August 26th, 2004

Random cuteness fic

Ah, too bad -- my last week of summer vacation. Unfortunately, I've already shipped my computer to school ahead of me, so I can't even download episode 45... Hope it will still be available by the time I'm set up!

Meanwhile, this is the last cute, pointless ficcage I have...

Title: Picture-Perfect
Warnings: Fluff, cute
Spoilers: Hints of episode 25.
Rating: G

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(no subject)

I've been seeing some web sites saying FMA Dream Carnival is 1 to 4 players.
I was wondering if it is up to 4 players so that way I know whther or not to buy a multitap tomorrow when I get the game.
Thank you very much ^_^V
Sir Squid

National Alchemist Watch

I ordered one off Ebay, but I think it's broken. I still can't transmutate my scratched CDs back into mint condition. Actually, it came in perfect condition, so I'm quite happy, even if the $75 price tag was a bit high. It's a little smaller than I'd expect, only a little more than an inch in diameter, but it still looks pretty nice. I'm just worried about how to replace the battery. Anybody else got one of these? It's the HK promo version, I think, not the original gift box one from Japan.
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Doujin: "Fairy Tales." In ENGLISH!

I stayed up until three^^;; To bring you more of my...doujinshis XD;;

This one I actually felt was rather lame compared to my other ones...but I just wanted to draw Ed with that expression on his face on page four...^^;;

Title: Fairy Tales
Pairing: Edward/Alphonse
Rating: PG (just kissing)
Basics: Why make such a fuss over a first kiss?


Yes, like I said...lame.^^;;

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by kyliemou
  • lcm


'Ello again. ^_^ More ficage?

Title: Mortvi Non Mordant
Author: LCM
Rating: PG-13
Section: (2/?)
Summary: A sacrifice brings Ed into possession of a flawed Philosopher’s Stone, and the decision to use it ends in an unforeseen price. Future Roy/Ed, despite all evidence to the contrary.

“I vaguely recall hearing someone tell us not to eat dirt.” Edward proclaimed, one long metal finger jabbing at the crumbling clay walls of the basement. “But I can’t seem to remember…was there a reason, or was it only on principle?”

And because formatting is ebil:
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(C) Psychodragon [Listen up]
  • phyll

Please do me this favor!! Kindly help me fill this in! Thank you!

If a doujinshi is drawn, will you like to see Roy & Riza's sex scenes?

Eck! I'm still underage!! o_o
Wooo!!! Lovely~! XD
Lemme think about it first...
Erm, no thank you...
What the---??
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Initial Materials Update!

Hey there! I just wanted to announced I've updated the Initial Materials gallery. It's not a HUGE update (I just started school, whaddaya want from me?) but it's fairly substantial. (The uber-positive response I recieved when i started this gallery helped a lot. Thanks, you guys!)

Included in this update are:
-More Armor!Al
-LOTS of Winry
-2 of the 4 pages of full color illustrations

All new scans will have a black border.

Thanks again! For those who've forgotten, the URL is
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Ed art

I decided maybe I should do something other than lurk and occasional ask questions around here, so voila some of my not-so-fantastic art.

>>Chibi Edo-kun. Nothing special<<

Comments and criticism welcome :D

edit: 100+ views, you guys rock. Thanks to everyone who viewed and/or commented! :'D
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Soul Eater- BAKA

(no subject)

Okay, story before the picture, it'll be short

Normally I don't post on other clubs and stuff, I normally read and comment, but this was done when I was in Norway ( yes Norway ) vising my friend nursemette for 2 weeks, she is actually the one who introduced me to FMA and now I am hooked and addicted.

Anywho, we got on some idea of Edward posing in his boxers, and when I was flying home ( 8 hours from Oslo to Newark, 4 hours from Newark to San Antonio Texas, need I say I had SOME time to draw XD) I decided to draw and ink this in, it's a simple chibi and I had no referances, so dun shoot me if I have some things wrong.

I guess onto the chibi pic! :) It's not as good as my normal work, but jetlag and so forth.. ya, lemme jus post it.

Enjoy! :)

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[Fic] Changed For Good

Okay, so, a week ago, I'm in Hawai'i, minding my own business, when I get Bit. Not by mosquitoes (although they were diligently munching as well), but by Inspiration. After that I spent the next FOUR days writing an outline. In HAWAI'I. Where it's so damn pretty it makes you wanna sink down to the ground in awe. >_<

On the other hand, I finished the outline. I think it's a good one, too.

And here, for your reading pleasure (I hope), are the prologue and first chapter of my FMA fic, Changed For Good. I hope you'll take a look; I've been working hard, and I think it has potential. Please read! ^_^;

Title: Changed For Good
Author: Miss Arel, aka me, aka Regent
Section: O and 1 of ??
Summary: This started out as a 'what if?' and kind of EXPANDED . . . if one minor event had gone one way and not the other . . . Everything would have changed.
Spoilers: SO far, just Episode 7. but that's certain to change.
Pairings: . . . None YET, but I hope that won't stop you from reading.
Rating: . . . PG-13 for language, at least at this point.
Continuity: Set during episode 7, after which point it looks at the map, sees which way the story's going, and goes the opposite direction. That's the point.
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Please tell me what you think! Thanks again. ^_^
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Thanks everyone ^^ and question XD

I just wated to say THANK you everyone for your very kind words regarding my FMA music video ^^ I'm very happy that you enjoyed it ^^ I get nervous releasing my work, but I'm so happy at the same time ^^ making it took a lot out of me, but I'm glad I did it ^^

Also, I was looking if anyone knew of some good message boards that discuss FMA? I love this place so much but I was just wondering if there were any out there ^^

thanks again XD
Wall-E &amp; Eve [1]
  • kirchu

Hrm, question! :o

Do you think there's another reason for Edward to hate his father so much, besides the fault of his mother's death?

I hope that didn't spoil anything? XD There doesn't seem much to spoil except that I was going to post Ed's parents' names.

I just realized that most of my posts here have the mood of "curious". Well, except the one post I made and deleted because it was lame/stupid. I'm sorry for that, if you saw.

EDIT: Rofl, don't mind me here, really. I just realized I forgot to add the "Current Mood." XD
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