August 18th, 2004

Wall-E & Eve [1]
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Hi everyone. :)

My school's going to start pretty soon (September 7th), and I want some very good looking Fullmetal Alchemist pictures to put on my school binder(s). So if there's any pictures that are worthy, can you post them please? I don't really care if it's from the anime or manga. I'm sure they're all good. :3 I usually do this every year. XD Last year I had Naruto. I know it isn't much, but I just love having them. Not to mention, looking at them while some boring teacher is talking. ¬_¬; Anyway, I'm just weird.

Ehe, thank you! :D
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Colour Dodge [A Wilhelm Scream]

Fullmetal Alchemist Manga

Finally caught up with the scannalated manga (after screaming and messageing my friend whose never seen/read it with vague statments that she asks about and I don't answer). I was wondering: Does anyone know vaguely when the manga will end?

Does anyone know when chapter 39 will come out? I'm killing myself right now... **Rolls on ground**
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because of me- because of me

Question About Fourth Ending and Hughes

Sorry if this has been mentioned, but you guys post so often and not all of us have the stamina to go through all the earlier things! But- Have I lost my mind, or is Envy using the form of Hughes when he shoots at Ed during the 4th Ending? In the graveyard, immediatly following the poker scene where Riza's boobs steal the scene. There's seems to clearly be Ed running towards a military figure shooting him, which turns to Envy and escapes through some killer breakdancing moves, leading to a group Homunculus shot. Probably not foreshadowing (though fucking sweet if it was, kids :-?) but I was wondering if anyone had confirmed/dispelled this as of yet?

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This would be a hilarious amount of work all just to hear a resounding "Yeah. Envy as Hughes. We discussed this. Means nothing. Whatev." sweet.
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