August 28th, 2004

Automail for sale?! e_e;

I didn't see anyone post about this, so I thought I'd link the Automail that's for sale on eBay. I've seen some Japanese cosplayers wearing that model... as well as this other automail arm that also looks manufactured (the other one looks BETTER, but I haven't seen it for sale +_+).

And, uh, just so this post isn't all about one link...
1) Japanese site with really good FMA cosplay (teh Royyyy *O*;;).
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Wall-E & Eve [1]
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Icon Check.

Just before I go to sleep, I would like you guys to come look in here and tell me who created the two icons I didn't credit and replaced them with [?????]. It's only because I forgot who did, and I need to know who made it. That will be very nice to know who made it because I don't want to make the people who did angry, or even me getting caught. Thank you so much. I'll go to sleep right now, and if I ever get any e-mail notifications with the person who made it, I'll change it tomorrow. :) Good night.

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Just a random stupid question...

Something I've been pretty sure of, but not 100% sure of. @.@; In the newest closing, I Will, is it just me or has Envy taken on the form of Hughes before Ed comes up and starts slashing at him? Sorry if it seems irrelevant or anything, just wondering if I'm insane or not. ^^;
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Rewatching Ep. 31, I think I may have found Moofy's real name (Well, the name of who he was made from, anyway.) When Izumi sees the baby moving and then sees it's not human, she says "Aoya...!" Which, since it was left untranslated to anything, I assume is the baby's name. Either that or I'm way off base here and babbling nonsense.

(The sub spelled it Aoya, but it's pronounced more like "Aoi-ya". If that makes sense.)
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Automail Making Instructions

So ya. These instructions came from a japanese website a while back. unfortunately, i dont know if the site is still up so i archived the whole site into my harddrive. I uploaded all the images and copy the instruction.

if it comes up make sure you have asian language support on.

Collapse ) enjoy! You can get really good patterns from these instructions

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a random thought

I was thinking last night (the horrors!) about FMA. We all know about Ed and his problem with being called super midget who can only be seen with 10000000000x microscope.

Well, here was my random thought, why don't he cut off (or exchange it for something or rather) his other leg, and then have TWO automail legs. Then he can ask Winry to make his legs longer so he'd be taller than three beanstalks! Then whenever someone points to him and call him a midget, he can walk by them and kick them in the head (because he'd be so very tall now), then walk away laughing at thier sillyness. And the guys who he just kicked will be going like "O.o I was pointing and laughing at the midget behind him. Not at the super-duper tall as three beanstalks boy with short arms."

...I'll head off now. *hides* XD I'm just sleep deprived.
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Well, opening change.

With spoilers so small, they're hardly spoilers at all. :>

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Thought someone might be interested. And randomly, I don't know if it's been mentioned, but Hiromu Arakawa recently drew out a "behind the scenes" sort of thing, and she seems unhappy in general with the anime. I don't blame her. If you can't find it, here's translation notes and a link to the scanlated pages.
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A quote to be told to Roy [when he's being egotistical]: "Modesty is a virtue. We've had enough of your honesty." XD

I'm not that great at editing large pictures, but hopefully someone'll like. <3 The second of these is a revamp of one of my other wallpapers, but I'm reposting it. ^_^

Enjoy! And let me know if you're taking. I like to know, and commentage makes me happy.

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(no subject)

What happened? What changed? What's up(aoart from the laypout,and YES,i did browse through the main page)xD.
Are there still beings aware of my existence(A NUISANCE ANED PROUD TO BE ONE!!!)?

Anyways,the Niwaka is back(but not in black,here comes the Niwaka)...xD.SHE'S LIVIN LA VIDA RIZA!!!
SO do we finally know wether our dear Hawkie died or not? And more importantle,is her name Elizabeth and it's liza?!!!!!
xD...*gets killed off*
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Ed x Winry fanart


I'm back again :D I don't have any 'racy' pics today. Just the one. And before the howling begins- I cut Edward's hair and gave him a new shirt :3 And I removed the automail (it's such a hassle to draw ^^;;) I tried to make him look a little bit older, but not a lot- the same with Winry (I gave her a little lipstick and new skirt.

Comments and critique welcome :D

Have a great weekend!