September 27th, 2004

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My first post to this group and my first FMA fic. The results of too much Comp. Lit. and a FMA overdose and too many Red Riding Hood jokes at Ed's expense.


An Ed instrospection. The fairy tales you remember told the truth of the lives you lead and the price you must pay.



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FMA: A True Life Fairy Tale

This how the story goes-- once in a pretty little house on the hill lived a father, a mother, and two little boys and they were happy (you can remember even if your brother can’t you can remember and you are angry you are hurt you are betrayed you are so angry)

No, backtrack and rewrite-- in the house on the hill, lived a mother and her two little boys and they were happy.( you can remember and so can your brother you remember and he remembers it hurts to remember like a kick in the teeth like a thousand tiny little cuts like an ache in metal that should be flesh you both remember and it hurts it hurts ithurtsithurtsithurts–)

Wrong, wrong, wrong– pretty petty words, nothing more than shiny tinsel trash and cheap holiday card sentiments (the stories your mother read to you the girl in the cinders the dreaming princess the red cape running to her grandmother’s pretty voice pretty stories not the real ones though you though they were real and they paid the price she paid the price he paid the price you paid and paid and pay)

There are older versions of the story– ones without the darkness cut away and faded to pastels: the girl in the cinders does not receive her dress for the ball from her fairy godmother but from the ash tree on her mother’s grave (you dig away the loam dirt on your hands desecration on your soul help me forgive me), the sleeping princess is not awaken by a chaste kiss, but the suckling of her two babes after the prince had his way with her and went on his way (he left he left he left in his shadow with his gifts she went to sleep and did not wake you thought you could wake her bring her back couldn’t wake her with his gifts your gifts blasphemy profanation sacrilege you didn’t understand why didn’t want to understand violation damnation yours his hers see its eyes its eyes her eyes), and the girl with the little red hood and her grandmother dear were eaten by the wolf with no woodsman to in sight to save them (you wear the red hooded jacket a child who isn’t a child but still is a child and your brother metal fleshed you both trip down the lane to where you kind of know but you can’t stay no hope no home only ashes ashes in your mouth ashes in your hands ashes in your eyes there are wolves you see them blue coated men inhuman black clad dolls kindly smiling eyed monsters that eat little girls you can’t stop them you see them too late and you can’t stop them because you are one of them want to or not in the fold feeding on the flock you try to stop them but you really can’t you have your sins your Sin you paid the price nothing in life is free you will do anything you think for him you should have paid the price not him you know the truth of the old tales but spending your life chasing after one.)

This how the story goes– once not long ago but far away in a in a pretty house on the hill lived a father, a mother, and two little boys and they were happy.

Then one day the father went away. The mother and the two little boys were sad but they had each other and soon became happy again.

Then one day the mother went away and the two little boys missed her and wanted her back and be happy again so the elder said to the younger they were going learn their father’s magic and get her back.

Now the mother did not go away like the father to some distant land but somewhere all people must go but never come back from.

And the two little boys tried to bring her back but that was forbidden and the two little boys forgot that and the first lesson of their magic: that there is always a price you must pay.

And they paid.

That is where this story ends, but there are other stories, other characters, and other places. It is best to end this tale here because there is no happily after, no neat little ending with all the loose threads tied up in a nice little bow.

Because if you listen closely to stories they always end before the story itself is actually finished. Because if you follow any story long enough it ends in death. Always.

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A thought. Maybe. Perhaps.

Maybe this is just my delusional rambling, but something isn't sitting right with me about this episode. Though, I imagine things aren't sitting right with a lot of people--that was pretty tough to stomach, after all. Anyway, I'll try to make this brief (episode 50 spoilers, in case you haven't cottoned on:

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Nature vs. God in FMA

This post.. is not about episode 50! And it doesn't contain spoilers, as far as I can tell. It's late and I'm bored and impatient for the next episode of FMA so I decided to ramble about a very popular and controversial theme that occurs so often in real life and also in FMA...

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Hello there,

I cant believe it took me this long to search for a FMA community.I am such an idiot.

Anyway here I am,I have been watching FMA since it first showed up un Suprnova.I cant believ its ending so soon though.I mean there are a thousand questions that they havent answered and they only have 1 episode to do it.

I will be one of the people depressed when the show ends.


So this is my hello to all here

I am extremely impressed by this page,most communities dont put much thought into the layout.Im glad this one did

[Fic - teaser] Happy Families.

My contribution to the spam-happy mess that is fm_alchemist this weekend: The teaser for a new story, inspired by episode 50 and copious amounts of Agatha Christie.

This teaser is entirely spoiler safe, although, since this fic was prompted by something in episode 50 (although it might be more accurate to say someone) the rest of it won't. However, when (if) more gets written I will be sure to indicate any spoilers.

As always comments and suggestions/criticisms welcome! Cheers.

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*crosses fingers that the lj-cut works*
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Al at AWA

From what I've seen of pictures from other cons, they keep the giant Al behind ropes and don't let people touch him. Is that true. If it is, then they must trust the people of Atlanta, cuz I was able to get a picture of me clinging to him! I will have to post it when I get it. XD
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Ed art!

I suggest not looking at it unless you've seen episode 50. Or you can disregard that and just look at a pritty. =D

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If there's anyone who wants to color this, go ahead, I won't mind at all. Click on the piccie for a larger version of it even!

(gah, used the preview to be sure my lj-cut didn't go screwy. *hisses at lj for those errors* I never used teh preview option so many times for one post before in my life!)
Colour Dodge [A Wilhelm Scream]


Does anyone remember what episode it was that Envy turned into Ed? I'm making an Envy X Ed thingy right now, and I really need the picture.

Tee hee. XDD
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I posted about these wallpapers some time ago, but my server was down and I had to delete it and try again. So... WALLPAPERS!

I've made several, but these are my three favourites, away!

Always Remember This Moment
Roy and Ed is teh lurve
Taisa Is Great

As usual, don't take for anything other than personal use. If you want them for other reasons, please let me know one way or another. Just choose the screen dimensions you want, right-click and choose 'set as wallpaper'. You don't have to, but I'd like it if you commented before taking and let me know what you think of it!

If the thumbnails or links are down again, please let me know. <3
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Does anyone have any 1-2 minute(s) of dialog that could be turned into a monologue, like your favorite scene, for example? I have to have a monologue for school, and I'd like it to be Full Metal Alchemist.

(A monologue, by the way, is where only one person speaks.)

Thanks in advance to anyone who can help me!!

Edit: Thanks for everyone's input! I'm gonna go with epidsode 1, where Ed is talking to Rose. It is simple and over a minute XD Thanks again!!
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