September 5th, 2004


hagane no renkinjutsushi EPISODE 10 O_O!!!!!!!!!

hagane no renkinjutsushi EPISODE 10 O_O!!!!!!!!!
does anyone have the subbed version of fma episode 10?!!!
if you do could you please send it to me!?? i beg you! im burning all the episodes onto a cd and sending them to people T_T;
if you can send it to me i will be gratefull,very TDT;!
thank you!
p.s the stress for 48 is killing me more than 47 XD;;
QU*$(@$*@ i wont be able to concentrate at all XD;;
aim s/n:himetenshi24 email :
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FMA wallpapers

Hi there. I've been on this board for some weeks, and I never posted anything. It's time to do it, with some wallpapers I made some time ago... Here they are :

General FMA wall :

Hughes/Mustang wall :

And finally, Hughes wall :

I hope you like them. If you do, post a comment :D
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allen . ♥♥

"If the Sins became human..."-questions,conjectures.

I've been asking myself a few questions on How things would be if-just if- a few Sins made it to become human beings (Anime!weird conjectures).

In-depth-ness behind cut.
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First off-let's observe what ,say Lust, would want:
-To become human, right ?
...BUT becoming human implies:
-having parents.
-Having your very own original body with your own genetic codes.
Lust's current body is a relic of someone else's past. If-just if-the Philosopher's stone made her "human"..what would it make ? end up turning Lust as a foetus ? A baby ?...Then, what about the "parents" part ? Babies don't come out of nowhere
( yes, birds drop them, we all know that duh.)...
IF-she was into a foetus- would she be implanted in someone's body?
...If she was reborn as a sole individual-with her "own" body- that wouldn't be completely satisfying, would it?
Would she need to forget everyting in order to be satisfied at the moment she becomes "human" ?

That was for the physical part. What if "human" actually meant "completion of the soul" ? Ani!Wrath said that they were "a body and a psyche"-body and consciousness...So that'd mean she feels someowhat empty know there's somehing missing within her.

Okay, that wasn't even a theory-that was mixed-up thoughts. Anyone help? =D
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Doctor Who - Eleven serious

Fullmetal Alchemist DVD news

FUNimation have announced that their forthcoming DVD release of Fullmetal Alchemist will be four episodes per discs, which is 13 discs overall and is around the $29.98 price. Well, that's fantastic news - there is a god after all! I was absolutely dreading that it would be three episodes per disc. I'm glad that FUNI listened to the fans in this case.

EDIT: Disc 1 is out on January 18th! *starts saving pennies*
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(no subject)

Well, like I said I was going to do yesterday, I have made a Fullmetal Alchemist theme for my Sony Ericsson T610.

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And the test for tonight is to see if I can create a military theme :)  I'll post to let you know how that went on too.
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Edited DVDs?

Apologies if this topic is not favourable.
I have a friend who is a manager at a pretty reputable anime/comic shop (they attend cons, mainly AWA) and they had spoken with a FUNi representative who claimed that the Fullmetal DVDs will be edited to tone down "extreme violence and blood."

I merely make this post because I could have sworn that I read somewhere that FUNi was NOT going to edit or cut the DVD releases in any way for any reason (and because this would be the first time that I doubt their sources). Can anyone confirm or deny this?
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SGA atlantis postcard


Just got back from AnimeFest-- a relatively small con in Dallas-- tonight, after being there all weekend. Lots of fun, bought almost the complete set of the FMA pins. Very cute.

Anyways, the reason I'm posting this is because I got to meet two of the VA's for FMA: Vic Mignogna, who I'm sure everybody knows will be doing Ed, and Mike McFarland, who will be doing Havoc's voice.
Here's a couple pictures of the two sitting together at a panel; Vic's on the right, Mike's on the left: 1 2

They both seemed very nice; I can't say much of what I think of their voice acting itself since I'm not much of a fan of dubs, except that I rather liked Vic's voice as Gawl in Generator Gawl. One of the few dubs I don't mind. A friend who was in line for autographs a little bit behind me asked Vic to do his Ed voice, but all she could say about it was that 'it seemed nice,' which doesn't help much. He did mention something about how he had wanted to make Ed's voice higher, but the Japanese side of the pond-- who have apparently taken a great deal of interest in the choice of VA's for the dub-- told him they didn't want it that high.

Another thing he mentioned is that he's actually a really big fan of FMA-- he said it's the first show he's worked on that he's actually watched all the way through before hand, and researched a lot about. Mike also seemed to really like the show. That's pretty reassuring to me, at least-- hopefully they'll take extra care to make it really good.

Anyways, that's about all I have to say-- except that they're now selling sets of WINRY TOOLS-- yes, little tools that are supposedly like the ones Winry uses. This disturbs me.

Oh! and I also have a really cool towel now, with Havoc, Roy and Hughes. *huggles it*

*EDIT* Forgot to post the FMA cosplayer pictures. Not many of them, just Ed & WInry, and a different Winry. There were lots of people in the military outfits this year though, and several Ed's that I didn't get pictures of.
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Fullmetal Doujinshi

I take part in too many collab. doujinshi projects for my own good.

So that is why my friends pbjsammich and iam_kayak and I have decided to do a Fullmetal Alchemist one.

So far, only I and Sammich have done pages (I did 1 and 2; she's done 3 and 4) and the layout isn't quite done yet according to her, but have a look. =)

Fullmetal Reverie

Uh...PG-13 for Edward's use of profanity and for crack-induced madness that will come later, probably. Including Edward turning into a girl and wearing pineapple panties. Please don't ask. kthx.

Plot? What plot? It's all about Edward and fragments of his dreams.

I'm probably going to touch up on page two because there's way too many errors to count. =D;

(no subject)

So, as I stated in my post earlier today I challenged myself to make another Sony Ericsson T610 theme but this time with a military flavour...

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Now I have the dilemma of which one to actually use on my phone... hmm... and sorry for clogging up the community, heh... -_-;
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partners in crime by beccaplusicons
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Everything is coming up FMA....

Suppose to be studying...but came across this quote from some philosopher in the Renaissance...

"The immortal soul is always miserable in the mortal body".....and that just reminded me of Hohenheim..^_^

Does anyone have any good screencaps of Hohenheim?? Maybe I'll make a few icons and what not to this quote.....^_^
by kyliemou
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Title: Mortvi Non Mordant
Author: LCM
Rating: PG-13
Section: (3/?)
Summary: A sacrifice brings Ed into possession of a flawed Philosopher’s Stone, and the decision to use it ends in an unforeseen price. Future Roy/Ed, despite all evidence to the contrary.

"...thus forever proving the theory that yes, Mustang was not the sun, the world did not revolve around him, and no, light did not shine out of his ass."

And because formatting is ebil:

Comments and critiques make me a happy fangirl.
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