August 10th, 2004

quick question...

I can't find any good references for this, so can someone please help a poor Ed cosplayer?

How many belt loops are on the back of Ed's belt?

Yes, I know it technically doesn't matter because my coat will be covering it up, but I still want to know!
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another fluffy fic, and icon

...though how anyone expects me to be in a fluffy-writing mood now, after watching that episode...

*hem* Anyway, your piece of silly ficcage for the night.

Title: To-Scale Model
Rating: PG
Category: Fluff, humor
Spoilers: None really. Oh, Al is randomly cured, Ed is not.
Older brother: Seventeen
Younger brother: Sixteen

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Another icon I've made. This one isn't too big to be used, but I don't think I'll use it now anyway. Anyone who wants to can, though.
( Al )
Linked to because of episode 40 spoilers (not severe.)
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My Other Fandom...

I figured I'd been in this community long enough without contributing anything, so here's my meager offering:

Don't know if that's been done before, and my icon skills are more or less nonexistant, but I was driving home from the gym the other day, saw a "My other car is a Mustang" bumper sticker and, well...
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(no subject)

Four icons today.

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Four icons today.

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<a href="">more?</a>
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because of me- because of me

an intro post w/complimentary icons for all

I tried to avoid the anime scene as long as i could, but it was fullmetal that ended up reeling me in :-? I've only just finished episode 43 and, due to my incomplete skills in japanese, am just waiting on the first fansub of 44 with theories abound in my head. the er manga situation is somewhat less, i assure you. In any case, FMA is really really great and well developed and engaging and I've got absolutely no idea what I'm doing here other than. well. Icons. Bases only, because i hate font like you wouldn't believe.

If I'm breaking some sort of comm rule by posting these, let me know!

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Feel free to take what you like :-? I don't care if you credit or not, i'm not protective of my intense cropping skills.

So that is my hello! l8r, man.
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Sorry... I su>< at this... xD Here goes again! Sorry the link below doesn't work... T.T And here I though I had it all figure oud... xD

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C&C most extremely welcome. ^^

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[fanfic] Cure All 2/?

Title: Cure All 2/?.

Author: girl_starfish

Archive: Scimitar Smile :

Category: Drama, Humour (so I've been told), shounen-ai, post series.

Pairings: None currently.

Disclaimer: Fullmetal Alchemist and all characters property of Square Enix and Hiromu Arakawa.

Rating: pg 13 for implications.

Spoilers: Minor mention of events that take place during the series, but nothing that unfamiliarity with the events mentioned would be detrimental to enjoyment of the series or the story.

Crossposted: girl_starfish fm_alchemist

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