September 4th, 2004

summer sucks

phew, finally....

hello everyone. it's been a while. i have finally caught up in FMA, after spending half the summer downloading a 40ep bulk.

theres not much i can say without it already being said, but hot damn FMA is amazing. this has definatly been an anime that has not let me down.

and yea... that is all i can say...
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A Belated Greeting

Hey-o's everyone!

Joined the comm. about a week ago and never properly introduced myself to everyone. My girlfriend (the other fma freak) introduced me to this community and I love you guys, very informative on stuff pertaining to the show, and the fanfics and pics that are yummy. Anyway, here's a list of my favorites for the series:

Pairing - Envy/Wrath (Yus, the boi likes the Yaoi too!)
Episode - tough one, 37 for the comedy and 42 for the tragedy (i LOVE Scar)
Song - Op: Riraito Ed: Kenesai Tsumi
Chars - Scar, Greed...and yes I know I'm weird, Archer

So anyways, hi again everyone! XDD
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Are there any world/country maps in the FMA artbooks or somewhere? I know that a small one was shown in the anime...ep24 or around there. Then a rough sketch of the country and the ones bordering was made in ch30-something of the manga. I'm just wondering if there's anything that's bigger and more detailed, showing city locations and terrain.
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I just joined the group. so this is another greeting post. Now I don't have to leech from Yuuki to get everything new. XD Yay!

And now, for picture sharing. >)

My Ed cosplay, unfinished, but working on it.

Anime Reactor is where this costume will first debut. Yay! less than two months to go!

Why make a new post when I can hack my first one?

I made the arm with this stuff called either "foamies" or "fun foam" I forgot. It's sold by the sheet like posterboard or craft felt. I used superglue to put the edges together to form tubes and cylinders after I cut out the shapes needed. The layered part on uper arm, I took a coat hanger and cut the wire up to give those parts a curved shape (like paper, the stuff prefers to lay flat when not forced into a tube shape), glueing the wire underneat the edges.There's some elastice under the shoulder joint to connect the pieces without rendering my arm immobile. I want to join the elbow joint the same way, but I haven't gotten around to it yet.

Now the hand. Made a crappy glove, and repeated the cylindar process in miniature after I attached the palm and back of hand pieces (more glue! Cuz stitching didn't work--thread tore tiny holes into foam instead). I made the finger caps out of sculpty. Once I had all the pieces made, and trimmed so I could make a fist without the pieces falling off, I glued them on with more super glue.

Superglue on the flesh BURNS. Plus trying to escape the burning sensation when a glove was just bonded to your flesh isn't an easy thing to do. Glad I had nail polish remover and no tips the the glove so I could shove a q-tip down next to my finger and let the nailpolish remover slowly help release me. I had to do that TWICE. At least I now know I can type with the glove on.

and thank Butterick for a jacket pattern that needed minimum alteration. Other than mix matching the 4 versions available with the pattern, the only real addition I needed was the slit in the back.
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(no subject)

Hi to everyone!  This is my first post in the community, although I have been watching for a while.

Two points to my post, really: 1)  I am going to create a complete theme for my phone so that I can be an FMA geek where-ever I go!  Of course, I'll let all you guys who have a compatible phone (Sony Ericsson T610, T630, maybe the K700i too, but I'm not certain) have it once it's finished, too.  I was just wondering if anybody knew of where I could get not only some good FMA images for the theme, but also FMA midi files for the ringtone.  I found a version of Melissa that is quite good but it would be cool to have some other options too.

2)  I was wondering if anybody knows if there will be a European release of the FMA games any time soon?  I don't have a chipped PS2 so won't be able to buy the US versions and my Kanji isn't the best ;)  I hate the thought of having to miss out of these games!!  Also, does anybody know if the US versions will have English voice actors or like in some games (the names escape me) have an option to have the original Japanese voices but with English subtitles?  That would be far better than having the English voice actors, I'm just so used to the Japanese voices from the anime!

Thanks for your help guys!
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Question about Newbies

Well, my friends have been listening to me fangirling Fullmetal Alchemist for the past forever. Since... I think since April or May or something. And they've all wanted to see it since ... yeah. XD

So, I finally downloaded the first twenty episodes (because I had borrowed them from a local anime shop before I started downloading them).

I told my friends my Labor Day Plans: I'm going to wake up early, and watch as many Fullmetal Alchemist episodes as I can in one day. I'm aiming for all 47.

One of them invited herself over for a sleep over because of it. XD

So, here's my question: Should I let her read the manga frist, or watch the anime first. If I let her read the manga first, Sunday afternoon we can read the manga, and then all of Monday we can watch the anime. If it's anime first, then we'll watch some episodes on Sunday, and I'm going to hope we have time to read the manga.

What would all of you suggest?
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Bringing some stupid pixel-art =D.

Because I am a shameless self-plugger, a shameless Royai fan, a shameless Envy fan and a shameless crappy pixel-arter (wow, that makes a lot of "shameless"es.), here I grant you with my 'masterpieces'*coughs*:

Walking Lust!

RoyAi! (also posted at ROyai comm, I really have no shame)

..Envy made out of the blue and ratehr quickly-so not very worked pixel art.

Pixel Nerd!ed [hand is screwed up, I know xD.]

Feedback? tips? Thankies.
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FMA Icons!


1. Comment if taking (don't ask).
2. Credit with either naa or lame_icons in keywords, or userinfo if using a banner.
3. If you are going to use the icons outside of LJ leave me a link so I can go check out your other journals (warning, I just may comment in your journal ^_~`)
4. At this time I don't do requests.


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Random fangirling.....

What with FMA drawing to an end (NO~~~), and the plot seriously thickening....a friend and I thought we should lighten things up a bit...She just started FMA, and apparently I got her hooked on Roy (not good...), and the discussion took a rather odd turn, as we both begin to muse over which of the characters would be a good boyfriend, date, and whatnot... Her vote was on Roy, while mine was on Greed (ahh..though he is kinda..not available right now) what's your vote?
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Chibi figures!

There was a recent post about those little Hagaren figures. I decided to take pictures of them. (This was a while ago but now I'm not lazy to put them up. Sorry ._.;;)

Collapse ) Please excuse the crappiness of the picture quality *staby stabity stab*

Haha... Al and neko made me laugh. And Winry's expression is just too cute.
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military symbol

hello, many ppl have asked where to find a pic of either Ed's symbol or the homunculus one. I have those saved for any future use, but I can't find the military symbol, like the one on Ed's watch. I think i remember seeing it somewhere but i forgot to save it. And the community search thing confoozes me D: It led me to weird places... So would anyone be so kind as to provide me with a nice pic of it? I need it to complete my piece of fanart o_o; Thanks.