August 22nd, 2004

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Envy and Wrath

Hey, baby! I'm back!

A few days ago, kiraqueen posted asking for detailed characters sketches of Envy and Wrath, so -- here they are! (Sadly, this is about all I can contribute to the Envy costume; I am teh suck at cosplay.)

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Enjoy, hope these are helpful to those who want them. (And just a reminder: if anyone else wants to see character shots of virtually any FMA character. let me know and it shall be done.
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Look up and Smile! ♥


Hmm. I'm not sure how excatly I can pronouce Hohenhiem...
I actually say it slowly most of the time when i say it out loud.. like: "Ho-hen-hiem"

How do you pronouce it? The English way and the Japanese way..

I'm curious.
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[fic] Cure All 3/?

Title: Cure All 3/?.

Author: girl_starfish

Archive: Scimitar Smile :

Category: Drama, Humour (so I've been told), shounen-ai, post series.

Pairings: None currently.

Disclaimer: Fullmetal Alchemist and all characters property of Square Enix and Hiromu Arakawa.

Rating: pg 13 for implications.

Spoilers: Minor mention of events that take place during the series, but nothing that unfamiliarity with the events mentioned would be detrimental to enjoyment of the series or the story.

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Alchemy Help

For some reason, I decided to a persuasive speech on Alchemy for my Public Speaking class. Unfortunately, I have no idea what to persuade about. Any ideas? Please? Also, I remember there are 3 stages Edward Elric once mentioned of Alchemy. Scar did the decomposition, what are the other two?
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ToLD puzzle challenge~

Okay, everyone who's seen the latest eps has also watched the ending right? Well, you know that part where it shows Roy and his Team of Loyal Dorks all hanging together? I tried piecing it together cause I thought it would be a nice challenge. It was, and it was also very frustrating because only one or two pieces would fit together then another piece would be totally off. I tried resizing and cropping it differently, but the pieces still refused to cooperate and I ended up stopping.

Soooo...since I love that picture muchly, does anyone else want to make an attempt at putting it together? :D (unless it already has been posted and I missed that somewhere >_> much apologizes if it has T_T ) Also, I realize the picture won't look perfect due to parts missing from the animation in the right-top and I think the bottom-left...but it's ok.
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FMA Music Video ^^

**Edit **

I attempted to set up a bittorrent link for it for the time being try using This link here

and see if that works ^^; if it doens't please use the other link or contact me directly for the video ^^

Hi hi ^^ you may have recalled me saying that I was in the works of an FMA anime music video. Well, I finally finished it XD after much pain with Permiere, Photoshop and after Effects...this one was a beeatch to get working right ^^

you can check out the video here

however.. you have to be a member to download it ^^;; if you arn't you have to sign up and wait 2 weeks to be able to get it ;-; saddly I don't have a place where I can direct upload it =/ lack of funds.

I can also send it to you via AIM my name is OtakuProductions feel free to try that XD

This is a angsty video for sure, a character profile of Ed and Al. Using lost of imadry and lyric intensive parts it's important that you have seen past 43 to watch this video.

the video uses the song "Field of Innocence" by Evanescence.

By all means check it out and I hope you can enjoy it ^^

Thankies XD


i just read chapters 1-29 in the last 3 days O_O;.....i like it o_o.
were can i get chapter 30+ of the manga? sopmeone please tell me T_T;
thank you <333!!
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Steve Zissou

FMA 45 Summary

I was wondering if anyone would be so kind as to whip up a summary of what happened in episode 45. I have the raw but there's so much going on I want to know whats being said, or the jist of it.