August 16th, 2004

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Goodnight, Goodbye EXTRA

aka: I have conquered the automail sex.

WARNING: ELRICEST SMUT. Nothing too explicit, but I'll slap that warning on anyway. This is most likely R-15.

This is not really a continuation of the "Goodnight, Goodbye" preview I posted up before as it is more of a sigment of what flashed through my mind when I was thinking about the whole premise of "Goodnight, Goodbye."

Title: Goodnight, Goodbye (EXTRA)
Pairing: Edward/Alphonse
Genre: Angst
Basics: Edward comtemplates himself as he beds Alphonse. yeah.

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No more Suikoden music for Youko. no no no.

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Remember the Scarf!Roy Jigsaw Poster?

The one whose huge scan was posted by hiyu some time ago? The one that was divided into eight pieces? The one with the scarf?

Well, I crashed my PC trying to put the huge files into one, but I managed to do it in the end. By no means it is a perfect job, but if anyone here is interested to have the joined version, just comment here or here (<-- preview image on that link), and leave your email address. But first, warning: the filesize is a HUGE 5.3 MB.

That said, hello! This is my first post here after lurking for quite some time. Nice to see you fellow FMA fans!

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i feel like lovecraft in brooklyn.
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Full Metal Alchemist festival

"Square Enix has announced the Hagane no Renkinjutsushi Festival: Tales of Another Mou hitotsu no Monogatari. The first edition of the festival will be held in the Osaka Castle Hall on December 19th, while the second one will take place in Tokyo's International Yoyogi No.1 Sports Arena on December 26th. A total of 30,000 fans are expected to show up for both events. With voice actors and staffers behind the highly popular manga, anime and game series being on hand, Square Enix promises a major announcement.

Hagane no Renkinjutsushi II: Akaki Elixir no Akuma will be released in Japan on September 22nd for 6,800 yen ($61.46 US). The game's prequel will hit American retail store shelves under the title Full Metal Alchemist and the Broken Angel sometime in early 2005."


Just thought I'd post that, since I haven't seen anyone else mention it yet. :D Seems pretty interesting~
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Looking for role-playing game players:

I've been hosting a FMA role-playing game for 3 months now.  We are still looking for more players to fill up preferrably villians (Lust, Gluttony->More urgent) in our game. OC characters are welcomed as well.

For character availability:

For Rules & Regulations/How to join:

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Thanks for everyone's time! :D

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[photos] fixed! Comiket Cosplay, thanks Mikke!

In retaliation for the endless Otakon posts, I give you many Comiket cosplay photos! Suffer!

[edit] mikkeneko kindly hosted these for me. All hail! [/edit]

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Apologies for the fact that a lot of them are sideways -- Yahoo Mail has changed and I can't figure out for the life of me how to fix that.
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FMA Ficcage: Altenbier

**sigh** Okay, I have no excuse for this other than wishing it was Friday, I guess. Bear with me, y'all; this is (**redfaced**) my very first even-vaguely-Roy/Ed-slashy-thing fic. **hides beneath carpet** But it's very mild, really it is. Hope y'all like it. **hides again**

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This one might require a bit of explanation re: the beer. I lived in Germany for three years and worked at the on-base library, which was partially staffed by the locals. Germans have a *very* relaxed attitude about beer at work, and I was somewhat shocked when I opened the lunchtime fridge the first time to see a couple of 6-packs and a bottle of wine inside. For a beer or two to show up at a desk (even if it was HIGHLY against base regs) on a late Friday afternoon wasn’t unusual at all, especially for the librarian. ^__^ And frankly, I *LOVE* Altenbier; it’s my favorite kind of beer. Yes, I know, they aren’t really in Germany, but oh well…..
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FMA ring

On the subject of merchandise, someone posted a two-page spread from a Japanese magazine a while back that showed various FMA merchandise.  Among all the items was a silver ring with the "don't forget" date inscribed on the inside.  Does anyone still have the picture somewhere or have any more information about the ring?
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Omedetou, and random stuff.

Back again. (Can't get rid of me!) Funny how I've started this long actiony type FMA fic, but it doesn't want to get written. Question: Should I post parts on the list as I write them, or wait till I've got it all (or at least mostly) written before starting? I know it annoys some people to post WIPs, especially if the author is likely to lose interest and wander off. ^^;

Now, on to the random stuff:

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And finally, your fic for the night.

Title: Omedetou
Spoilers: Episode 7.
Pairings: None
Rating: PG-13

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(no subject)

I remember a topic from way back when, concerning Fullmetal Alchemist plush dolls and their impending release this fall?

Does anybody know if there's been any followup since then? And, if there has, where somebody would be able to buy/preorder one of those puppies?

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Does anyone know where I can find the manga Gaidens 3 - 6? I have 1, 2 and 7. I know they're not that important, but I still love 'em.
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