September 18th, 2004

Esp - Sheep

(PIC) Memory

Unfortunately, this is not an update for Teh War(TM).

I was sitting on my bed like a good girl getting ready to sleep and suddenly I had this urge to see Roy as a little boy. So, being the idiot I am, instead of going to sleep, I started drawing. The next day, I went to the lab (because my laptop at home is dying) and colorized it. Here is the result:


Roy's parents were inspired by a fic... which I can't remember by whom it was written. Somehow, the idea of Roy's mother coming from Shin (Xing? Cing? sp?) appeals to me much.

Hope you guys enjoy it as much as I do.

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Changed For Good - Chapter 6 (Finally!)

First off I'd like to apologize to all you who've been following this fic (and have I mentioned that I love you to frigging death lately?) for the long delay. It seems like the breaks between chapters are getting progressively longer . . . I hope it's a sign that the chapters are getting better. They're certainly getting longer; this one, at roughly 6500 words, is my longest ever. They keep going like this and I'll have to split them up in the future. Anyway!

Title: Changed For Good: Chapter 6 - Desperado
Author: Miss Arel
Beta: laylah, who also deserves partial author credit for a certain scene (see the Author Notes)
Rating: R at the very least for sexual content (see Author's Notes)
Warnings: Rude language, violence, angst, and sex. This is not a happy chapter.
Summary: An experiemnt gone awry prompts Ed to have a crisis of faith (which is a very bad thing when all you have faith in is yourself) and finds himself falling for someone he never expected. Meanwhile, Tucker learns the price of failure . . . proving that romance and sex don't always go together.

Missed a chapter: Previous chapters can be found on Skyehawke, starting here.

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Okay! Well, I hope you'll all tell me what you think - like, dislike, want to burn - I want to know! Thanks so much for reading. ^v^
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Help needed

A few weeks ago someone posted that there will be a Fullmetal Alchemist event held on December 26 in Tokyo. Since I'll be in Tokyo at that time I was wondering if someone could give me more details on it. The only thing I found was a (japanese) website where you could win a ticket (at least I was told that)... but I'd actually prefer to buy it so I know that I can go for sure (am not very lucky with lotteries >_<) So... if anyone has any information on this PLEASE let me know, I'm really desperate. Thanks

If anyone is interested in the link for this website:
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So I was marking my school agenda for important events, and got to the November calendar. I circled the date of the dub premiere (Nov. 6), then glanced at the page and noticed the word "SHRIMP."
It was just this brain teaser thing, but it still amused me. ^_^ "WHO'RE YOU CALLIN' SO SHORT HE CAN FIT IN A SCHOOL AGENDA?"
Then I looked at the picture above that and, hidden among other healthy breakfast foods, I saw a bottle of milk. O.O
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Help! What channel does FMA air on?

As my Japanese is less than stellar, an hour of navigating all the official FMA sites has lead me to... well, nothing.  We have SKY PerfecTV (satellite) in our lounge, if that helps any.

I've caught up to the series (38 or so eps) in the past 4 days just so I could start following it here in Tokyo...


Hai thur/Oh so happy

Watching FMA episodes.

Ok, I basically have a question about watching FMA episdoes. What do you watch it on? Like, the player or whatever. I've downloaded a few episodes but Windows Media Player won't play torrent files or something, and I can't get it loaded on QuickTime. Is there a certain player I need to download to watch the episodes? Or is it something completely different? Because I refuse to miss the next few episodes coming up!
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(no subject)

dont go piss ant man O_o;;.
but yeah sorry TDT. that was a spazzy little post true TDT. kinda retarded TDT.; sorry ={.
i was wondering on the topic of lj cuts tho O_o....
whats gonna happen when episode 51 raw comes out? T_T..while the sub isnt out.
are you guys just going to stop lj cutting  or not post spoilers for the episode or post a bunch of them O_o.?
random question TDT
*goes back to lurking*
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