September 7th, 2004

[Bulba] Scarf

PSSSh. Fan art.

Just read up to chapter 38 of the manga (after having left off on chapter 18. Bad me.)

Oh how my poor mind is boggling. I yelled at my screen multiple times as things were happening, and ending up crying towards the end. Curse it.

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hammer time!
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Uh....Sorry for asking, but does anyone the URL for the evil genious website? Sorry for asking, My Internest browser screwed up and reset my whomever helps, thanks
Colour Dodge [A Wilhelm Scream]

Question, theory, pimpage

First off, my question: I think it was mother who posted it, but someone posted a 'recipie' for the Philosopher's Stone (the real alchemy way of making it) month's ago. Could they give me the linkage or something?

Second off, my theory:

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Third off, pimpage. My friend created a new FMA community. So now I'm pimping it for her. haganenokokoro.
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Steve Zissou

More Alchemist DVD Information

Taken from Anime On Dvd.

Summary of Below:
  • 13 discs.
  • 4 Episodes per-disc.
  • $29.98 recommeneded price point.
  • Broken into 3 box sets, seperated into 5/4/4 disc groups.
  • Each box set will have some sort of bonus material.
  • First disc to be released January 18th, 2005.

    I was reading comments on Anime News Network where I first seen this story and someone made a comment about why the "52nd" episode wasn't licenced. Someone replied saying that "Episode 52 is a 90 minute episode, and I have a fealing it will be linced as a movie insted." Anyone heard any news about episode 52 either way? I know orignally it was said to be 52 then it seemed to shrink down to 51.

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  • Tutu - A Sorta Fairytale


    Hey everyone! I'm back from AnimeFEST, and I had a great time. ^.^ To all the people at AFEST who commented on my Al pillow-- hi! I love you guys! And I'm sorry if you didn't get a cookie-- I'm shy, so I have to work up the nerve for it, and sometimes I couldn't. -.-;

    Anyway, I got all kinds of Fullmetal Alchemist stuff, including figurines of Roy and Hawkeye. The dealer had them set up so Hawkeye was pointing her gun at Roy's head, and I found that amusing. ^.^ Also got a fan, and one of those tins with the notepad inside-- surprisingly, the one tin I bought had one of the pictures I was really hoping for, though I thought they were all nice.

    And, um... If anyone has/sees pictures of the Edward with the Al pillow (I think I was the shortest Edward there, BTW-- someone actually thanked me for being a short Ed x.x), please point those out. It would be much appreciated. ^.^ I was also walking around with a red-haired Winry in her travel outfit.

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    (no subject)

    If anyone put there names down on my items from Japan regarding buying stuff from me, I have alot of people who didn't not make a responce to the initial order, so if you did, and did not e-mail me, please do at Thanks.

    The sooner you get these orders cleared up people, the more likely is you'll get it.
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    Question and pimpage

    Just wondering (I wonder too much, I know) if there's a certain name for the dagger type weapons that Hughes uses. Just calling it a dagger seems kind of plain, don't you think?

    Also, after throwing the idea around for months and months, I finally decided to create hughesxroy, which as suggested by the name, is obviously a HyuRoy yaoi community. Despite that, general posts about Hughes and Roy are welcome ^_^ I'm hoping that there's not a HyuRoy comm already in existence O_o I checked for one just in case, but nothing showed up... Anyway, not cross-posting, cause I know some get aggravated about that, so uh...just spread the word, ne? My OTP needs love! Also, tell me if you spot any mistakes, if my layout is crap, etc.
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    There are videos here of panels from AnimeFest with a few voice actors from the FMA dub. Caitlin Glass (Winry) is in the most recent one, and at one point she talks about how she had trouble crying in the first scene of episode 3, and she sings a song from Spiral too!
    So far, just from listening to her talk, I think she'd do an okay job. It would be funny if she sang the dubbed version of Motherland. ^_^
    (Additionally, Vic sounds like he really loves FMA. I mean, he had a gooshy voice and everything.)
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    [seal] I'm an egg

    Roy/Al art (sorry, it's a photo cuz my computer is TEH DEAD)

    Roy/Al art. Though this pairing is not canon, I just drew this for fun, aesthetic reasons XD; (note how Roy NEVER addresses Alphonse directly in the series--at least not in the manga, as I have seen so far)

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    *prepares to dodge propelled items by Roy fans*

    Awwww, my Alphonse loves rank just went through the roof XD whee!

    cross-posted in fm_alchemist and fma_yaoi
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