekkid!

Me: O_O;;

My Brother: And *fwoomp* the other one's pants fall down!

Me: And Ed's in the background, bleeding out his eyes.

My Brother: bwahahahahaha! "protect me from what I want..." XD

We now return you to your regularly scheduled sanity.
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Music Help

Uh, Hi there ^^; I've been a member of this community for a long time, but I never posted anything, so, uhm, HELLO XD;;

Well, the thing is... does anyone knows the name of that music playing when Dante talks about her past? The one playing when Rose is dancing on episode 50 << (classic-alike, with some woman singing random "Ooooh-Oooooh" :x) I totaly love that song <3 Can anyone help me?

Thanks ^^ (and forgive my bad English XO;)
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Drabble Community Idea

I've been doing some brainstorming lately. I've seen several fandoms that have 100 word drabble communities like Yami no Matsuei (fuda_100), Weiss Kreuz (wk_100), Harry Potter (hp100), deathnote100, etc.

What I've been thinking is that we should have a drabble community for FMA fiction too. A hundred words of FMA goodness and it can keep our muses going and ideas flowing.

I would make a poll but I haven't renewed my paid account yet x_x. So I guess I should ask it straight out:

Is there anybody interested in joining an FMA 100 word drabble community? If so, I'll make it. If not, I'll just ditch the idea. And what should I name the community?

Keep it real, FMA fans.

Til later,

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Colour Dodge [A Wilhelm Scream]


Just wondering if anyone knows where I can find episode 1 - 35 RAW? I have 36 and up. If someone would be nice enough, maybe the could send it to me over AIM? It might take a while, but I would take screenshots and make AMV's...
Coldwriter (no taking)

FMA drabble community. IT'S ALIVE!

I don't know how many people saw my last post but it was about making a drabble community.

Considering all the positive response I'm getting, I went ahead and made it.


It's kinda bare now but rest assured, all that will be taken care of in the morning.

Now go join! You know you want to ^_~

Til later,

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vampire pete


I'm Ri, I'm new, and I lurk alot. . . but i love the death out of FMA, so hi! ^.^

One question though. . . does anyone know where to get screencaps? I'm looking for the image(s) at the end of the Ready Steady Go! (2nd) opening where Edward is clutching his head in what looks to be a church (I'd also like the one where he's reaching in the air and getting frustated with it) Help?