August 13th, 2004

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what are the OP ED4 songs

Just a general question- I'm practically spazing from the seemingly spoilerish ED/OP credits (don't worry- once it comes out on DVD I'm getting it hands down! so my dubwatching is productive ^^;) I really like the ED credit song "I will" but by who? same with the OP song. Anybody- feel free to comment :D

more fic (but this time not by me)

I've been asked to post this by a friend because this comm's layout apparently doesn't work too well in Safari. ^^;; (Uh, mods? You may want to check on that.)

Title: The Perils of Smirking
Author: Cat
Series: Fullmetal Alchemist
Rating: G. Maybe PG. There's some mild cursing.
Pairings: Ed/Roy, if you're really warped.
Spoilers: Nah.
Genre: Comedy/Humor.
---> go!
(C) imbelossien
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What will you like to see me draw?

I'm taking request. ^^" That is--if my art suits everyone's flavor! Send the requests coming. If the respond is good, I apologise in advance, coz' it's going to take sometime to do it.

Conditions: 1)No hentai. 2)Only black & white. 3)Only FMA.

If you haven't seen my style of art, please go here:


[EDIT]: Alrightie. End of requests. But if you have someone you really really want to see me draw. Just leave a comment. ^^"

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[F] clockwork man
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(no subject)

Three things tend to happen to me when I'm bored and have a computer at hand, but this time the internet wasn't available so I could only do two.

Note-second lj-cut is actually a link.

The first, a Friends Only banner:
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The second, a fic. In my defence, this was inspired by far too many hours of inspipid women's magazines with those bloody painful agony aunt pages; "Dear Auntie, I eat cigerettes. Is this wrong?" etc. No idea where the name Samantha cropped up.
( Dear Dr. Samantha )
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I was just looking at some of the FMA stuff you can get off animaxis and I was VERY amused by some of the things and thought I'd share.

First we have a military hat which is kind of cute.

and an alarm clock which made me die laughing. I'm so getting one of those when I go to Japan.

Then there are 2 wall clocks on of Roy and Ed and one of Ed and Al.

The clocks amuse me to death.
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More FMApple goodies!

Here's some new FMApple stuff (AKA FMA goodies for your Mac)! Yay, when Xel-ko's bored it means goodies for you guys! ^_^

This time it's login screen stuff. Installed with Visage or your alteration program of choice (or the long way found on, this replaces the Apple logo on the login screen with the alchemist's serpent cross, and the "Mac OS X" text with "Full Metal Mac".

Replacement Logo
Replacement Text

Enjoy you guys! ^_^

(I might be trying my hand at icons next, if I can ever figure out how to make them...)
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(PIC) Hawkeye

I have 10 minutes to post something and what do I do? Instead of continuing TEH war, I did a real!Hawkeye and post it here.

Riza Hawkeye

Nothing beats my love for Rizaness... <33333

...Maybe except for a large dose of Royness. ^^;;;
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[2 Fanarts] Edward Elric, Roy x Ed

I have two fma related fanarts that I wanted to share. ^^ One is shounen-ai jsut to warn you, but it's very light.

The first fanart is a simple Edward drawing I did and colored in Open Canvas.

The second fanart is a shaded sketch I did of Roy x Ed. Nothing explicit, I would rate it G. ^^

Comments and Critics are highly appreciated. ^^
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Fanart Post...

I just realized I haven't been posting art in the com lately so...

Edward Elric. Drawn in OpenCanvas, colored in Photoshop. BG taken from God-knows-where. ^_~

All the rest of my FMA stuff are also in DevArt. Enjoy!
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A plea for help?

I'm working on a super-special secret project. ('s a secret!) But I need some screencaps to help me, because quite honestly I've filled up my computer with illegal One Piece media (pirating pirates...heehee) and I'm out of room to load my FMA eps back on there, so screencapping will be hard...Hey, pirating isn't THAT bad!

Anybody who helps me will get a virtual cookie. Or something of that nature. Hey, I'll even do bad fanart if you want it! I just need help!

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I'm sorry for making such demands without having contributed much...I'm a bad bad person... *whine angst cry scrounge-for-sympathy*
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