September 30th, 2004


1000 Word Drabble Offering

This is similar to the drabble challenge that went around a while back, but I'm tweaking it just a bit.

Basic setup is if you send me a FMA pairing, a sentence, and a title, I'll write a ficlet that's under a 1000 words. I know that the original is 500, but I kept going over. And as I'm in the mood to write FMA fic, I thought I'd toss this out so everyone could check it out. Hope to get some replies.

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Sin Love

Collapse )<U P.S. I’m planning to get a FMA tattoo but wanted to go a little more subtle about it and use one of the Ishbal arrays. As much as I like the Lust one I want to keep my options open. Just loved those organic curves!!
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Castiel - BAMFwalk
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This is exactly what I've labeled it: CRACK HIGHSCHOOL FMA AU. To lighten the mood in light of the series direction. XD;

[insert deep title here]

By me >__>
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This is exactly what I've labeled it: CRACK HIGHSCHOOL FMA AU. To lighten the mood in light of the series direction. XD;

[insert deep title here]

By me >__> <__<

Pairings: ... well, we'll just keep those secret.

Genre: HUMOR.

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FMA Crackfic Snippet

Gah! More bunnies. Not even good, smutty bunnies. Just weirdness. My boyfriend laughed at me because he could actually see this bunny being born as I worked it out outloud. It shook off its dust coat and immediately started to drain me of blood. Stupid bunny.

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This came from the fact of me realizing that they have the exact same shaped eyes. Seriously, check it out. It's a growing story, and I can't make it stop.

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After reading some huge listing of "shippings" on some Yugioh fan page, I decided to have fun with the concept for FMA. Though, I prefer the "OMGtheirloveiso..." format more. If I was more talented, I would offer these in icon form but since I am less than capable, I can only present the pairings and their respective saying. Note, this list is somewhat biased and spoilerific.

If you have any to add, don't be afraid to say so. ^^
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Amv again =o

Sorry just posting this again because it kinda got lost in all the EP 50 topics XD

It's good to post something lighthearted at this point in time anyway XD

I made a comedy AMV to FMA that you can check out here XD

Also my Drama video is hosted on now =o but it can also be found

Enjoy XD

There will always be more videos coming from me XD I just don't know which Idea to work on next @@ have to many
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The Countdown continues

Hmm.. I'll see about drawing the one for tomorrow tonight... THus I can be more accurate with timing. Well, this one WAS started in my morning class...

Next time I draw Hughes, I swear I'm gonna keep a reference at hand. Same for all people in military uniforms... x.x
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Fun with figurines

I actually took these pictures like five weeks ago and never got around to posting them. I got all of these FMA figurines at Otakon and decided to take them with me to my dorm so I can have company and....yeah.

Riza is defensive about Al's head.

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The past haunts me~

This is not really Hagaren related, but I looked back in this communities calender, to see when I joined. Nov. 17th last year. God, I was such a noob. But anyway, I've matured since then, and so has the community. Which leads me to my point.

And in case you didn't know, October 12th is the one year anniversary for fm_alchemist. I don't think anything is planned, but, incase any of the members want to do something special. Maybe I'll make a banner.

Just incase ya'll wanted to know.
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Cover of R2 FMA DVD vol 10

The DVD section of the offical japanese FMA website has updated the dvd section with a picture of FMA Vol 10 DVD cover that is to be released in Japan in 10-28-2004. This time Hawkeye graces the cover.

I hope Funi uses the same covers on the US releaase.

By the way, does anyone have high-res scans of all of the R2 DVD covers? Just in case Funi decides not to use them. I know there a high-res dvd cover of Scar was posted a long time ago.

[Edit]Sorry, I accidently put up the wrong link. It's fixed now. :P
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No spoilers unless you're on more crack than I am XD And believe me, I must be to have written this O_o

Title: Pride
Pairing: Ed and his ass
Summary: Pride is revealed :D
Warnings: I blame this one on nostalgia and not enough sleep

Envy blinked blankly.

Winry scratched her head in confusion.

Roy raised a single eyebrow.

Gluttony drooled.

"Yeah, you heard right!" Ed ranted at everyone, seeming to puff up with indignation at their disbelief. "I'm a homunculus too! I'm really Pride!"

Lust cleared her throat. "Uh... where's the tattoo then?"

Al, who would have blushed if suits of armour could blush, pointed to Ed's left buttcheek. One could practically see the vein bulge out of Ed's forehead.



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Just wondered on the opinion of those of us who follow American politics who are FMA fans - in FMA, the Fuhrer (Sorry, I forget the correct spelling of the actual term, Dai-Sotou?) is the cause of wars that numerous people die in. (This is trying to cut out any possibility for spoilers right here, so I won't have to cut stuff. Just assuming that ya'll know all the rest)

Now, not to start political debates or drama, but it's undeniable that the Bush administration has yet to find the Weapons of Mass Destruction that we infiltrated Iraq for. And people have died as a result. And, since FMA is based on a real world map, the Ishvarites would certainly have to be middle eastern.

So, Bush=Bradley? Any thoughts? =D

EDIT: To everyone who disagrees with this, or is offended, I am sorry. This was done primarily in jest and a sense of good spirit. I'm glad that people got a kick out of it, but I do feel bad that I have possibly offended some people, because that wasn't my intention. And yes, I do think Hitler=Bradley is a MUCH better comparison. But it's simply not a humorous one... =D
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Just wondering if anyone here knew of/staffed in/made any C2 communities? I'm currently looking for some to join. ^^;;

[EDIT] Mainly FMA ones, but I guess if you have any others you can rec, then I'll check them out too, assuming I know anything about the fandom.
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Does anyone remember the post a while back about the two Hagaren festivals occuring in Japan in December? I looked back several months and couldn't seem to find the post. I've been looking for info regarding these two events and I can't seem to find any. Does anyone here have any info or links to info they'd be willing to share?

Onegai shimasu!!!!
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