August 11th, 2004

Doesn't he look awfully like Ed?

Sorry if this is sorta off-topic but I've been reading new series from Jump called D-Grayman and do you think this guy looks AWFULLY like ... Edward Eric? Maybe it's just me... and not only the looks ... notice his hands ... he's only got one "proper" hand ... the other is sorta cursed ... and that reminds me of Ed's automail (and when he takes off his clothes, from the back, he looks exactly like Ed. I hope I'm not too contaminated by FMA to think everyone looks ... like ... Ed.

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Fusion fic.

Your daily funny fic. I'm in a good mood after watching Episode 42. A couple of random observations are under an LJ cut right below this, so if you want to see the fic but not those, click on the second LJ-cut instead of the first.

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Title: Armstrong's Artistic Test of Brotherly Love
Rating: PG
Category: Humor, Card Captor Sakura fusion
Spoilers: None.
Older brother: Fifteen
Younger brother: Fourteen

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You can blame this picture for this fic, if you like. X3
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Armstrong fic drabbles

As though the last one wasn't enough...


So, I have provided him with plenty of love. Feel free to add your own! I'm sure there are LOTS of fandoms I haven't even thought of.

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partners in crime by beccaplusicons
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FMA Personality Quiz

Hiyo! Back from major anime shopping trip, and got the FMA manga guide book. Since I don't think Evil Genius nor Toriyama's World has translated this yet....thought you guys might like to sneak a peek at the personality quiz they have in the back. Have fun, and lemme know which type you got....apparently I'm the Envy type.... Questions are all yes or no answers, and check your results at the bottom....

1. Have you ever been insecure about your height? (yes-> 2; no->3)
2. When fighting with your siblings (or anyone else...), you have always been the clear winner (y->4; n->5)
3. You are secretly ambitious (y->5; n->6)
4. You believe that you can be a crybaby sometimes (y->7; n->8)
5. Enjoy spending time with kids (y->8; n->10)
6. You love technology and funky machinery and electric gizmos (y->9; n->10)
7. You're easy-going (y->11; n->12)
8. You worry about stuff by yourself(like, you don't share your troubles)(y->9;n->11)
9. You were considered as a prodigy as a child (y->12; n->13)
10. You worry a lot (y->13; n->11)
11. It's hard for you to recover quickly after some major disaster (y->14; n->15)
12. Have a strong and unwaver sense of right and wrong; will not compromise morals under ANY circumstances (y->14; n->16)
13. You like teaching stuff to others (y->16; n->15)
14. You are extremely forgetful (y->17; n->18)
15. You are currently planning something (y->19; n->17)
16. When faced with a crisis in life, you look to religion for comfort (y->20; n->18)
17. You have a definite goal in life, and you're bent on completing it (y->21; n->22)
18. Have an older sibling (y->21; n->23)
19. You believe that you will be famous and well-known (y->23; n->24)
20. Have some kind of unusual talent (y->22; n->24)
21. Whenever you's not a good thing (y->25; n->26)
22. If it's possible,you hope to reincarnate as a woman in your next life (y->26; n-> 25)
23. You would like to be with someone who's more caring and kind than you (y-> 30; no-> 21)
24. You hope to join the military (y-> 29; n->30)
25. Hates milk (y->27; n->29)
26. Currently, your desk has random papers all over the place, and your room is usually a mess (y->28; n->27)
27. You have been told that you would be a civil servant (social worker, police, etc.) (y-> You're type B; n-> You're type A)
28. You currently have a crush on someone (Y-> You are type E; N-> You're type F)
29. You are very expressive about your emotions and feelings (y-> Youre type D; n-> You're type C)
30. You treasure your family and friends (y-> You're Type H; n-> You're type G)

Now the results...

A: Edward Elric - you sometime value others's life more than your own, and you are extremely responsible. People trust you and your friendship. Your only shortcoming is that you're too picky about your food....
B: Alphonse Elric - You're gentle, kind and caring. You're polite to everyone, and work hard to achieve your goals. Promote yourself more to others, and let them know of your good qualities. Don't be too modest!
C: Roy Mustang - You really, really, really like the opposite sex (uh..why am I not surprised?). You are a contrast between passion and aloofness, and this makes you very attractive to others.
D: Alex Armstrong - You are straight forward, and doesn't play any guessing games. You have a wealth of emotions, and is about them. Continue training yourself physically
E: Izumi Curtis - You're quite strict about others meeting your expectations, but you also let others know that you would always be there for them, and that you care. This allows you to lead a very happy life.
F: Winry Rockbell - You live for helping others, and you live for improving yourself. But be careful to not become too passionate about one thing, that you neglect your other responsibilities and living your own life.
G: Envy - You need to work on controling your temper and emotions, or otherwise, you could inadvertently hurt someone. Meditating should help....
H: Scar - You treasure your family and friends for the comfort they provide you, but you prefer handling all the burdens by yourself. Although people often agree with your decisions, talk things over with others first, so they can help you find alternatives.

so, which type were you??
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Continuing the ARMSTRONG LOOOOVE.....

Okay, this is in response to mikkeneko's post about there not being enough ARMSTRONG CROSSOVER LOVE. I must agree, and as I'm currently under a lot of stress I have done the following awfulness. Enjoy, mikkeneko! It's all your fault!

Armstrong in…… Hellsing!

“Oi… Um, Walter-san?”

“Mmm?” The Hellsing Organization’s butler/retired assassin glanced up from the day’s schedules, one eyebrow rising. “Yes, Seras?”

“Would you happen to know why Master’s lying on the floor in the hallway? He’s scaring the new trainees…”

Walter kept flipping through his pages. “He *always* scares the new trainees; I believe he said something to the effect of it being a ‘valuable part of their initiation,’ though personally I just think that the bastard likes watching them widdle their uniforms.”

“Ummm… you’re probably right about that. But he’s, well, he’s……. acting… funny…” The young vampire looked understandably nervous; the usually dark, brooding-in-a-somewhat-crazed-fashion Alucard had been sprawled across the tiles, giggling and mumbling “Oooh, the colors, the colors—“ while occasionally growing new eyes and limbs here and there. It had been rather unnerving.

Well, okay; more unnerving than usual, which was saying quite a lot.

“Mmph.” Walter gave the list a final dissatisfied once-over, monocle flashing in disapproval. “WHY do the higher-ups bother to schedule things at all if they’re going to bloody well change everything at the last minute?” He sighed. “Eh. As for Alucard, I suppose his condition might have something to do with the newest recruit…”

“Huh?” Seras’ head was beginning to hurt; maybe that batch of hospital blood she had drank the night before had been past its due-date. It *had* tasted a bit wonky—

“Over there.” Walter indicated the hulking figure who stood peering down at the master vampire’s twitches from a nearby doorway. “An import from Germany, I understand; something Alucard perpetrated on vacation last week, if the rumors are to be believed…”

“Uh oh.” The former policewoman had a distinct sinking feeling. “Oh no… Walter-san, *please* don’t tell me he got drunk again and—“

“I’m afraid so.”

“Oh, bloody HELL...”

Seras flinched back as the large, red-eyed figure strode forward; bald head gleaming in the overhead lights, the enormous man saluted. “At last! I have been looking forward to meeting you, Seras Victoria-san!” A blond moustache bristled above fledgling fangs as the newest member of Hellsing’s Very Peculiars bowed. “There is so MUCH I must learn from you and our master about my new state!” Blood-red sparkles seemed to glitter in the air around the new vampire as he straightened, muscles straining against his uniform’s fabric; there was a brief rending sound.

“And I am eager to put my own talents to work for my new employer!” A ham-sized hand closed on her shoulder, and Seras found herself being steered out the door and towards the nearby practice-range. “Let me show you the Armstrong Family Technique of Precision Aiming, passed down through my forbearers for generations! I understand that with our improved senses we can hit targets as much as a mile away—“

“Oh, bloody Hell—“

They stepped over the supine, red-coated figure on the floor; it giggled, black hair falling over its eyes as it grew a fourteenth (or was it fifteenth?) eye smack in the middle of its chest. “…so pink…….. oooh…… tasty…..”

“Walter? Walter-san? Help?”

The butler was already accelerating down the hall. “Sorry, Seras, you’re on your own with this one— I’ll, ah, go see about detox treatments for Alucard….. I’m sure I have the number for the Betty Ford clinic somewhere—“

Behind Ceres’ shrinking form, Armstrong beamed happily. This was going to be fun.


Heh heh heh...... see what sleep-deprivation and stress will do to a person?
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'Ello and a fic~

Greeting upon all~...'tis my first post here and it seems a luffely place. I come bearing 'la fic:

Title: Mortvi Non Mordant
Author: LCM
Rating: PG-13
Summary: A sacrifice brings Ed into possession of a flawed Philosopher’s Stone, and the decision to use it ends in an unforeseen price. Future Roy/Ed, despite all evidence to the contrary.

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mini comedy fic...

I normally don't do fic-writing, but I thought I'd try it out because hey, I'm bored, and I'm sick of working on my Wrath wig. Please, though, go easy on me... I haven't done any fanfiction since I was 12 and writing about Sailor Sagittarius or writing really crappy Mary Sues with Xelloss from Slayers... Hell, I have no clue what I'm doing! Yay!

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...OK, that was interesting. I keep slipping into talking like myself, because dammit I could be saying this all if I just changed the gender-specific pronouns... My fanfiction skills rival Ed's drawing skills! (And I keep thinking I should use this as a solo entry for a masquerade...)
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Colour Dodge [A Wilhelm Scream]

Hughes Age

Needed information for a fic. How old is Hughes? Does it even say? If not, how old would you assume? The series takes place in 1915, right? Gluttony is over 130 years old in the anime, right?

The fic is pretty much done, despite me having to know what year it takes place in. XP
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Colour Dodge [A Wilhelm Scream]

Peanut Butter and Jelly Time

Written for wiccat in my request a drabble post. Still taking requests.

Yes, that's the very same wiccat who asked me to write Seme!Ed X Envy and Armstrong X Havoc

**Rolls over and dies** Look at what you did! You killed me! Killed me dead!

Urg... XP

FANDOM: Fullmetal Alchemist
Pairing: Gluttony X Hughes
Title: Peanut Butter and Jelly Time
Word Count: 339
Rating: PG.

First off, this is written assuming Hughes is around 30, and that the series takes place in 1915. Which means Hughes is around 10 in the drabble.

This is using anime Sins, which means that Gluttony is over 100 in this. Much thanks to dana_fields, chrononuriko, shinraisei and saya_aensland who helped me with information regarding this fic.

Not one of my best fics. But who can really blame me?
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X-posted in hagaren, fm_alchemist and my personal journal.
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FMA folders

  • Here are some picture of the folders I'm using for school this semester.

The serphants cross one was drawn directly on the folder, but the others were printed out, then drawn over in permanent marker.  oh and the other one, i bought from ebay.

and here they are:

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happy & flowers
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A request or two

Hey, I know links and whatnot have been put up before, but I'm searching for the new OP and ED songs and don't fancy trawling through the many, many posts on this comm in the vain hopes of finding them ^^; Can people help me out here?

Also, has anyone got any good pics of Moofy Wrath or Hughes? I wanna make rainbow banners but am lacking in pics ^^

Full Metal Mac?

OK, I was bored, and I found a whole bunch of FMA artbook scans on a site I shall refer to as "Soopern0va." So I made a Mac OS X bootup panel featuring manga!Ed and manga!Al.

Alchemiriffic Bootup Panel

You install it using a program called Visage...linky here!

Catch is there's probably like no other FMA fans who are on Mac OS X. I must have a thing for lost causes. (And now my brain is telling me to write FMA "switch ads"...must resist idea...)
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