September 15th, 2004

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Fanart-ness and boredom

You know how you'll get zoned out when listening the teacher talk about stuff and you'll maybe only half pay attention. Well, that's what I did today. In all 3 of my classes I had today.

Plus one 'comic-ish' deal I wrong last night (starts with the upper right seen and goes down ala Japanese style. (Although the actual 'frames' may tend to read in English style... hey! I was starting to fall asleep!)

And then there's the Ed and drew and inked while at work on Sunday. Shh! Don't tell my boss I was drawing while on the clock!

No reference for ANY of this, so if the hair or outfits are a bit off, that's why. (Only character I have memorized properly is Ed, due to having to make his clothes for cosplay.)

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If you wonder who that 'elf' with the headband is, well, that's Sorin Qor, my personal mascot of the moment. He likes oranges.

And thus is the productivity of my college education in progress.
Colour Dodge [A Wilhelm Scream]


Well, has a new feature that some of you may already know. A feature to make a 'community' like thing.

I've just made Endvy. An Envy X Ed community. =3 So... yay? Not sure how you join, but do it anways (if you have an account and feel like it).

I will be adding my own fics to it, soon. If you have any Endvy fics that you would like added, just tell me and I'll add them too.

X-posted in my personal journal, fm_alchemist and teh_envy.
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got roy?

I was in class this morning and I saw a tar-heel shirt that said Got Roy? on the front and for some reason my brain went straight to this Roy! If I had time to photoshop it up I would but I gotta jet to class now, maybe someone else can mess with it, heres a picture front and back here.
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Dream Carnival

My friend brought it and his Japanese PS2 over last night and...


Omg, it rocked so much! Al's ultimate attack nearly had me rolling in hysterics first time I saw it! Every time Hughes got hit, little photographs go flying from him. Lust has such a cheap attack :P I really liked the graphics. I *so* want to get my own copy of this... *_*

Ed's Birthday, Name information, and random...

Hello community >3

I don't know if anyone's put these pieces together yet. I can't say I've stumbled upon this information anywhere else other than my own Notepad document (but then again I don't look very hard o_o). I figured since I don't ever see myself having time to put together a webpage for this information, I'd share it with the community ^_^ I'm sure someone can use it.

... Has Ed's birth date ever been given? o_O I think this answer is no. So I'll draw my own conclusions for that... and then everything else spawns out of that date.

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The Real Hohenheim

I don't think this has ever been posted. . .

I was rereading the Full Metal Alchemist manga this morning & I began to wonder if Arakawa Hiromu (by the way, isn't it shocking that she's a SHE?) was basing the series on historical figures like Nane Kurono did for Peacemaker Kurogane. Seems like she did. Hohenheim was an alchemist that existed back in the day. Here are a few links

Link 1

Link 2

Alchemy History if anyone's interested.

There was an Ehrlich that existed named Paul Ehrlich. From what I've skimmed through he's a bio professor at Stanford. I don't know if Ed & Al's characters are based on him tho.

I wonder if the info on Paracelsus gives us any insight on future plot developments.

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Just a little request...

Due to my computer being evil...

Will it be too much to ask if you guys could refrain from any spoilers?

:knows about lj cuts but really would not like to know what's gonna happen: >>;;

:is also a lurker: :asks for everyone to at least wait a week or even just have a week:

>> << >>

:ducks tomatoes:

(no subject)

w00t! Another icon update, just 34 today, because after this I won't be able to post a big batch of icons, this'll be probably my last week or so having my computer *clings on to computer*, so everyone go crazy, Don't forget to add i_consent to your friends list (this is for visitors), for more icon goodness :D.


>> credit, comment, enjoy
>> brushes provided by 100x100_brushes
>> images from, AnimeGalleries.Com various movies & anime episodes screencapped by me.
ed x5
roy mustang x1

>>total; 6

1. 2.

( 34 various icons found here especially FMA! :DDD )
allen . ♥♥

Armstrong sparkles fanlisting

Because I am a shameless self-plugger...
And because the Armstrong family sparkles need more love... <-- Fanlisting to the pink glowing Armstrong family sparkles =D.

And now, a little crappy rhyme to finish up this post:
Be happy, praise the lord !
Here comes a fanlisting for the Armstrongs hord!
Be happy, be merry
and please go sign up quickly!
...This moment was brought to you by Niwakaame/Aroe. Thanks for reading and have a nice day.
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Hello again from one of the community lurkers! Just another icon dump... I hope you like them ^___^

Roy x 3
Ed x 9
Ed & Al x 1
Sins x 1
Sloth x 1
Pride (fangame) x 2
Lust x 5
Lust & Roy x 1
Envy x 15
Envy & Pride x 2
Wrath x 11
Wrath & Ed x2
Gluttony x 1
Gluttony & Pride x 1
Greed x 1
Archer x 1
Armstrong x 1
Hawkeye x 2
Al x 1

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Screenshot request


Would anyone happen to have screenshots of/know where to find screenshots of/know the episode of:

-any given scene with a clear shot of Ed in front of Roy's desk with Hawkeye in back?
-the shot of Winry and Riza sitting together and chatting (on the train I believe? xD)

I need them for a school assignment that I've warped into a project on cosplay. :P

Any help would be appreciated! Thanks!