September 6th, 2004

because of me- because of me

Anime Icon Bases

So. I return. With bases. Which I know you guys can't get enough of, because what is there to dislike about a pretentious bastard who just caps an avi and crops and borders it? That skill, you can't buy that sort of skill, my friend. it's born. :))))

so, to quell the fact that I'd be bastardingly insane to try and comprehend 47 RAW, I spent my time waiting for the sub making icons. :-? I've catagorized them in order to look wonderfully fangirlish and laughable-

10 Elric Kyoudai
14 Envy
4 Lust
... AND MORE 8-X

So enjoy! Or don't.

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Crappy Ishvar fic from yours truly!

Because this is written for the Roy/Riza 100 themes...well, yes, it's going to have some tints. I hope I didn't go overboard, though (wartime romance is rather...against my general principles). And, this takes place when Roy was 19 and ends when he was 20, I decided to try writing his personality....a tad differently. I apologize if it's blatant OOC, because younger!Roy...well, it's hard to paint a very clear image of him.

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Crappy...but then, I do want to experiment with NonAngst!Ishvar...

Hughes was also supposed to take a part in Roy's psyche, but then the story flow kicked me in the arse.

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kiba wolf's rain Credit: mugetsu_

A Slightly Different Request..

I know there's something like this below but i'm asking something slightly different so back off >.<. So where do i

I'm a newbie to FMA, i just recently seen the first episode and i'm somewhat hooked *points to fishing hook stuck in mah shirt* But i am cursed with a 56 conection and there's so no way i could download them all. So i'm asking quite a big request, Could anyone send me episodes 1 - current burned on CD? I'd pay for the cds and shipping and handling i just want it bad. I'll understand if it's too much to ask..i'll just wait till the AS premire -.- oui
One without a name


Now, you may want to skip this post. I have no pictures. All the pictures that were taken were taken by dolfyn because I was feeling like CRAP and forgot my camera.

So. In case y'all didn't know, I have known vikki for years. Ever since I betaed for her Weiß Kreuz work "Dream of Crimson," actually. Why I mention this is because Vikki was at AnimeFEST, just to meet me and Sarah. Already, good day. She was going to bring down a Hawkeye costume for me while she went as Winry (Hawkeye/Winry yuri, hee hee), but shit happened. So I didn't have a FMA costume, pout. But Sarah went as Ed, and Vikki went as Winry. The three of us roomed together, and we had FUN.

I didn't really buy that much FMA stuff. I bought two pencil boards, and a FMA surprise figurine. I got Hawkeye for the figure, by the way. Squee. But I bought the only dealer that had raw Japanese manga out of Psychic Academy. So, uh, if anyone was wanting any... Phbbt.

I was so very disappointed, though. Sarah and Vikki met Vic. I did not. There was a table selling FMA doujin. No Ed-tops-Roy, Hughes/Roy, or Roy/Riza. I wanted an NC-17 FMA doujin, just so I could flash my ID and say "Ha! I'm twenty, not fifteen-sixteen like most people say!" There was no FMA manga, no Death Note...

But I still came away with a haul. And with fic ideas, thank you very much Vikki. Spinny Roses will attempt to write more now!

And I will link pictures once Sarah uploads them.

anime DVDs

I'm probably weird for thinking so much about this, but concerning the US DVDs, if there's going to be 4 episodes per disk, wouldn't it be 12 DVDs instead of 13?
And am I the only one who organizes the episodes in story arcs? Like, episodes 1-3 are an introduction to Ed and Al and would be ideal for the first disc, while 4-6 continue the flashbacks, and 7-9 start the angst and end the flashback arc quite neatly. Episodes 10-13 are mostly fun fillers and end the first season, while episodes 14-16 start the second season with the introduction of Scar and the Ishbal storyline.
That's the main reason I'd personally prefer the 3/4 eps per DVD, despite the cost, and why I don't quite agree with how the Japanese DVDs are organized sometimes. Also taking into account the packaging (assuming the American DVDs will use the same covers as the Japanese), it'll make more sense to use the 3/4 episode count (though we might run out of covers before long).
Please don't kill me.

Edit: *ahem* In an attempt to salvage this entry, you can find a video of a panel from AnimeFest here. Includes the VA's for Ed and (I heard this somewhere) Havoc. Not that much info, but it's rather amusing.
Esp - Sheep

*blows the trumpet* I'm ba~~~ck! (episodes request and TEH War)

I've just got back from three weeks of vacation and I missed the episodes starting from 44 to the latest. Unfortunately, I can't use the torrent because of school policy, so I'm wondering if anybody would be kind enough to share then to me? I'll love you forever. (^3^)

BTW, on the subject of TEH War Against The Colonel(TM), I know I spotted a Rubber Duck!Roy a few weeks ago. Not that I mind, but anybody willing to tell me what's the score now? And I do think that we have to come up with a better scoring.

Anyway, now that I'm back in the office, I say, BLAST THE COLONEL!!! >DDDDDDDDD

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Colour Dodge [A Wilhelm Scream]

New Favorite pairing

After watching Fullmetal Alchemist for about... 10 hours straight...

I have decided on a new favorite pairing of mine! (No, Envy X Ed is still my OTP...)

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So, does anyone know where I can find fanstuffs (art, fics, ect.) of this pairing?
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Naruto Merchandise for Sale!

Last month, I went to Japan, and visited a few anime related places, the special summer time JUMP shop, and the famous Animate. I brought a lot of stuff back to resell, and after my friend's got through with it, I reorganized the list, and now I post it for you guys to buy. I have many items from Naruto, Bleach, Fullmetal Alchemist, One Piece, Prince of Tennis, and others.

Shipping is included in the price, so don't worry about adding or subtracting money. I combine orders aswell. This is all hot stuff from Japan, and quite a few items from the Jump shop you might never see again! I accpet Money Orders, Internation Money Orders, and Paypal. Paypal is preffered. Once you find items you like, post a comment,

I will cross out the item, and then e-mail me at, with your order, and payment method, and we will discuss from there. Thank you, and onto the Merchandise! Ask any questions you might have!

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toshi, x, x japan, yoshiki, reunion


I've never posted here before. XD Anyway, I drew Roy Mustang, in charcoal. Because I could. I'm far from a great artist, but I figured I'd post it here anyway.
So, tell me what you think.
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allen . ♥♥

Pixels to put on your LJ =D.

I support RoyAi!

Lookie! Royai pixel art xD. Duo-work of teruteruboozu and niwakaae(also know as me, myself and I). Made the lil animation, teruboozu made the box/text. Love her. She pwnz you.
Code to copy and paste [and remove asteriks]:
<*center*><*img src=""*>
<*font size="-2"*><*font size="-2"*>I support <*b*>Roy<*font color="#ff0000"*>Ai<*/font*><*/b*>!<*/font*><*/font*><*/center*>
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