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31 August 2004 @ 12:47 am
Title: Song and Dance
Author: Manda
Category: General
Pairing/Warning: Liza/Roy....kinda. (It does not have to be read that way. Whoever tells me why knows their stuff.)
Disclaimer: Not mine. ^_^
Spoilers: Um, mention of Pride - not really who it is, but kind of implied?

interested, yeah?
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Yuuki Hikari
31 August 2004 @ 11:59 am
Good day all! I'm here to bother everyone with my first FMA fanart ^_^

.... Tho Winry's not anywhere near the top of my "favourite character's" list... the image just sorta happened =3 and it was suggested that I share it.

Winry's ready for the partyCollapse )

^_^ hope you like *skitters off to her boring job* @_@;
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31 August 2004 @ 01:23 pm

I've failed to make him sexy... But to view it, click on the link:


If anyone is also interesting in One Piece (Sanji X Nami), click:


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31 August 2004 @ 04:56 pm
And now, I am off to watch episode 46. Whee!

Title: Taking Responsibility
Rating: PG-13
Warnings: Humor, yaoi, language
Spoilers: None.
Pairing: RoyxEd

You would think the Colonel would be used to dealing with vengeful brothers by now.Collapse )

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Poison Envy
31 August 2004 @ 05:40 pm
Guess who has homework already (and only on the second day of school).

Anyways, I need some help. I don't have the first few episodes downloaded (well, they're 65.6% downloaded at the moment) of Fullmetal Alchemist.

I think it was either episode 1 or 2 where Ed said it. He was talking to Roze, and told her the ingredients of the human body, and then he said how humans were made cheaply. Could someone give me the exact quote? I would be extremely happy.
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♞ lovely little liar ♞
31 August 2004 @ 06:11 pm

I'm still taking requests if you'd like something. Anyhow, this is my first mark, two quick fics. The first one, Envy's Birthday Gift, has spoilers for manga Wrath and isn't exactly PG-13, but not exactly rated R. The second, Bananas, has no spoilers and leaves a lot the suggestive images up to the imagination; about PG.

And now for your enjoyment (or torture), I present:


Envy's Birthday Gift (Envy/Ed) requested by darkkairachan; also featuring party hat!EnvyCollapse )


Banana (Havoc/Hawkeye) requested by dana_fields; also featuring Havoc's peculiar way of eatingCollapse )

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~Spinny Roses~ Evil on Legs~
31 August 2004 @ 06:20 pm
It's all up. Everything on GJ, everything on fanfiction.net with the exception of "Gates of Roses" is up on my writing journal. That includes all my FMA stuff, as well as Yu-Gi-Oh, Naruto, Slayers, and Koudelka as well as a link to the Harry Potter/Shoujo Kakumei Utena fusion.

Jess, sometimes Wonder Woman
First of all:  Yes, it is me again.  As in, the loser who made the very disturbing post about...y'know...a while ago.  XD Remember, I scarred you guys with my stupidity.

And secondly:  No, I still have NOT seen the shows ^-^;;  Don't worry, I will.  But winter_ruins asked me to put up this picture I drew last night.

Zis picture!  No, it will not burn your eyes...I hope.Collapse )
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31 August 2004 @ 08:09 pm
Here we go...

quick summary/opinion of ep 46 and a bit of 47Collapse )

I can't believe it, 5 eps left. Of course, then there's the movie :D but I personally think there should be another season. But we can't forget our beloved manga!
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Absolutely no decorum.
31 August 2004 @ 09:15 pm
Call me a shameless plugger nyo =3.I should be ashamed, but anyways:
Jing and I just opened a Royai community =D !!!![ http://www.livejournal.com/community/royai]. Okay,for now,there's...nothing there ^^;;.So not that interesting..But we ARE working on it, and if you want to show off your RoyAi,roy or riza related fanarts,fanfics,doujins,AMVs, cosplay pictures, self-made stuff ,or simply ramble about RoyAi [Or Roy or Riza] then you're very welcome to join!!!

HEY! Macarena.

Please come visit =3.
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I have screencaps of FMA episode 35 up for the taking.

Rules: Take, comment. Credit appreciated but not neccessary. Please do not direct link or re-distribute the screencaps.

Note: A few of the screencaps might have text.
( Preview; Username & Password )