October 2nd, 2004


Two questions

Who airs FMA on Japan TV??? There was a post a while back with the program schedule linked, but I can't pull it up (went back 230 entries).

Also... does anyone know where I can find a scan of a manga called "Flame of Alchemy" ??? I've seen the covers for it, but come up short with anything else.

Al fanart

I drew this for kirchu a little earlier this night while trying not to implode from anxiety caused by the waiting for FMA 51 waiting for my brother's phonecall. I can point out all the mistakes I've made whilst in my semi-sleepy/achy state but I thought the idea she gave me was cute and it turned out somewhat presentable so...

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summer sucks

i'm such a loser

every friday in english our teacher has us do this "word of the week" where u find a word and define it for the class, ect. then u get tested on it the following week. sounds a little 3rd grade-ish for juniors, but ::shrugs::

i got the silly idea to look up the word alchemy, and use it as my "word of the week"
muhahaha i influence their minds and they dont even notice...

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In celebration (?) of the last episode!

Remember that Chinese Hagaren Doujin game?

Pre-orders are open.

Reserve your copy NOW!

The important stuff is basically this:

How much is the game?

  A: 中國大陸:人民幣70元
China: 70 yuan

Hong-Kong area: 70 cantonese currency

Taiwan and everywhere else (which is mostly us here on this comm): $15

Shipping you'll need to figure out yourself through your post office. Western Union is allowed, I've questioned about international money orders, so I hope to get an email from them about it soon.

So the total of the thing would be

game (x # of copies you order)+shipping and handling=total.


If you want to order from overseas, email to Chris (hagaren@ocean-x.com) and tell them your country of residence as well as how many copies you'd like, and they'll get back to you ASAP.

Important note: When you're sending out the order, make sure you put a phone number where you could be contacted as well as your address (and order ID) so that the postal service can efficiently get the package to you. (if you use Western Union, please email the invoice to hagaren@ocean-x.com and include your phone # and snailmail address in there). If you mess up the name or address and the package gets lost, it's not the production company's fault.

When sending the money through Western Union, address it to:
Agricultural bank of China
           Zhuhai Guangdong China

The game package includes the game itself (in a box), a 16-page booklet, and a special card (out of about 20-30 different cards).

Reminder from the staff: this is a rated-G game. Nothing in there is R-15 or R-18.

Hurry, though!

Reservation period is 2 weeks (started 10/1/04 Asian time), preparation period is one week, and the game will be released mid-October!

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FMA 51

I don't think I've ever made a thread of my thoughts for any given episode before, lets try one today (I typed a lot - you've been forewarned!)

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._. too much thinking going on in this post... >3
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Episode 51 Summary Part Two


[Unknown LJ tag]
Ed wakes up and is like OMGWTF?! So he goes up to Envy and is like STFU BITCH and slaps him with the automail hand and Envy screams YEOW THAT HURT. Dante is kissing Rose. Then suddenly, Pride appears! His shirt is STILL torn and Ed's like Damn Pride you got some serious hawt chest action! And pride says OMGWTF and takes out his sword and starts fencing with the wall. Al starts screaming NISSAN NISSAN and Ed says OMG AL I RESCUE YOU! So he goes and hugs Al and suddenly a glowy thingy appears around them and forms letters saying OMGELRICEST! So they stop hugging and then roy walks in and says HA I GOTZ DA L33t ALCHEMY SKILLZORZ YO! And then Ed says "OMGWTFSTFU, NOOB" and transforms into Super Senshi Edward-kun!

"FOR LOVE AND JUSTICE! I AM THE PRETTY SAILOR SUITED ALCHEMIST, SUPER SENSHI EDWARD-KUN!" whoops caps lock! "I fight Homunculusverse trash like you! So watch out and don't call me short, n000b! Y HALO THAR!"

Roy snaps his fingers and says Y HALO THAR CHIBI and Super Sneshi Edward-kun goes OMGWTF WHO YOU CALL SHORT?! and starts spinning around! And then SSE-K waves his magical henshin rod and screams SUPER HYPER CHIBI PRINCESS HALATION! and all these little flamel things start attacking Roy and the homunculuzz! Then the homunculuz and Dante die! yay!

Super Senshi Edward-kun says Dont worry Al i fix you! and he claps his hands and Al is fixeded and then he detransforms and Al says thanks nisan and says omg i can clap hands alchemy too! and fixes ed's arm and leg.

And they all live happily ever after! YAY!


Unrelated note...I think I need to cosplay as Super Senshi Edward-kun.
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(no subject)

Yay, I didn't read any of the LJ-cuts >>;;


Today, I went to Tate's, if anyone doesn't know, Tate's has many many different types of anime there. Well~ I saw the two FMA pillows that they had there, I didn't have enough money, blame my mom, but I got one. The one with Al and Ed on it. The other had Ed and Roy.

I also got the first OST. ... And two other FMA pins to complete my collection. I got the second Ed one and a Roy.

Then I looked through the posters, and out popped a FMA one. Got that too. SO basicly I got almost every FMA thing in the store :D Cept the other pillow.

Now I must go back a week from now to buy more FMA-related stuff >>;;

And if I was able to, I'd take pictures of every FMA thing I got.

Has anyone heard of Tate's before? o-o;;
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Ep. 51 Summary/Translation (for real this time)

Omg I suck yay.
That's right, this is all I have so far. -_- I've been procrastinating. Feel free to pelt me with sharp stones.

11:46 PM- Um. Not really an update but I hope you guys don't mind if I go to bed? *getting sleepy because she woke up early* And I'm having some problems translating the second half (political mumbo jumbo and weird Germanish names), so I might have to consult my mom in the morning. Damn, I'm feeling really bad about not being able to finish this today...I'M SO SORRY!
*watches entry get washed away onto the second page* Uwaaaaaa~!

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penguin! + valdezicons
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Something NOT Hagaren 51 related!

Something for the Nihongophiles in the community.
So I was reading R.O.D manga volume 1 today and I noticed they used "renkinjutsushi" (alchemist) with the furigana アルケミスト ... However, the kanji read 「錬金術士」 with a different "shi" than the one used for our beloved Hagaren (錬金術師). Now, is this a typo or another valid variation for renkinjutsushi? And if it's a variation, is there any difference in meaning or usage situation?
Just curious, is all. :D
Carry on~

EDIT: This is intended to be a SPOILER FREE POST. That includes the comments and ICONS. Thank you and have a nice evening. </ bitch>

EDIT again: Because someone is being an asshat, I'm deleting the entire thread except for the comments that actually answer my question. Thank you for making my night wonderful. </ sarcasm>
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Episode 51 - Thoughts From Across The Pacific

Well, the long-awaited Episode 51 just finished airing here.  Just a few bits and pieces for those who can't bear to wait any longer.  I apologize that I can't offer any more detail on this stuff, as my Japanese is limited.


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So, there you have it.  Although I haven't been an FMA fan for too long, I must say that I enjoyed the series immensely, and that I think this was an ending that will satisfy everyone, as well as provide a reasonable place for the movie to pick up from, although since the movie is supposed to take 2 years after the events in the TV show, who knows what they'll do.

Reporting live from Tokyo,
Wall-E &amp; Eve [1]
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Don't forget.

For ones who saw episode 51, here's something you don't want to forget about Fullmetal Alchemist for about a year.

Just don't forget the date.

3rd October 1910.

And yes, tell me if I got that wrong. ._.; Thanks.

But that's just how I'll remember the anime forever and ever.

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(no subject)

Title: Kracken*
Series: FMA
Catagory: Fluff, AU, general
Spoilers: none
Rating: PG (blood, possible language)
Pairings: Liza/Roy

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*'Seeing the kracken' is a term for going to war that I picked up from Lady Knight by Tamora Pierce.

Enjoy another FMA fic. Don't lampoon me about it.
[PKM] Chatot

4-panel Koma

Inspired by zrana's Countdown Doodle!

But first of all I'd like to say that I'm annoyed by the leak of 51 spoilers in non-related entries... *glares at icon of a certain someone* -_-; I'm sure many of you, including myself, who are waiting for the subs wouldn't want to be spoiled by those who have seen the raw... >.> (<-spoiled)

Anyway, on to the mini comic! It's basicly spoiler-free, so don't worry.

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Ears - Perk
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I am a drunk Envy! :D

Hello to everyone from Ani-Magic! :D I paid for internet in my hotel room just so I can download episode 51! *_* I watched it, I angsted, and I went and got drunk ^_______^

So if anyone else is here at Ani-Magic, I am the drunken Envy stumbling around the hallways with an almost-druken Ed. Wheeeee!

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Fun with screen caps in 51

I haven't made caps in a long time but there were so many shots that were either too amusing or too impressive that I just had to cap the final ep of FMA. I apologize in advance for any of the really offensive jokes in relation to what's going on in the scene.

Oh the parody is just the caption I use to link the picture. I wasn't about to write on my caps. *gasps*

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Small drabble

Now that FMA (anime) has ended, I can finally clean some information up and work on certain drabbles without too much worry about how the next episode will affect me.

Not that I ever really cared, really XD;;; cuz I tend to mix things with the manga^^;;;

So...read only if you're not afraid of being spoiled, whether it's vaguely for the manga or lots for the anime...or if you're not afraid of my boggled mind going awry.

This is what I have planned for the beginning of "Goodnight, Moon." I've revised it to fit the ending of FMA as well as my own personal crazy theory and plotbunny. I would say this is a "what-if" sort of scenerio, but then...everything's so boggled up right now I can't figure out what it is exactly XD; Will most likely be revised more once I get all the small plotholes of eps 48-51 straightened out.

This was inspired by the song "Goodnight, Moon" by Shivaree and also inspired somewhat by the last scenes of "The Little Prince." I would quote it if not for the fact that it's a spoiler^^; It might actually seem like a song-fic in this chapter, but it...isn't^^;;

Title: Goodnight, Moon (draft)
Fandom: Fullmetal Alchemist
Pairing: um...I have no clue XD;; I'm so messed up. Probably Roy/Al for now, will eventually turn into Ed/Al<--Roy.
Rating: For now, proabably PG-13, just to be safe.

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...do they even have TVs in this universe? Cuz Al and Ed mentioned seeing a "movie" when they were little in issue 5 of the manga...

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Something to pass the time...

...for those of us who are waiting for 51 to be subbed.

How many FMA fans does it take to screw in a lightbulb?

15. Three to attempt to transmute it with fangirl!alchemy powers, one to argue that lightbulbs did not exist in FMA's time period, 3 to ponder whether the lightbulb's breaking is an analogy for World War II, 4 to insist that the light bulb came from the other side of the gate, one to yell at everyone for spoiling him because he didn't know the lightbulb broke, one to suggest that the lightbulb is a homunculus, one to declare that the light bulb is really Envy in disguise, and one write a Lightbulb!EnvyxEd crackfic.

tf autocon symbols

Question for the FMA trivia buffs

:waves: Hello all. A generalized FMA research question for a fic that's trying to get worked on. Not really spoilery at all.....when Martel is talking to Ed and Al about her and Dorochet and Law...did she specifically SAY that they had no families at any point? Alternatively...could someone point me to which ep I might look for that scene? o.O; So many eps, and I've no idea where that scene is... Thanks!

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