September 29th, 2004

[fic] Sins of the Father

This fic was written entirely out of my desire to make Envy suffer. :o Oh, and, don't blame me for this fic. I'm not a sick bitch, Dante is. Yeah. I mean, just look at her obsessing with Hohenheim, and subsequently lusting over Ed. This is a woman with issues.

Title: Sins of the Father
Pairing: Dante+Hohenheim, DantexEd, other Collapse )
Warnings: NCS, (sort of) incest, weird
Rating: R
Spoilers: This fic takes on a somewhat different nuance if you've seen episode 50, but it can be read without and not give away any spoilers. Nevertheless, thematic spoilers at least up to 46.

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Look for a pattern

I'm looking for a pattern of a transmutation circle, please- best would just be black line drawing on white. I can't find anything that's not on a screencap or something, but I need a pattern I can print out to use. Good would be large- I don't think you could get one too big.

Any transmutation circle, I don't have a preference. Just from FMA!

Why, you might ask? It's for my quilting class XD
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ep. 50 analogies

My, hasn't it been a craptastic day.
Getting to the point, a while ago I was trying to describe to a friend of mine the absolute trauma I endured after episode 50. I attempted to make an analogy because I want to pimp the show to her once the DVDs come out and I didn't want to spoil her (too much). But I'm still LJ-cutting it just in case.
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Can anyone come up with something better?
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(no subject)

Finally a spoiler free count down picture!

That's Vocal from Violinist of Hameln in the background. He's mad at the upstart skort wearing punk for stealing his pose. XP

I never drew Envy before. He seems to like being a jerk about things...
disney - fuggity fug fug
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FMA Photoshop Brushes

For those who haven't gotten it yet, I've uploaded the set of FMA Photoshop brushes onto my site. Much love to jpegasus for emailing this to everyone <3


Yay~ Have fun. Make art and pretty things. And then post them! XD (This feels like such a short post. It seems so weird, and now I'm just trying to fill space >>;;;)
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Whose Line?


I was wondering if any one could possibly give me some full body pictures of Lust or some links to those pictures. Thank you in advance and have a great day! ^-^
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Dreams, and fanart request.....

I know that I should be posting this to the Dream Log post that was started many entries back, but I'm sticking it here cause I'm wondering if someone could do a fanart for a particular scene. Spoilers for ep25 and ep50...or you could simply say "They're just dreams!" and read anyway.

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My good friend found an anime store in Machida city where she lives so we all took a trip over there today after class. I proceeded to spend almost 7500 yen (roughly $70) on FMA goods. I got volumes 2 and 7 of the manga, four figurines (no Ed!! Damn it!) of Al, Hughes, Winry and Envy, three pins, a notebook, a key chain, a hanging window decal, some postcards, a poster, a cell phone cover, stickers, an Ed change purse, a flamel patch, a hand towel and a picture frame with a nice picture of Ed in it. They had an Ed plushie there, but you couldn't buy it, you had to gamble for it. I would have gambled for it, but it was 500 yen so I didn't do it. I also wanted an alarm clock, but I didn't bring enough with me to get that as well. I'm so happy I could cry!!!
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Hohenheim Fic!

I struck a bargain with myself: I could take a break from studying and fic if and only if I worked in the biology I have a test on tomorrow. The result?

Title: Energy.
Word Count: 375.
Rating: PG for Hohenheim quasi-angst.
Spoilers: First half of episode 50.
Summary: Post episode 50, Hohenheim Elric reflects on the laws of biology.

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Read? Review? Wish me luck on my test?
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Fic: "Need"

Kyoho. Mystery pairing. Actually, no. I promise, it gets really obvious at the end. Crossposted to fma_het.

Title: Need
Pairing: Sekrit. :O No names are mentioned. But it gets pretty obvious as it goes along.
Warnings: Some tame het action, that's about it.
Rating: G...ish. Or PG, if only for the brief nudity.
Spoilers: None, really.

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Hey...I finally got up the courage to join the community, mainly because I was afraid of spoilers and I just caught up today.

You know what that means.

Yes; my eyes bleed.

Therefore, a comment on my current icon got me to make some FMA counterparts...spoiler free. Observe:

Comment if you like or if you snatch! Hell, comment anyway. Just credit me in the keywords if you use em ^^;;
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FMA Schedule in Japan

Hey you all :)

So here I am, in Osaka, for a business trip, and I figure while I'm here why not try to catch the finale for FMA? Therefore... any of you gals/guys know at what channel is FMA playing in Osaka, Kansai? I got as far as figuring out the date from FMA jp website (saturday, I think), but can't figure out which channels.

Oh, and tonight, coming back from a snack, I thought I was hallucinating when I heard a *very* familiar song playing in the street. And there went a guy on his bicycle, belting out TM revolution's FMA opening song at the top of his lungs O_O. And... that's not a bad rendition at all!

Heh, I love Japan.

Plotbunnies for sale and random tidbits.

Wow, up to episode 50 already... I can't believe FMA started a whole year ago. I remember waiting for the other half of the episode with fake!Elrics going "Dammit, I need my fix!" and now it's nearly at an end... It sure is going to be weird though, when the new wave comes in in November and we're going to have to start cutting for, say... episode 7. Crazy. O_o

The other thing this post was about is plotbunnies for hire- I have a couple that I'm probably not going to get around to writing anytime soon, so I'm lending them out to anyone who wants them. Feel free to post your own plotbunnies for hire- Maybe someone will see it and be inspired. :)

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Enjoy. :)
Wall-E &amp; Eve [1]
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Wanted: {PICTURES}

I have a really quick request that I need from you guys.

Do any of you have some pictures of Edward Elric that shows him very clearly, like of his clothes (yeah, I need him with clothes on...), or just any pictures that are very good reference for cosplay? Can you show some for me?

I need it because my mom is helping me with it. She told me that she need some pictures so she can look at them online when she's at her work and do some "research" on them, hehe.

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allen . ♥♥

The FMA-chara look alikes thread !

Have you ever thought this or this character was probably the long lost twin of so or so character from Fullmetal Alchemist?
Have you ever gone 'OMFGWTFHAGAAREN!!!111one' while seeing a certain character that reminded you of someoen in Fullmetal Alchemist? Don't you think Doctor Jackal copied Envy's hairstyle or Leorio stole Greed's glasses ?
Well, my dear, here comes the Fullmetal Alchemist look-alikes thread ! (very welcome to contribute you are)

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(I apologize if that has been done before)
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Me with Purple and Blue


Hey everyone! New member here, been watching for a while and finally decided to come out of lurking ^_^
I saw FMA at our local con this summer, having seen lots of fanart for it on DA and decided to see what all the fuss was about. Saw the first 8 eps and then had to borrow it from a friend. Unfortunately, he only has up to ep 22 T_T I finished all of that yesterday and now I feel deprived. At least I know what's happening, because I just can't not read spoilers, esp when they have images >.>

ANYWAY! I was hoping to offer to do art requests for people or just ask for ideas (I really want to do some Ed pictures, but I have zero inspiration T_T), but that's been done recently and all the great art here is making me feel very inferior and mediocre. So! In order to make this slightly less pointless, I have decided to showcase my poor digital coloring skills for you all. That is, in the interests of doing anything besides homework, I colored the lovely picture that Zrana posted the other day. So, intro and 2 versions of the picture behind the cut ^__^

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Anyways, I hope you like them >.> Sorry this is so long, I know I talk way too much ^^;
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