September 3rd, 2004

Jason - Did you hear me sing?

Update on doujinshi sale ^^

Just an update on the doujinshis that I am selling - I've added an inside scan for *every* currently available doujinshi. So you can check out the inside artwork before you decide whether to get it or not ^^

Please note that as the event that I'll be selling the doujinshis at will take place on Saturday, I'll only accept orders for the doujinshis until 3rd September 12noon GMT! After that, whatever that I've left will go down to the event with me.

Please CLICK HERE to see the FMA doujinshis and limited edition posters available.

To order/reserve any of the items, please follow the instructions on THIS PAGE. Please don't comment here asking me to hold items for you, etc.

Just a reminder...

A few FMA happenings for those who don't know...

Spoon, Nanashi, Shinsen, and Sonchou are still around for subs. Please don't start a preference war about who sucks or whatnot. Just be glad someone's providing them ^_^

also, for those who wrote, asked or wondered. #Chopstick for a pretty colorful parody of several key episodes. They have an FTP and tracker available to get their stuff. Some of its really good.

Finally. #Knives for the ultimate FMA trivia. Chopstick parody questions are in there, and will return if the demand for it comes back, but so far its packed with FMA questions. Other anime will be added once the series ends. I run the knives room, and anyone here is invited to come in and have a crack at the trivia bot. We're also interested in potential staff for other anime trivia that you could provide. -end plug there.

slashy fic, and QES 4-9

Here are the Quick Episode Summaries (QES) for epsides four through nine. I very much doubt anyone is worried about spoilers, but they're lj-cut anyway.

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And now, slashyfic. I know, this is cliche, it's been done before -- but the bunny wanted to be written, so it's written. Not as well as it could be, but... Ah well.

Title: Learning Experience
Rating: PG-13
Warnings: humor, yaoi, inappropriate uses for alchemy
Spoilers: None.
Pairing: Roy+Ed

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The Alphonse Diet (Fullmetal Alchemist)

6 FMA Wallpapers!!!

Hey everybody, I made 6 FMA wallpapers. You can the rest by clicking on the links below under the LJ-cut below. Click on the images below the download them. I hope you all like them . Please comment. :)

Alchemist King Edward:
Alchemist King Edward

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  • hakura

Fan art idea

This may sound kinda stupid but I was wondering if anyone was willing to draw what they would think Ed would look like as a homonculus. There are a lot of people that believe he is Pride in the manga verson, (me encluded) but I lack the ability to draw ;-; I can only make AMV art XD

So if anyone out there has any ideas I would LOVE to see your work XD I bet i would end up using it as a wallpaper lol ^^

Thankies in advance XD
Tutu - A Sorta Fairytale


Well, people have made shirts, wristbands, ribbons-- I figured, why not a pillow? I now present to you...

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And now am off to AnimeFEST. To any Hagaren cosplayers-- if you get offered a cookie for no reason by a strange girl, that's just me. ^.^

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ponyo: lovely dark and deep

This probably sounds familiar . . .

Once again I'm posting from kiraqueen's house, and once again we've got cosplay photos! This time we have me as Winry and Xel-ko improving the Wrath costume. (And when I say improving, I mean 'making truly kickass')

Only a week till we get to wear these to JTAF!

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W00t! go us! Tell us what you think, kay? ^__^
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Walk the Dog

This was requested by wabisuke in my request a drabble post. I'm laying off the requests until I don't have... like, 20 that I need to catch up on. XD Don't worry, they'll be up again once I catch up a little.

This turned out slightly longer than a drabble. **Cough** Sorry about that, but I couldn't get my idea that I got to work any other way.

FANDOM: Fullmetal Alchemist
PAIRING: Havoc X Izumi
TITLE: Walk the Dog
RATING: *Shrugs* PGish?

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X-posted in my personal journal, and fm_alchemist
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Naomily pink
  • chibik


Uhmm... I just finished my entry for the Back To School art contest at devarts FMA club and I liked it enough to think hey, maybe I'll share here too >>;

Ed, Winry and Al

Sorry, the image is a little... huge ^^() So if anyone is on dial-up and would rather not wait ten minutes for it to load, you can see the smaller version on my user page ^^ Comments would really be apprieciated, thanks! Bai! ^o^
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fma ending

what will you do the day the hagaren (fma or whatever D=) ends?
october 2nd TT_TT+;;....
i will die ^__^
how about you T_T....its sad to think about it ><.
i think it will be bittersweet o_O.
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Colour Dodge [A Wilhelm Scream]

Stupid Jacket

Well, this was also requested to me in my request a drabble post, this time by nozomi_no_da.

I'm ashamed to call this a fanfic. I'm sorry that it had to turn out this bad, but I was trying to think of a good way to write it since it was requested on August 19th, and I came up with nothing. Nothing at all.

More humour based then plot based, to tell the truth. But it's not that funny.

FANDOM: Fullmetal Alchemist
PAIRING: Fullmetal Alchemist Ed X Fuery... Yes, Ed on top.
TITLE: Stupid Jacket
RATING: PG-13, to be safe.

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If you want me to rewrite this pairing, nozomi_no_da, I'll try (though, it would help if you gave me a little bit of plot?). I just feel really bad about this.

X-posted at fm_alchemist and my personal journal.
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No pants

A Drabble and a fic update

Well I've got two lil things I like to share.

One a drabble that's been sitting there. It's part of something larger but I don't have much on it. Just this distinct scene. I'm hoping posting and getting some feedback might inspire me.

Title: [Nothing as yet. I might name it randomly something like String Cheese or Robert.*shrugs*]
Pairing: Ed/Hawkeye. Roy/Hawkeye
Ed's age: 18
Al's status: restored
Story status: Drabble as such but possibly a multi-chapter humor fic about Roy undermining Liza's attempts at a social life behind her back.
Rating: PG-PG-13

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The other thing is that I updated "Roy's Treat" at FFnet. It goes up to PG-13 since there is a suggestive scene with an undressing Roy. There is also a slight angst bit in one scene but it's mostly comedy as only Ed and Al can have on the "Wrong side of town".

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  • tien2k

(no subject)

I just finished watching Chopsticks parody on episode 46 and one thing is buging me, the ending song they put in. I know Ive heard it somewhere before and its on the tip of my brain...any help?

Just curious here...

This discussion came up twice today in my irc channel.

The movie which isn't supposed to be out until *next* year, supposedly takes place 2 years after this series ends. What about what happens in between all that time?

See the biggest difference between US cartoons and anime that really stands out is when the Japanese decided 'so-and-so anime will be X-amount of episodes long' that's all you're gonna get. No matter how big the fanbase is, or how many requests they get, they really stick to their decisions on cut-off amounts.


Knowing where in the story the movie takes place, and knowing there's only 5 episodes left. It kinda makes you wonder if maybe there would be something in between, to answer the questions and fill in the gaps.

...wouldn't it be nice? Ya know.... another 40 weeks of FMA leading up to the movie? ^_^
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