October 1st, 2004

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1 day to go!

Hey, it's after midnight for me, so for a change my timing is correct.

Concept was inspired by the ponderings of.. well, I forget their names, but they KNOW who they are...

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Non spoiler picture! I CAN do it!

And happy birthday Yuuki! May this picture make ya smile!

....I really should have been studying for my art history test tomorrow, instead I went and drew this... ^^;;
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(no subject)

I do so love getting bored. It inspires things that make my friends go "WTF!?" Do YOU want a genuine Cat-chan WTF moment?

Don't worry, it's FMA and approved by my proofer/editor. I'm sorry that it may be a wee bit odd...

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All done in the same spirit as "The Perils of Smirking".

One hell of a first post, eh?
Array [Riza Hawkeye]
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I was listening to Asu e no Basho yesterday, and I noticed something. If this is an Edward Elric song, then why does Romi Paku use "boku?" Ed uses "ore" I know, I'm weird for thinking about something so insignificant. ^_^;
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partners in crime by beccaplusicons
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Japanese Yahoo and FMA

Uber-bored...so I went on Japan Yahoo, and their headline is of course, talking about Fullmetal Alchemist. They listed a few special features about alchemy and stuff...and THIS little oekaki about Yahoo and the Elric brothers... Anyone want to translate what they're saying? I think I see the word "milk" in there somewhere.. XD

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Wall-E & Eve [1]
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Have you noticed?

Have you noticed that fullmetal-alchemist.com released the official summary for episode 51?! :O Well, they did. ^_^; And you should know that there's obvious spoilers there if you haven't been caught up to the anime. ^_~

Once again, I would like to have anyone who didn't read the post about keeping the last episode to themselves until the subbed comes. :) That'll be fair for people who want to watch and understand it. :D Thank you!
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Another question..

Well it's more like two. But I was wondering if anyone had the MP3 for one of the soundtracks. I have no clue what it's called but it's kinda slow and goes "Whoa hu whoa hu whao.."

I think I got that right..If that doesn't help one of the times it played was Ed and Al were coming up to Dante's house. I'd really like that if anyone has it..

Also! I have another simple question. What's everyone favorite FMA song? One of the opening or endings I mean.

I like the first opening Melissa, and the third ending I believe, Motherland.

Just a coule questions ^^;
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General Question

I just had to post this. Has anyone else ever gotten really emotional over this series? I'm not just talking crying over sad parts, but like it's like I really love this series and I can feel something wonderful every time I watch it, hear the music or even think about it.

It's like my soul is attached to FMA's wonderfull story, I love it so much ^^ And when I make music videos for it I feel so good about them because Im pouring my feelings straight into them. I've never felt this attached to a fictional story or characters, they just are something special to me =)

I'm going to be truly sad when FMA comes to and end. I don't think it's that I'm obsessed with the series or anything, it's just that I think I really clicked with this series and a lot of it really hits home with me it's truly a great =) But at the same time as soon as it hit the US I feel that it's going to become so big that people will start calling it *over rated* I don't want to see that happening ;-;

Does anyone else ever feel stong emotion pulls to this series?
Lj therapy


I bought some Trading Arts figures some time ago and I'm curious to know what are the round black things included with some of the figures? Sometimes there's none, sometimes one or two. They all seem to have the same thing written on them. Can anyone tell me what it's about? Thanks.
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art D:

I haven't been active for a while, so I return with... very little. DX

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I made this for a friend, and I drew it... really fast. And painted it... really fast. With no reference, so it's all crooked, and it looks... off. XD
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Tutu - A Sorta Fairytale


Well, after seeing hakura's post about her music-video-in-production, I figured it wouldn't hurt to ask for some opinions. XD See, I'm thinking about making another Hagaren music video, but I'm unsure which song to use. I only want to make one right now, otherwise I'd do both, but... x.x

Anyway, the two songs are Invincible, by Pat Benetar, and Love's Divine, by Seal. Lyrics are as follows:

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So... any opinions? I like them both, so I really can't decide. XD Oh, and if I used the second one, the 'love' wouldn't be, like, passionate EdxWinry love, but more like family-love, friend-love. XD

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harley ivy

Doll ^o^

Hi everyone!! First time posting here :D I'm Rally ^__^ Pleased to meet you all!

And just because, I've just made an Elicia-chan dollie XD Credit if used. Hope you like it! <3

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Looking the person who had the Hughes plush at Otakon

Hi. I know it's been a while since Otakon, but I've been wanting to make myself a Hughes plushie (what with the normal plushes coming out now) and I was hoping to find whoever it was that had the Hughes plush that she'd made at Otakon to ask about how you managed it. So, uh, if the person who had the Hughes plush at Otakon would stop by and say hi, or if someone knows who she is and can point me in the right direction, I'd appreciate it very much.
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Crackpot Movie Theory

Okay... I'm sitting around doing not much tonight and I'm thinking about FMA... and a crack-pot movie theory struck me.

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>_> yeah... anyways... that's all I got. Food for thought ^^;; sorry to waste your time! This entry is brought to you by "Sleep Deprivation", "Walmart Chocolate" and the following sponsors:
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[fic] Happy Families 1/?

Episode 51 will air here in Japan in two hours. Eek. I'm really excited about it, not sad, as I think the producers have done a wonderful job of the series so far and I'm sure the last episode will be great. Mood on this community seems to be pretty high as well ^_^ . I'd just like to point out for anyone who hasn't yet seen it arivelz 's request to keep any and all comments on episode 51 under lj-cut. Thanks!

I'd also like to make a request of my own ^_^; Can we try and keep the spam content of the list down? Instead of 50 different posts about everyone and their mother's view of the final episode, how about adding your comments to a thread that's already been started? The first two rules of this community are as follows:

1. Please READ all the recent entries before making a new post.
2. Comment if there's been a recent post about the same topic. Don't go and make another one.

The Community Info.

^_^ Okay, now that's out of the way, fic!

Title: Happy Families 1/?
Author: girl_starfish
Illustrated by: hime1999
Rating: PG 13; this is a murder mystery so be prepared for sordid secrets and implied character death.
Genre: Mystery / Angst / Drama.
Spoilers: This is an AU, set vaguely in the 1920s and inspired by copious amounts of Agatha Christie and Episode 50. There is only one major spoiler, and it's character wise, not anything to do with the plot of the anime series.

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