August 1st, 2004

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Hawkeye X Roy fanart (Mature Audiences only!)

I'm doing a series of fan-pairings from various series called "Do You Mind"-- I've now entered FMA territory as I finish up- I've started out with Risa Hawkeye and Roy Mustang in a compromising position ^^; If you're not into seeing anything 'suggestive' you don't have to click on the link below:

As with this series there is no direct graphic nudity (and I don't draw nipples, so please don't ask XD;;) So enjoy! or not ^^; be back soon!
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Random Graphics

A while ago I remember someone requesting a Roy x Hughes color bar. Well I made it quite a long time ago but never really posted it. I used some scanned doujinshi images that were made available on this community yet I cannot seem to remember who scanned them. But I thank you whoever you were. Along with the Roy x Hughes bar there is another that I made at the request of chibi18. There are also two friends only banners that are there for anyone to take, just as long as credit is given where it's due ^_^

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Envy x Ed fanart

Hi~ I'm new here (well, an on and off lurker). Be gentle ^^

Anyway, I'm here a'pimpin' the hott sadistic horndogginess that is Envy x Ed. Yaoi and implicit sexual situations ain't your thing, best steer clear. Otherwise, enjoy!!

I'm also pimpin' the crazy mad writing skills of raane -- go bother her to finish the story this illustration was based off, now now now! (Bother bother bother.)

Pairing: Envy/Ed
Warning: Ed!Envy/Amputee!Ed--torn out automail port
Rated: R-ish for sexual implications and blooood.

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FMA Cosplay!

I'm sure this is not the first of the pics to be shown, but I just thought I'd show off a little. >D I went to Otakon, and these are a few of the pictures we got! Ed, Restored!Al, and Roy are behind the cuts.

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erm, if you're interested, there are more pictures on my journal. :)


Greed x Kimbley fanart

A long-time lurker finally getting to introducing herself. Eek, I'm nervous.

Hello, I'm Kata-chan, a huge fan of Fullmetal Alchemist (well, duh), and finally stepping out of the shadows. I just waited until I had something to go with introductions. I don't want to spoil a great community with a *completely* useless and dull post. So I bring you some fanart. Some Greed x Kimbley -fanart, to be exact.
That pairing, as unconventional as it is, can be considered my OTP. ¬_¬ Nothing too graphic here, I'm bad at rating things, but if manlove is not your cup of tea, I suggest not to click the cut below.

So, without further ado,

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And now I will slither back to lurkdom. Ja ne.

Picture request

I'm looking for a certain picture of young Al that I saw a while back. It's of Al looking up with his arms in the air Someone, I forget who, has this picture as an icon. It says "want a hug". Does anyone have this picture or know where it is? I've been looking for it for two days, looking through previous entries of this journal and fmalchemist. I can't find it and I know I saw it here.
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