September 8th, 2004


Japan Expo cosplay site

So now that we're sure it's pretty much up and kicking, I give you our Japan Expo Sixth Impact cosplay site with pretty pics of us (that being me as Ed/Older!Alicia, nusuth as Roy, subaruke as Envy, winry5 as Winry, and Satan as Hughes (and no, that's obviously not her real name)).
So go forth and check 'em out and let us know what you think of it! We'd love to know!^^
Alchemists on Crack
*waves off*
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[Fic] Changed For Good - Chapter 5

hello, everyone! Your patience has been rewarded (I hope; I'll let you decide how good a reward it is.) I would have finished this earlier, but schoolwork, uncooperative muses, and a side-trip to Chicago interfered.

But anyway, here it is! Chapter 5 - The Full-Life Alchemist

Author: Miss Arel
Rating: PG-13 (language)
Section: (5/?)
Summary: Four years later, Ed and Al are still searching for what's been taken . . . but there's no rest for the wicked, either.

. . . Light fingers skated over the back of his neck, and Tucker jumped. “Hey!”

Envy giggled, smirking unpleasantly. “You’re too easily distracted, Shorty. How’re we ever gonna get that Stone if you can’t concentrate on your work?” . . .

Collapse )

Missed a chapter? Well, they're all up on Skyehawke now . . . for easy archiving and access!
Chapter 1
Chapter 2
Chapter 3
Chapter 4

Comments, critiques, and reviews are appreciated like you wouldn't believe.
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Philosopher's Stone

I'm in Chemistry this year, so I was looking up information on a famous chemist (his name's not important It's not like I forgot how to spell it or anything), and I saw something on Alchemy.

So, me being the rabid fangirl I am, read it. It mentioned the Philosopher's Stone.

It said that it was a stone that could turn anything into gold. Just gold. It said nothing else.

So... it brought to mind the hilarious mental picture of Manga!Ed and Al finding the stone, using it to bring back their bodies, and then having huge chunks of gold appear instead.

.... No, I'm not on crack. Why do you ask?
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*Puts hand up* I've got a question!!

I'm wondering if anyone can be so kind to come out with the names of the ppl on Roy's team? Thanks a millions!! Coz' so far I only know:

  1. Roy Mustang
  2. Riza Hawkeye
  3. Cain Fury
  4. Jan/Jean Havoc
  5. ____________
  6. ____________

I don't know the rest... ^^" And w00t!!! I've got news!! Chapter 39's gonna be out in stores this Friday! Can't wait for it! :D

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[drabble] Natural Blond

Here's a small drabble that I wrote by whim, while I was thinking about a small fic I've read before in Mandarin on some King of Fighters site.

It's short, it's vague, but I rather liked how it kinda just flowed out of my brains^^;; (which means it's probably somewhat fragmented)

Title: Natural Blond
Genre: small romance
Rating: PG-13 for implied sex
Pairing: hidden until...well...the end.
Basics: His hair wasn't really naturally blond, he had it bleached that way.

linked to my LJ, cuz I'm lazy.

cross-posted to fma_yaoi, fm_alchemist, and youkofujima
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