August 19th, 2004

Fullmetal Alchemist Stuff

I was wondering if anyone has any links to online shops that sell HAGAREN stuff.

Not Japanese stores (like Square Enix), 'cause they don't ship to the US. I have eBay and Y!, so no need to repeat them. ^^;;

If you can help me out, just reply with a linkage.
Thank you. ^^
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sorry everyone, i posted this like literaly a minute before leaving earlier today. i ment to lj cut it. if i wasnt in a rush to leave i would've. also i havent had internet access all day and if i did i wouldve looked at lj at least 10 times and done it by now.

so sorry again

its fixed now
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More Iconage~!

[88] FMA

[41] Roy Mustang (this is so unhealthy. XDD)
[16] Edward Elric
[7] Jean Havok
[7] Maes Hughes
[5] Misc
[3] Roy and Ed
[2] Riza Hawkeye
[2] Sins
[1] Hughes family
[1] Alphonse
[1] Al and Ed
[1] Hughes and Ed
[1] Scar

[1] Friends Only; Hughes and Roy

Credit, comment, don't direct link or else I'll be really sad. And if you have the time, please let me know which ones you're taking numerically. It's nice to know what everyone likes. ;3

This is going to be a half new, half repost of my old icons for everyone who hasn't had a chance to yoink 'em. ;3 But first, with the new! <3


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I ask for help again!! o.o;

I've been looking for the National Alchemist silver pocket watch for a li'l while. And, the only place I found it was on eBay (if you know of an online store or whatever with it, please post o.o;).

But, I'm not sure if I should trust the Hong Kong eBay sellers.

In both of the following bids, I'm pretty sure the Kanji on the stuff is Chinese.
I was wondering if anyone who has this can tell me if it's an official Japanese one, or a Chinese one, even though the logo is the Japanese one. ^^;;

Also, the sellers says the CD is the "Original Soundtrack," but that's obviously not the Japanese OST's cover. x.x;

So, if anyone can help me with a review of it, please post. Thank you. x.x;
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On Icons and such... :P

Just a thought, but with so many awesome icons floating around this community, why doesn't someone make a webpage strictly for FMA icons? xD That way they can all be in one place and such, instead of scattered throughout the various posts. ^^

I'm not good at crazy layouts (like this community's *-*) but if someone had the webspace and needed help coding stupid repetitive stuff like tables and organizing submissions or something I'd be more than willing to help pull it together. ^_^

Is this a bogus idea? xP
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