August 3rd, 2004


FMA items.

I mentioned in a previous comment that I would post the image of the new FMA board.

There are a lot of items coming out for FMA in the next few days. That and comiket in the next 9 days I would like to be able to make it back to Japan to get the items and FMA doujinshi. It is my hope our shop can get enough fan support to make this happen (though I am pessimistic). While we may not make Comiket we at least can go back and get more FMA goods. With the series ending now is the time to get stuff. Later on... -_-

Please have a look at our latest items.

A listing of all FMA items we have.

You can search the site using Fullmetal Alchemist, Hagaren, Hanage no Renkinjutsushi or 鋼の錬金術師.

Two things I would like to address cause I think I will be asked this..

All of these items are original Japanese. The doujin goods as well.

I have been looking for the watch that was released when the manga rose in popularity. It has not been reprinted.
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[seal] I'm an egg

Fanart: Birth

This is the psychodelpic Edward pic that I did and only showed part of before.

The basic idea is that he's trying to alchemize life/a soul inside his hands and is starting to disintegrate, starting from the clothes (muahhaha), and yet he has a really relieve expression on his face because he has found how to alchemize life and can now restore Alphonse (thus the Al in the background).

The background was done with a dripping effect of Copic Markers (Al was drawn with coloured ink pens). The basic colouring was done with Copic and Triart markers, with touch-ups of black coloured pencils.

Linked to my LJ
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FMA 43 corrupt?

I just downloaded FMA episode 43 like 25 minutes ago. But everytime I try to watch it, it gets stuck at a certain point. I already tried redownloading, but it's not working. It can't be my comp either because everything else works just fine ;E Anyone else having this problem?
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15_ shaun erick and armani w/ signs

(no subject)

Sorry to spam with more pics, but seriously - who doesn't love convention pics??

Now, without further distraction, I give you my Otakon Photos, including pictures from the Funimation FMA Shoot.

Yay ^^ If anyone got pics of the Izumis at the Funi shoot, please alert me to them. I was an Izumi and therefore wasn't able to get those pics.
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