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29 August 2004 @ 12:15 am
Heeey, New here, been watching FMA for a while, don't read the manga though.
Blahblahblah, no need for n00b blabber, I just thought I'd show you guys this. Contains possible spoilers for those who are starting to watch FMA and it's a Yatta/FMA crossover...so beware.

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29 August 2004 @ 12:32 am
Whoo! I just got back from Tales of Anime (a 1-day San Francisco con put on by the same folks who do Yaoicon, only it's open to all ages) and man, am I tired. It was a lot of fun, though; I went with my best friend and her boyfriend and we had a really good time; I got some cool stuff (which I will go further into tomorrow) and saw some really kickass things. Anyway, it was cool. And I am tired.

But before I go to bed, because I love you, here's chapter 3 of Changed For Good, which I just finished.

And if you missed any previous chapters, you can find the prologue and chapter 1 here and chapter 2 here.

Section: 3 of ??
Summary: Ed is released, and tackles one of the major perils of adulthood: Shaving. And some other stuff happens, too; you'll just have to read it to find out.
Spoilers: This is so far off the story continuity that it doesn't really spoil anything.
Rating: PG for mild language and descriptions of violence.

Chapter 3 - We Were Children TogetherCollapse )

Thank you!
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29 August 2004 @ 01:32 am
I drew another FMA/underwear thing...x_x

It's actually a kiriban for someone on devArt, but hey, it's FMA art too, you can appreciate it as well =P

erf, I need to stop this nonsense X_X
time for me to sleep!
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29 August 2004 @ 01:33 am
Aie sorry if this is sort of redundant...but I sort of had a revelation just now? XD

Theory that might be a spoiler if I am correct...Collapse )

Again sorry if this idea has already been floating around or is...well known already XD Let me know what you think! *Considers x-posting this to the other FMA community*
29 August 2004 @ 01:35 am
Here's hoping that I'm not breaking any rules here ^^;

I'm going to be selling FMA doujinshis at a local anime event next week, but seeing that I'd end up carrying over 100 doujinshis there, I'm going to sell them off to anyone who might be interested ahead of time XD;;

I've 41 FMA doujinshis, all in good/brand new condition. Please click HERE to see all of them. Clicking on the title of the item will bring you to a page with more details on the doujinshi's artists, genre, etc. First-come first-served!

Het, yaoi, Elricest and Envy x Ed doujinshis are all there :D

Edit: Order information here

Extra info: If the images don't show up, it is due to your firewall settings. Please try to work it out, or else, try disabling the firewall for a while.
29 August 2004 @ 10:52 am
Random thoughts....minute spoilers for chapter 38.

Is Overreaction a State Alchemist trait?Collapse )
Absolutely no decorum.
29 August 2004 @ 12:24 pm
Having been away for quite a while,I missed quite a lot of episodes, so I downloaded 39 to 41 yesterday...But would anyone be kind enough to indicate me where I could find eps +42 please^^;; ?
I DID try browsing back but my researches weren't quite fructuous^^;;.
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29 August 2004 @ 02:10 pm
At the start of the later episodes, instead of the usual alchemist sound, it has an omnious low music, does anyone know what the title for the track is called?
29 August 2004 @ 07:13 pm
I need help getting a screencap for a banner. now since the episodes only play on VLC and my computer says "weh~ i don't wanna let you screencap off VLC so there!" can someone please get me the pic from the newest ending of the sins together under the tree?

please? i'll give you internet pocky! ...which is essentially nothing. but i'll <3 you for it!
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29 August 2004 @ 10:57 pm

Slowly working on getting all FMA stories moved over. Greatestjournal.com is being a brat right now, though, so I moved over "Control," "Save Your Tears," and "Moment of Time" as well as a Slayers shoujo-ai story.

http://www.greatestjournal.com/users/terepetsufic will continue to be a draft journal. And a draft of "And Return to Nothing" chapter 8 is up, if y'all are interested.