September 23rd, 2004

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Fanfic ~ Despair

I'm sorry about the desturbance before with the none cut and everything. >< My brain is in a major storm in the moment so please excuse me.

Title: Despair
Author: Faded Neko
Pairing: Ed x Roy
Rating: PG-13
Warnings: Angst, Death and spoilers for episode 25, 34 and 40+
Summary: I never thought I'd say goodbye... I never thought that you would cry...
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Sorry once again!
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Hughes AMV .....AGAIN. :O

Alright, for people who couldn't access the Hughes AMV I made the other day.

I uploaded it to my domain.

Please leave your e-mail address here in some shape and/or form (only if you can't get it through OR by AIM) and I'll e-mail you the link for you to download from. The only reason I'm not putting a direct link here is so that my bandwidth won't get overly-abused too fast as it is a 32.5mb file and I'm near the end of the month. Thanks for understanding. =D;;;;

If you have AIM and can get files through that, please IM me instead and I'll send it to you that way.

--> AIM: kuno no bokken
rain//f.t island

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hi i'm new here. i've been watching this community for a while and now i'm posting. i recently started watching FMA maybe about two or three weeks ago. my favorite characters are Hughes and Envy and started to like Lust Collapse )

i have a question actually....does anyone know why Gluttony is so attached to Lust?
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Dream-fueled FMA crack

The entire plot of this drabble was a creepy, creepy dream I had this morning (last night?). I was woken up in the middle of it. Basically, Envy's found something to amuse himself with... Ed. A bit Envy/Ed-ish, I suppose, but not very much. It's more creepy gen than anything.

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