August 14th, 2004

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Smutty Greed fanart

I posted the WIP of this to fma_yaoi a few days ago, but realized that--because there is only one guy in the picture--it doesn't actually count as yaoi. So I thought I'd share it with y'all as well, you *cough* lucky people you.

Because I'm lazy, I used the revered Coloring for the Lazy(tm) technique, but I'm actually quite pleased with the turn out.

Warnings: NC-17 for full-frontal and my ability to not see Suck.

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all in all, not a bad finish. From my point of view. C/C greatly appreciated.

tentatively x-posted to fma_yaoi
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4th OP/ED mp3s

Where can I download the 4th opening and ending songs? I know it's probably on because that site rocks but for over a month now I can't seem to open that site on either of my computers =\. It keeps saying cannot be displayed. I dunno if it's security setting or somthing. I also tried to search for it in that jrock/pop bittorent site but no luck -_-. I was wondering if the mp3s were hosted anywhere else. thanks


sorry for two posts in a row, for it being spammish and for being lazy. =D;

Anyways, if anyone made anything since July 28th that they'd like to see on , please post them here; I'm too tired from jetlag and busy thinking about what to pack (moving to college dorms in 4 days.) to go looking through over two weeks' worth of posts. So yeah, thanks.

And because I always do it:

Yay. ^_^;

And I'll get to posting Otakon pictures sometime in the future; I have quite a few (including the huge group pictures in the lobby, the RoyxEd wedding, and pornshot! [of] Al), though not as much as I'd liked to have taken. n.n;

Thank you for your time. And if you want to make this topic another public Photoshop war, go ahead and post new ones here too. =)

I hope all that made sense; I'm insanely tired. XD;;;;
tomorrow never knows
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I need your guy's advice/help.

First, I need a clear picture of every symbol on FMA. (example: uroboros, ect.) Second, I need your advice on something related to this.
I will be getting a tattoo, one of which will be a symbol from FMA. I am thinking along the lines of a uroboros, or the symbol that Roy has. And I also need to decide where to place it. This will be one of two places -until I decide to get more:

back of my hand, or back of my neck.

I would create a poll, but it's kind of a waste, so pleeease just comment suggestions? ^_^
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FMA Theories:

Some probably not going to happen theories about the FMA!Manga. So Manga!Name applies. >_>; Spoilers past this month's chapter.

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Oh, and to those who will figure it out: Movie Ed's costume has a chain from his pocket, that usually has his watch... XD; Spectulate all you want.

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