August 7th, 2004

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Just Some Random Goodies!

Eheh ^^;; This is my first post here...But yeah ^^ I'm Nabi! I've been in love with this awesome series for a good while now. Um...Not much else to say...As a 'I'm here!' gift, here's some fanart I did...and an icon I made =d Tis not much...But oh well!

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Also, I recently opened up one of them funky little Mp3 rotation sites. I'm not trying to advertise or anything, but if anyone wants to download a copy of the raw breath track version of Kesenai Tsumi (awesome song!), it's up right now. Here's the link! Anyways, I'm done here for now ^^; Ciao!
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Doujinshi scans, oh my!

Hello, folks!
I finally got to scan some Doujinshi of mine (my scanner was bitching for quite a while, but I finally fixed it ^^;) and thought some of you might be interested. So, I zipped the scans and uploaded them. Oh, and ... it's Roy/Ed. Go figure +coughs+.
It's not overly graphic, just a bit kissing (and implied groping) but I am positive you'll like this one. It's about Ed getting ill and Roy taking care of him (not new, but still cute +grins+).
Anyway, enjoy! ^^

Natsukaze Kusuri

(Crossposted, because I can)
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Mon Dieu!

Question about cosplay wigs

I'm going as Ed for CN Anime this year, but I'm not having any luck finding a good wig at local stores. Would anyone be able to point me to a good internet site with a reasonably priced wig for Ed? Even better, would anyone happen to know any good wig stores in the Toronto area?

bsg - said the joker to the thief
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greetings, exalted ones

... >>;
I realised I never actually joined this community, just added it to my friends list... So, hi. I'm a crazed-obsessed FMA fan who downloads French subs cause she's too impatient to wait for English ones. >>;

I also bring icons. For... the first time ever, yes, I have made icons that aren't for myself. Heh.
Now, I don't have whatever font it is you guys are so fond of using on icons, and I use Corel, not Adobe, but... still. My first attempt at t3h iconage.
I've done two versions of each, one with a border, one without... cause I never know what to do with borders... ^^;

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Critique/flame/ridicule/steal... all's good... ^_^;
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Greetings and drabble

Hello ^_^

I'm relatively new to the fandom but have enjoyed stalking the community for a few weeks. Its been ages since I've been inspired to write anything for a series, but FMA has been a rather compelling obsession. Its little more than pseudo-poetic Riza/Roy drabble, but I hope it'll be a warm up to tackling more serious narrative. Because it has been awhile since I've written anything, constructive criticism and general feedback would be greatly appreciated.

(my apologies for those of you stuck seeing this twice)

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