August 5th, 2004

saigo no dansu
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Cosplay photos

Hiii! I was wondering if anyone who went to Otakon had photos of our FMA cosplay group... Unfortunately my camera died and we never managed to get decent shots of us as a full group.

We had Roy, Hawkeye, Ed, and Lust. As Hawkeye I had Roy on a leash and our Ed had a little Al plushie. T-T

If anyone has clear shots of us as a group I'd love you forever if you gave them to me! <3 Thanks!
Wall-E &amp; Eve [1]
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Silly question + Fanart (that's not mine!)

Well, I have been wondering... since Edward hates drinking milk, why is he so... strong? Ee, I know. Stupid question ._. but doesn't milk give you strong bones as well? :P

And my friend sent me this fanart that she found at DeviArt (she doesn't remember which one). I find it very cool. Please tell me if any of this fanart belongs to you so I'll know. :) I just can't believe my friend forgot to save which DeviArt was it from. -_-;

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That's all from me today! ^_^; Bye!
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Otakon FMA cosplay pics

There were so many great FMA cosplayers at Otakon. I though I would share the pictures I took.

More can be found here:

Not all of the pictures there are FMA related, but I'd say about 75% are. If you want more pictures of Funi's FMA shoot let me know- I have plenty more that I didn't put up.

Also- I met a group of FMA cosplayers from New Jersey but didn't get their screen names (they are in the first 2 pictures). If you know who they are let me know.

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*(OT) pimp!*

Hoiiiiii~ minna! I come to pimp my Art project XD

here! click click click!!

Mwee. Yes. It is about alchemy. Ph33r me. Worship me.

Just kidding.

Do comment. Thanks!
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i remember someone linking me to this to find the second fma gameboy game
o_o...whenever i try that link it doenst work...does anyone know were i can get it?
thank you!
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Cosplay yo!

I'm posting from my friend kiraqueen's house, where the two of us have been working on our costumes all day. What costumes? What for? Who's Xel-ko? Sloth and Wrath, for the Japantown Anime Faire in San Francisco, my friend who isn't on this comm, bu is an FMA fan (thanks to me, hee hee) and who is VERY good with cosplay and wigs.

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That's all for now! Please tell us what you think! (We also each have another FMA cosplay in the works; Winry for me and Ed for her. Which is odd, because normally I crossplay a LOT. But, I'm not 5'2". Unlike some people . . . >_>)

See ya!
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More Asian Kung-Fu?

'Kay, I've had Rewrite on repeat long enough.  Can anyone recommend some forums (Streamload ideally) or websites that specialize in asian music?  Like more Asian Kung-Fu Generation tracks?