September 14th, 2004

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Completely random

I cosplayed Envy over the weekend. I did laundry today. have no idea how amusing it is looking at the laundry line in the backyard and seeing Envy's skort flapping in the breeze.
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I was awakened this morning by a UPS deliveryman banging on my door, with an overnight sexy new sakura pink import PS2 and copy of Dream Carnival!

However, some time spent playing with my roomie and me against the computer between classes has proven that the only characters I'm even marginally competent with are Roy and Ed. So, I ask here: Does anyone know of any FAQs that have been released for the game so far? GameFAQs has only an unlock list, and I'd really like to find a good move list or even just some general information on the mechanics and whatnot.

Incidentally, for anyone considering importing the game, I was very pleased with Play-Asia's service; I had my PS2 with a turnaround time of less than a week between placing the order and getting the package, and most of that was just processing time before it shipped, because I ordered at the end of the work week. They threw in a free S-video cable and fiber-optic cable with my system to boot (if you're just ordering the game, obviously you won't get this). Shipping is obviously going to be expensive if you're not in Asia, but their prices themselves are better than other import shops I've checked as far as systems go (game prices are fairly standard).
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Oi, newbie here!!

Hiya all!! I'm a newbie to this community! I am totally obsessed with Fullmetal Alchemist now. I am only on episode 41. I have 42 but the quality is really bad. So I am having trouble watching it without the entire picture becoming jarbled and me cussing at my computer screen. >:P

Um, I just have a random question/theory...Collapse )

^__^ Thanks!!
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Even more randomness...

Earlier today I mentioned how it was amusing that Envy's skort was outside flapping on the laundry line...

..... dog just pulled it off the line and tried to eat it =_=;;

I guess everyone wants a piece of Envy, eh? O_o
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Fanlisting Hostage ?

Hmm...i'm not sure if I'm allowed to post this (though I DID re-read the rules...)but actually my "Fanlisting to the Armstrong family Sparkles" has been sitting on my computer for a long time, getting a little bored and desperate.
I was wondering if anyone would be kind enough to offer me a lil' space on their server (because I've had free servers trauma. For a long time.) and could, by the same occasion , host my site. I can always show you a preview- I DO use CSS, layout was done in Adobe Photoshop Elements ,and though my coding is a bit messy I believe it doesn't turn out too bad. Thank you!
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Hi~! I've been part of this community for about a month now, but this is my first time posting. I just have to say, that I really love fm_alchemist. It feeds my fandom, and it feeds it good. So yes. Love to all of you! <3

Onto the point of this post, now. I have icons (and some bases)! These are the some of the first I've ever made, and the first I have shared, so I hope you like them ^^;;

[4] Edward
[1] Ed Roy & Hughes
[1] ScarxKitty
[1] Roy & Riza
[2] Gluttony (1 with Fuhrer)
[1] Armstrong & Hughes
[4] Misc (Bases)
Total: 14

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Crossposted to fm_alchemist, fullmetal_icons, & adalove
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I'm sorry, I just can't help myself. I finally got this month's GANGAN and watched the DVD that goes with it.

It was a mistake watching it in the lab. It hardly has the place for me to roll over.

Could somebody PLEASE tell me how to do the screencaps from DVD? I tried the PrintScreen button, but it won't work. I'm DYING to cap the pics from Dream Carnival.
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Ed's height

Another thing I noticed from the DVD. Ed said he's 150 cm....

Ed's total height = 165 cm
Ed's REAL height = 150 cm
-------------------------- -
Antenne + boots = 15 cm

.... *facepalm*

/pointless spam
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wrong turn

Roy community

Hi...I've been in this community for a little while now but this is my first time posting...I was hoping some of you guys could head on over to _xroymustangx_
It's a relatively new community, so there aren't a lot of people...and there's a background contest going on right
ok I'm done with my pathetic recruiting post. XD

Utter crackfic

Okay, so someone (I'm not entirely sure who) in fm_alchemist has this icon that has a palette-swapped Lust and the words "Hi! My name is Chastity. I'm Lust's good twin sister. I shoot pink sparkles from my fingertips. Edward Elric is madly in love with me. And I'm coming soon to an FMA fic near YOU!

Yeah. Well, I kinda... Wrote the fic. It's... Well, utter crack.

Title: The SUPERVIRTUES!!!11!one1!
Pairings: Envy/Ed/Generosity (Don't ask)

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