August 23rd, 2004

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Initial Materials Gallery!

Attencione! Due to the influx of requests for scans from the FMA Initial Materials Artbook (aka the FMA cosplayer's bible) I've decided I'm just gonna scan the whole thing and post it online. So if you're interested in detailed character sketches and prop and set design, REMEMBER THIS LINK:

This leads to my Photobucket album (open to the public.) where I'll keep all the scans. I haven't completed the whole book yet, but I'm getting there, and there's already 30+ scans up. Added are the Elric brothers, Roy Mustang, all the Sins except Pride, and Hawkeye; previous scans have been resized and posted at a higher quality. So if you're interested, take a look.

Feel free to take and use whatever you like; just remember to credit me. Thanks! More will come in the future.
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That damn boy can't keep his clothes on!

Hi! I've new here and have really only been introduced FMA for about a week or two, but I've already gone through the marathon of watching all 44 currently subtitled episodes. ^^ I'm just curious as to if anyone else has noticed how freaking often that Full Metal Chibi gets his trademark clothes torn! Has anyone actually counted (or is willing to rewatch all the episodes to count) exactly how many times poor Ed has his sleeve/shirt/cloak/pants ripped (just in the anime, not counting the manga...nor any bizarre fanfics where Mustang just can't contain himself any longer ^^;;; )? Oh, and while you're at it, count how many times he rips his right glove too, just because he's too lazy to take it off before turning his automail into a blade. I suppose this counts as a contest, but I really don't know the answer to these questions myself! Have fun counting! ;)

P.S. I forgot to post earlier that I've taken 3 of the icons teruteruboozu posted earlier as my new lj icons because they're awesome. ^^
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Uploaded some older fanart that I wanted to share, which you can find here. Linked to my journal cause I'm lazy. :P

Hope you like. ^^
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My deepest apology v_v:

I'll like to apologise to those who answered to my entry for FMA fanart requests:

I cannot complete your requests at all due to something that had happened to me. I need to tend to and cope with the matter at the moment. So I'm not able to fulfil everyone's requests... I'm truly sorry about it.

I hope everyone can forgive me for that and if I finally solved my problems and I starts drawing again, I hope everyone can be so kind to give me your support again...

*Bows* Gomen nasai, minna-san!! >_<

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I guess it was bound to happen - a few months of lurking around here, looking at some gorgeous stuff, has prompted me to try my hand at something myself. Ed fanart, linked to my lj to save double-posting. Any form of comments welcome.