September 28th, 2004

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Friends Only Images?

I was wondering if anyone might have an archive of all the FMA Friends Only images that have been made? If ya do, could you post them here? I've recently gone Friends-Only on my LJ due to a spat with a former friend, and need a banner about it.

An introduction--somewhat opinionated, hold onto your butts

*waves* Hello all. I go by the handle Nabuca online usually. I'm both new and not new...I've been watching this community on and off before I decided to subscribe to it. Got into FMA sometime after Febraury, read both the manga as well as watch the anime. Big supporter of Ed and Winry, as well as Roy and Riza, because yes I must do the whole cliche "My favorite pairings are blah blah blah!!!1one"

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Now...understand that just because I don't agree to something or subscribe to a certain thought, does not mean that I don't respect other people's right to agree with a certian thing or subscribe to that thought. This rant is merely a musing over what I see as a common trend that has flared up over the past several years. It also expresses my wish to participate in some more refreshing lines of conversation...I found loyalwolf108's informative post a rather refreshing change from the usual talk and banter that goes on in fandom communities. For one thing, I've always had an invested interest and fascination with Hermetic Philosophy or alchemy (I found myself very intrigued when I first discovered FMA's exhistence), and it would be interesting to see more discussion on the alchemical symbolism in FMA or the poetic licensing that goes on in the series versus real-world alchemy and alchemical principles. This is assuming that not many conversations of like have gone on already, and I am merely too daft to have seen it, or merely too busy with stuff outside of the glowing computer monitor, as what tends to happen frequently.

At any rate, I'm done. I feel as if I've rambled like a homeless wino, and perhaps I have, though in all reality I'm merely just waking up and waiting for the caffeine in my coffee to slam my system. I will, therefore, go back to lurking, and nursing my skull. Somedays I feel like a flaming zeppelin fell down onto my head.



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The END people will KEEEL me, yes.

Before I get to the reason why people will kill me, I want to say that I wore my Ed coat today to class. It's an amusing thing to think about myself riding a purple bike around campus....wearing a flowing red coat, going about a million miles an hour because I woke up late.


Major spoilers for episode 50 if you haven't figured it out by now:

the stupid mouse oekaki I drew a while back

But that's not the reason you'll all kill me.


You'd think I was a cruel heartless person who didn't find 50 heart-wrenching. So I apologize for the rabid crack-induced thought I had in advance. I thought it was funny anyways. I'm hiding from the cruel truth by making fun of it. u_u;;;;;
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What to watch?

This is admittedly completely off topic. If you want to delete it, go ahead.

I'm gonna be heading up my school's anime club this year, and I'd really like some suggestions on newer fansubs for us to watch that have -not- been liscenced. Because fucking hell, everything I wanted to show is liscenced. It's really sad. Damn those dubbers. Right now I'm just downloading random episode 1s off AnimeSuki. We like live action/drama as well. If anyone's been watching something lately and can give me a short synopsis, I'll try to find torrents and stuff for the club.

Have a good day and thank you for supporting Quest Anime ;D
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Ed Fanart!

Yay, my first entry! <3 I realised I haven't done much FMA art.. but I started with a quick 2 minute doodle in class and colored it up in Photoshop... which took me 12 hours to finish. >P

It's only an episode 50 spoiler if you will it to be~

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Hello~ :D

Hi everyone~ I'm new here. Well, kind of. I've joined this community some while ago, but this is my first post. ^^

I don't know if many you frequent the Hagaren forum at Anime Suki (I'm just a lurker there, lol), but there's this interview with Arakawa-sensei translated and posted by Yebyosh on the same forum that I thought it would be really interesting to read if you haven't yet. ^^ And there's official word that Arakawa is a woman, for the still non-believers XD!

I find interesting that, while Arakawa states that she truly believes in "Equivalent Trade", the anime is trying to show that it is not the truth of the world, actually. This definitely makes the anime and manga completely different, eh.

And here it ends my first post here because I couldn't think of anything else to say. Um, nice to meet you guys? XD;
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Full Metal Alchemist

Can anyone tell me where are the good sites for me to d/l the manga of FMA?

Best if they are zipped up for convenience.

I would really like to see how different the manga is from the anime?

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If you can find it, I'm once again accepting requests.

I wrote too many over the weekend, and therefore can't post up my replies seperatly, but here are all the fics with the exception of two that were requested of me.

Can Sins Get Drunk. Written for luke_atmey. Spoiler warning inside as well as rating and such.

Cleaned Up Written for frostious. Rating and such inside. (Greed X Kimblee)

Competitive Written for luke_atmey. Warnings and such inside. (Elricest)

Dude, The Alchemist Is Drunk Written for luke_atmey Warnings and stuff inside (Envy X Ed)

Yummy/Love At First Sight Written for luke_atmey. Warnings and stuff inside (Mild Lust X Gluttony, and Gluttony X ??)

Military Men Written for wiccat. Warnings and stuff inside. (Roy X Envy)

Heart/Never Again Written for rockyspirit. Warnings and stuff inside (Envy X Ed)

Psychology for Dummies Written for metallic_sweet. Warnings inside. (Kimblee X Greed)

Shi Inspired and dedicated to wiccat. Warnings and stuff inside. (Ed X Envy)

Sit Written for neko_erin. Warnings and stuff inside. (Russle X Ed)

That's My Goal Written for jpegasus. Warnings and stuff inside. (Kimblee X Archer)

The Burning Summer Love That Cannot Be Tamed Written for billypilgrim. Stuff inside. (Mystery pairing)

I Just Wanted To Know... Written by wiccat. Stuff inside. (Envy X Edish)

All but Shi are drabbles.
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raiel upsidedown
  • zrana

more Hagaren Fanart by Zrana

I drew in class today. Don't I always?

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Last one is a bit ep 50 spoilerish. And whatever that Hughues episode was spoilerish--but I think we're way past the eps in the 20s here now.

I just noticed how I referred to everyone by their first name... EXCEPT for Hughues. He's just special cool like that.


Blah. Request!

Does anyone happen to have any of the FMA Photoshop brushes that were posted here by any chance (flammel, oroboros seal, various arrays)? I've been looking for the topic and I can't find it. Thanks.
Whose Line?

(no subject)

I'm also new here but since Ter is my friend I could look at fm_alchemist posts at her friends. I have only recently saw the first eighteen episodes and Ter has gotten me totally hooked on FMA. ^-^ I'm glad to be in such a great community with a wonderful layout.
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Me in Korea

Why I love my hall...

So my hall in my dorm got a chalkboard today. Within 15 minutes, this was written on it...

I challenge you to decipher it. The only hint I can provide is that the equation results in a highly dangerous substance. Enjoy!

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*Edit: In response to the original equation, and partially because some people are more visual than others, I have drawn out roughly what the second equation should look like in transmutation circle form.

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Hotter Ed

I got into the argument with luke_atmey and fire_lilly34 in my personal journal, so I decided to ask a community.

Who do you think makes the hotter Ed? Envy or Ed? wiccat and myself both believe Envy can make any character hotter than they already are. I even almost say that Cornello!Envy was half decent looking at least compaired to Cornello himself.
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Envy is the one on top...
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Yuri Demon

(no subject)

I was bored and I finally got to see zrana's beautiful picture of Ed with the wings. So, I figured, why not?

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I normally don't color on the computer. So, don't kill me if it looks bad. ^^;;;
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(no subject)

Whee, first post! adalove threatened to kill me if I didn't post this so I'm posting it. I can't die before I see episode 51 >O (I'll probably die after anyway. FMABROKEMYBRAIN!!1)

Anyway... Envy fanart! I drew it before I hated him and colored it because I wanted to avoid homework :D

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Ignore the stupid background >_>;
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Doctor 10

"Redemption Revoked"

I graduated college last year with my BA in English Literature and haven't done a thing with it since, so I figured I may as well see if my brain's still working and write a little "paper" on the themes and contextual concepts of FMA. I've also been working on an anime music video for the series in which I'm trying to show what I see as the main themes of the show, so that's helping as well. ^^ I'm waiting for the last episode before I finish the AMV, I'll post again with a link once it's done, or you can just come to AnimeBoston 2005 and see it there. XD I'll put the paper behind an Lj-cut... Collapse )
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the heart of things

Another one of those asking things

Okay, so another unfortunate facet of moving is that I lost most of my--deemed unecessary by people who are not me, and poo on them--files >->

I'm also weird and like to decorate things. So I need some pictures for my door, so people can tell who lives in this room ;)

I figured that FMA looks excellent next to Penny Arcade and Sean-William Scott. *coff*

If anyone can point me to some nice images, or hells, provide your favs, that'd be...uber. <3 *brandishes scissors in a loving way*
The Alphonse Diet (Fullmetal Alchemist)

FMA Mythwear Bag!!!

While I was drooling over the FMA DVD on RightStuf, I came across this:

Fullmetal Alchemist Logo Courier^3 Bag - Black

* Measures 13 1/2 inch long x 11 high x 3 1/2 inch wide
* 5 X 8 inch Mesh Pockets
* 3 Pen pocket slots
* PDA pocket slot
* Five 5 1/4 inch deep sleeve pockets
* Inside Velcro pocket
* Outside Velcro pocket that runs the length of the bag
* Two side mounted mesh drink holders

* Date Available - Oct 1 2004
* Media - Other
* Product Availability - Preorder - Not Yet Shipping
* Publisher - MYTHWEAR

Unfortunely, this is no picture yet. But at least its' coming out next week. :)

I checked, but I found no info on it yet. But I'll link it so you can see at least what the courier bag looks like.
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