August 27th, 2004

Another new member ^__^


I’ve been lurking for a couple of months now, and finally got round to joining the community. I come bearing icons – they’re not all that great, to be sure, but there are a lot of them, so hopefully there are a few decent ones floating around in there.

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Edit: People have been asking for links to some of the pictures, so I've put them up too:

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Fic challenge/search

In a post a while back, someone was asking what everbody's pairing love and pairing crack was. I replied at the time that it was Nina/Alicia, but now I've changed my mind.

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Point me to it. If there isn't any out there, write me some. I'll come up with some way to reward you for it.
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Oh the pain!

Was at Kinokuniya today and saw the FMA Fanbooks and the TV animation book thingy... and gosh darnit why does FMA have to have so much merchandise!?!?!?!? My eyes were bugging out at all the stuff I wanted soooo badly but totally can't afford. And despite my love of other anime/manga series, for some bizarre reason, FMA has hooked me so much that I really am so much more into the merchandise. I don't know what it is! Although I haven't bought nearly as much FMA stuff as other anime (thus far nothing has rivaled my old fanaticism for Sailor Moon ... but let's not get into that... -.-;;;)

So can anyone please help me in at least spending my $$ wisely? Is the TV animation guide worth getting? How about those awesome fanbooks with interviews and such with the VAs?

Well there was one thing I just absolutely HAD to purchase and that was Book #8!! Woohoo! I've been waiting oh so long!

For those of you who have read it or at least some of the chapters, is there a lot of technical information in it? My boyfriend kindly donated his old electronic Japanese dictionary to me and I was hoping it would help make reading manga much easier, but the thing about FMA is there is so much scientific, technological, or theological stuff that might not be in a regular dictionary (or an old one at that). So I was just wondering how much help the dictionary would be.

Sorry for the really lame post but it's 1:45am (although to me it's 4am since I'm still on East Coast time...) and I just had to let something out =P
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(no subject)

Heya ^o^ I joined here last week but I dont think Ive posted yet so... hi! ^^ and since I didnt want to come empty-pawed cuz thats rude and all... u_u

Envy fanart?

It links to my deviantart gallery, sorry if that bothers anyone ^^()
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[seal] I'm an egg

Because I am a complete and total nut-job...

(...who draws smut faster than when she draws normal doujinshis. That is a scary, scary thing. I started last night and already have four, five pages O_O WTF.)

Anyway. I have two smut doujins waiting in the wings^^;; One is the one I'm working on right now, an Elricest smut...

...the other...well, I'm just wondering.

Would people rather see Greed/Al or Scar/Al smut?^^; Cuz the storyline would really work...either way...^^;

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big iron on his hiiiiip

CN Anime

Very quick ramble. Today until Sunday is CN Anime. I hope to run into many FMA fans as possible.

So, if you're there, hope you have fun~! *is cosplaying Nina* XD (because it's probably the easiest outfit for me ._.;;)

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llegas aquí para brillar lo tienes todo;
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sheet music help?

A while ago someone had posted the sheet music to what I believe was Rakuyou (the translation being something along the lines of Setting Sun) from the OST. I've gone through most of the recent entries and I can't seem to find it. Any help would be much appreciated.
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Icon post! Yay~~

Well, I finally got off my lazy butt and decided to compile an icon post. I'm sorry to those of you with slow connections ^^;
Quality-wise, these aren't too amazing cause I'm not one to edit the original look of the image to make it bright and glowing or whatever everyone else seems to like to do to their icons ^^; I've been told to put a warning here...something along the lines of "a few icons might make you laugh, however, please remember to breathe". Some of these are really old x_x Some don't have any captions cause I couldn't think of what to write. Others have inside jokes that I'll explain below.

Roy: 32
Hughes: 6
Hughes/Roy: 5
Havoc: 6
Havoc/Roy: 2
Hawkeye: 4
Ed: 1
Ed/Al: 1
Ed/Winry: 1
Ed/Moofy: 1
Fuhrer: 1
Fuhrer/Roy: 1
Kimblee: 1
Misc group: 3
Total: 65

...or something like that. I counted quickly.

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As long as you credit (can give it in the form of jes_schu, Pyrochan, or PC) you can take, but you don't have to comment your claim(s).
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ponyo: lovely dark and deep

[Fic] Changed For Good, part 2

Well, it's the weekend now . . . this makes me quite happy. ^_^ And now, here for your reading pleasure, is chapter 2 of "Changed For Good". Please read and review! And if you missed the first installment, it can be found here.

Title: Changed For Good
Author: Still me.
Section: 2 of ??
Summary: Ed attempts to adjust to his new situation, which is kind of difficult when your friend throws you in jail for kidnapping . . .
Pairings: None to speak of at this time.
Rating: Still PG-13 for strong language and one sexual reference. Pretty tame, really.

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wierd fma observations and question O_O

i think im becoming a really hardcore fma fan o_O
like today my algebra teacher i depsise. she had the same exact hairstyle as riza...EXACT with the bangs T_T ..diff hair color but i was like "ooo cool" even tho the teache ris a dumb ^__^. and whenever i see someone with braded hair who is blonded o_o....and wierd thing here and there..wierd o_o

by the way....wich fma character do you hate the most D=???
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Soul Eater- BAKA

Envy Chibi Picture

Because someone on another thread in this club wanted me to post this (( I forgot their name gomen my head is mush today XD ))

EDIT : I just remembered! It was youkofujima !!! XD They wanted to see it! So here it is!

I drew a Chibi Envy for a friend of mine. I figure it's much better than the Boxer Joke one.

Enjoy! :)

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P.S. : I want ideas on who I should do the next chibi of... input? XD
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Wall-E & Eve [1]
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I realized that I didn't download the 3rd ending song of Fullmetal Alchemist! Does anyone have the file in .mp3 so I can download it?! That will be very great! :o

Thank you so much! How can I not download it?!

*looks down in disgrace and hides*
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Colour Dodge [A Wilhelm Scream]

Spare Us

Written for treesock in my request a drabble post (still taking requests. Yes, that means anyone who's reading this. You don't even have to be on my flist.).

FANDOM: Fullmetal Alchemist
Pairing: Hughes x Scary Fangirl named Amanda
Title: Spare Us
Word Count: 269
Rating: PG

Sorry if I got your personality wrong. It's a constant worry of mine. ^^;;
Warning: A slight spoiler to episode 25.

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Kobetsu no Jyuu-ichi [DEFAULT]

DVD 9!

I was browsing the Official hagaren site, and, as always, looking for information about the second OST ( I want the woah woah song. I NEEED the woah woah song. and maybe the new al speech theme. and, for good measure, the PAINFUL ISHVAL CHORUS THING.). I found this instead.

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DVD 9. With Greed on the cover. Mmm. Greed.

This led me to a lot of questions!
1)Is anyone planning on buying this, and if so, could they scan the cover when they get it so I can love and molest worship you forever?

2)Why is Greed on the cover of DVD 9? Japanese DVDs usually only have 2 episodes per DVD on them... so Greed shouldn't be showing up until DVD... 15 or so? do the japanese Hagaren DVDs have more than 2 episodes per DVD, so that already they are releasing the DVD with GREED THE GODLY on it?

3)They'd BETTER keep the japanese DVD covers for the US release, dammit.

4)Why was greed added to THE LIST? why? He was so sexy! If they had made him a recurring character like hughes was, or Roy is, or whatever... I'd have loved this series 1000000 times more. And I love it a lot already. So. That's a lot of love.

oh, and while, I'm at it, does anyone know what this is?
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