September 2nd, 2004

Tutu - A Sorta Fairytale


Does anyone know if there are karaoke versions for all of the openings and endings? And, if so, where I can find them? I have the karaoke/vocal-less versions of both UNDO and I Will because they came with the singles when I downloaded the torrents, but I'd like to have all of them, if possible. ^.^ Any help is greatly appreciated!

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People seem fond of sharing their dreams here, so I thought I would as well. This afternoon, I had a nightmare about what might happen in the next FMA ep...or upcoming eps. Stupid anxiety XD It's long and vivid, because I wrote it out as soon as I woke up. Yes, there is some light yaoi and some slight OOC-ness, but hey...blame my subconscious. :P

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Anyway, yep, that's it. Hope you didn't enjoy reading this~
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Bleach - Ichigo

Homunculus Ed wallpaper

Whoo~ it's my first topic here. XD

I read the post about that chinese doujinshi game a little while ago and I was surprised seeing an image of Ed as homunculus on their homepage! *_* That was really weird 'cause I dreamed of him as homunculus a few nights ago and he looked very similar! o_O ...a dream came true! *lol* XD
What I wanted to say: the image inspired me to make a wallpaper! XD Unfortunately my wp making skills are not the best but I hope you will like it anyway. ^^;
I made some different versions:
Feel free to use them! And please comment if you like them or not. ^^'

mata ne
Terra ^^
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Chopstick's Parodies.

Okay. I just downloaded their parodies of episodes 45 and 46, and fell in love! ^_^

Is there a way I can get the other ones? The older torrents I used are dead. I'll trade with anyone if it comes to it.
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