September 9th, 2004

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Cosplay stuffs

Okay, I mentioned a while ago that the costume company I belong to is going to produce Ed jackets and military uniforms to sell soon, and I got some good responses. We've been researching the best designs for the costumes as well as picking out some great fabric. So those who want to order one or the other may do so. We are an official cosplay company (some of you might have seen us at conventions, we're Distorted Visions Studios and we sell cat ears XD) so you can expect quality stuff.

Pictures will be coming soon, as we have to hunt down the digital camera. The materials have a very nice feel to it and a good weight. The flammel symbol on Ed's jacket will be pounced on, so it will stay vibrant even after several washings. Jackets will cost $175. Uniforms have yet to be priced.

Priority will be given to those who need it by Yaoi-con. Interested people can email me at

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So after the Japan Expo convention, my friends and I made some onigiris... And this was born from it... Needless to say, we were all a bit high on the stress relief.
Onigiri!Ed Edo-chan the Onigiri!
Comment, credit if you snag it ^^;;
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Colour Dodge [A Wilhelm Scream]

Symphony of Angels.

Recently, I did a meme. A very annoying meme, where I had to write a drabble with the following words in it:


Did not have a fun time. And I couldn't really fit it into a drabble, either.

PAIRING: Endvy. Implied Elricest.
WARNINGS: Spoilers for episode 46. Incest. Language. Character Death.
NOTES: Let's just pretend that episode 47 never existed, shall we? Actually, let's pretend that episode 46 didn't happen either, but we still know the information given it it. Okay? Okay. **Cough** And No One is OOC. I don't know who told you that, but whoever they were lied. LIED! Much like I am, right at this very moment.

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I can pimp AMV's better than you!

I found it very original, so...

Greed vs Envy

But it's on, so, if you're not a member and don't want to wait two weeks, I could sent it to you...

EDIT: I'm sooooo sorry! I can't send it to anyone, because of my firewall... T.T Sorry!

There, you can have it, thanks to kalikamaxwell!

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New fullmetal alchemist fanbook-and question.

Did anyone get the latest issue? I very nearly bought it yesterday but in the end preferred 2 vols. of Angel Sanctuary- Shame on me, I know xD. And I know everybody wants to hear about my life xD.
But there's a pretty beautiful grand majestuous and a lot of superlative other adjectives pretty poster of the Sins on it *_*.
And a biiiggie Envy and a biggie Moofy *_*. So i was wondering if anyone had bought fanbook thingie/scanned it.

Also, my friend and me were thinking about doing Moofy and Envy costumes for a hallowe'en party (cause if we were Sloth and Lust, we'd be mistaken for two Morticia Adams -.-). So did anyone had a clear picture of how Moof's costume was in the back?
(Yes I know, it's in the fanbook, I have no shame T_T).
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New AMV ideas XD

Well, I was recently inspired with 2 more songs to make AMVs from ^^ One is a comedy and one is another drama.
The comedy one will be really different and fun I hope XD

The drama one is nice in my mind ^^ Great song and this time it's sorta a character profile, but more like on a few people at once. Should be interesting XD Got such a good responce from my last one that I think I wont be afraid to show my future works =) I don't want to tell the songs or ideas, because I fear people stealing my ideas =p

For thoes of you that missed my previous you can see it here: