August 20th, 2004


Dreams = Weird Name Givers

I had a dream shortly after episode 42 that I just remembered in where I discovered Scar's name (and nearly got killed because I knew).

His name is.....


I told Hork about this revelation and he says:

"I am David!!"
"... That's not a scary name..."

I remember that I was thinking [in my dream] that it could have been a reference to the Biblical story of David and Goliath. Yeah.

And randomly, when I was checking up on the subject, this image came up. Isn't this Edward? =P

I shall quit wasting your time. ._.
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[fic] Roy's Treat

Hello, I joined this community recently so I haven't pimped my fics here. So far I have 2 and they are both, hopefully zany, comedies. One of them I just updated today. Collapse ) If you like them then please leave me a review or comment.
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One last plea...

OK, I hate to be a grubber (really I do), but my friend is after me for Envy screenshots showing where the Sin straps are. Does anybody know of a site that isn't Asskicking Alchemy and Automail that has those nifty character reference sheets (the black and white line drawings with scribbled text in Japanese)? I know one exists, because I have found character reference sheets for Wrath... @_@ This makes me sad that I have to ask you nice people again. I promise I won't be rude and beg-ful again...
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Transmutation circle?

This has been asked (well, not this exact question, but the same sort of things) and I'm sure you're all incredibly sick of it, but... A while back, someone posted the transmutation used in episode 34 to *CENSORED FOR SPOILERS ABOUT CERTAIN CHARACTERS YOU CANNOT HELP BUT LOVE* at a very high quality. I've spent a good hour searching through the archives, but I can't seem to find it, so... I was wondering if anyone saved the link to it or the actual image, and if so, if they could be so kind as to give me the link/send me the image! my AIM is Lelly Chan, if you want to send it to me over AIM...

Thank you a hundred times in advance!

EDIT: thank you so much! now that that I have that, I can be a happy fan once more. <3

incidentially, this is the ultimate shirt. Buy it an support a not-so-starving high school student today! :D
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HyuRoy fics

Hi! I'm delurking with a question..

Does anybody know where I can find some Hughes/Roy fanfictions?
There seems to be very little material on this pairing.. I've already read all ravenwoodiii's fics and a couple by other authors maybe, but compared to the Roy/Ed fandom, Hughes/Roy is really neglected. :°

So, anybody who knows where to find them or who feels like writing one? XD;

*goes back lurking*

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