October 3rd, 2004


I just find it very cute that ever since someone posted a message that ppl who didn't put the word 'spoiler' in the cut.. often leads to other being spoiled by accident ( and I do admit that I am one of them). So NOW eveyone who writes something abt ep51 would go like "MAJOR SPOILERS!!", "SPOILERS!! SPOILERS!!SPOILERS!!" and really big words to show their enthusiasim.

It's a useless post.. but i really find it amusing.
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I bring crack-ficcage!

I should be shot for this! :D

*comes bearing the BEST FANFIC EVAR* Best part is? NO SPOILERS FOR 51! YAAAY! Okay, maybe the best part is that it's liek ttly OTP!!11one Ed x lightbulb 4ever!!! lolz!111

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Feel free to shoot me now and/or sue me for killing brain cells. :D
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(no subject)

I'm pretty sure this has no point, but it's on a par with all the other 'Sailor Eds' out there... not as funny perhaps...

Title: Fullmetal Magical Girl?!
Genre: Siliness. Total silliness.
Pairings: No
Spoilers: No
Rating: PG (minor instances of language)

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Forgive the odd style, this was written a while ago. *sweatdrop*
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Some useless alchemy trivia

Not sure if this is on-topic or not...if not feel free to beat me with sticks, however I figured some people might find this stuff interesting, or at least entertaining.

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Aaand there you have it. I dunno. I'm bored this morning. LOL.
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Any kind soul ;-;

Sorry to ask of this XD but does anyone have a mp3 of Chopin's Etude No. 3 Op. 10? I've been looking for it like all day wihtout luck >< if you have would someone be able to send me over aim or msn?

Aim: OtakuProductions
MSN: itachi_kun7@hotmail.com

THanks sooooooooooooooo much in advance ;-;

Just so you know...

FMA 51 is OUT!

3 more days till Iconage! ^_^



yes its a REAL room, with a TON of bots, from about 5 well known groups.
Quality of release is awesome. Enjoy!

(I listed the irc room because their having BT tracker issues atm, but there was a BT link on mirkx.)
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Looking for quotes!

Hello there! I have an odd penchance for writing down and keeping quotes from animes, songs, or movies that I love. I like to use them as inspiration for stories, or for silly away messages or to write in random places.

Anyway, I have had little success with getting any from FMA. I remember that there were some quotes I quite liked, but do not know them word for word, and I've had a hell of a time trying to find them. So, I would really appreciate it if you would leave a comment and tell me your favorite FMA quotes! They can be funny, meaningful, sad, anything that sticks in your mind.

This was sparked by something written on the wall of our basement in my dorm at college. Here it is, for any wanting to take it up for themselves.

"Here's the project. If you think of something cool or funny, hell, if you hear something that grabs you, write it down somewhere. Create an indecipherable record of something that no longer exists. Then come back to the place after 200 years and Wow! Shit'll be crazy."

*smiles* I'd like to add some FMA into my record. Help me out?
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Fanart! w00tums.

Hello~! First time poster here. This community is awesome. :D

No warnings really. It's work safe, and there are no spoilers, unless you have yet to surpass the second opening theme(Ready Steady Go) of the entire series. Critiques and comments welcomed.

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I feel so sad that I am unable to partake in some of the community discussions, with the spoilers risk and all. Unfortunately I am still stuck on episode 49.. *Kicks her crappy dial-up connection* -.- Blargh.

[Edit]: Somebody pointed out that their hands were too small. Fixed 'em. :D Thanks for the help!
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Hi. Have a drabble. I'm new. Cheese. oO;

Short RP drabble by Edward Elric, thought it was good, decided to post. One shot. My way of saying "Hi, I'm here now. Yay!"

Title: Hatred
Word Count: 250
Setting: A witch burning post.
Notes: Contains spoilers through episode 50, not sure what manga chapter. Emotional short.

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Tell me what you think, I'm not usually one to write drabbles, I'd like some criticism.

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Colour Dodge [A Wilhelm Scream]

Envybulb... again

I was talking to luke_atmey today and... well...


That being said, I've been thinking up 'catch phrases':

Instead of "You've been burned" "You've been Royed"
Instead of "I'm the bomb" "I'm the Kimblee".

Anyone have any others?

Oh yeah, one more thing. Who will kill me if I actually wrote a serious and some-what dark Envy!Lightbulb X Ed fic?

And I hate these new journal things. This is the fourth time I've posted this, and I keep forgetting to put it in the comm. I never had this trouble before.
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A matter of confusion...

Hello, everyone. This is my first post in the community, so be gentle with me, please! I require a little bit of clarification regarding the ending of the series, but it's not really spoilerific, so...

Episode 51 seems like the last episode, but aren't there supposed to be 52 episodes? I'm confuzzled. Or dumb. Take your pick.


I was watching Radio Free Roscoe(The N show), when one of the characters Travis(Smog) was said to be called The Alchemist when in Hong Kong!

I went all "WTF!?!11oneone2211!! O_O;;" to the screen >>;; Family looked at me oddly...

Especially when I freaked while watching Degrassi, another The N show, and one of the characters, Paige(A blonde), held up a wrench. She was holding The Wrench and she had blonde hair! She looked like Winry!! ;_;


There goes me freaking out over nothing >>;;
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