July 31st, 2004

Hagaren Episode 43: The Stray Dog Escaped

Since Ben's at Otakon for the weekend and asked me to get the latest episode for him, I figured I'd try a shot at giving you all a summary. It's pretty bad (the summary) to tell you the truth and I skipped the parts where I couldn't fully understand the Japanese. ^^;;;

Just to note, I won't be able to distribute the episode till around 1-1:30 PM PST since the user I received the episode from requested three episodes from me and my upload rate's 26 kbs. x__x;; So your best bet for now is to wait for l33t-raws' release.

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Regarding TEH WAR Against Bastard Colonel Roy Mustang...

I did mentioned a RubberDucky!Roy. Here it is.


It's a little messy, but that's what you get for losing your tablet stylus. *winces*(Yes, I know, I should try practicing Roy more before I do this. But a promise's a promise)

Current score : Roy 8 (kilt, pink house, yukata, black mage, toga, farmer, schoolgirl, mouse), hime1999 1 (Afro) , moumusu 0, shuugasmer 0.

.....Are we truly doomed?

the dub

So, just came back from Otakon.
Saw the first dub episode before the concert.
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Btw, if anyone remembers me from the photoshoot, I was the Izumi with the "Easy Cooking" book. ^_^
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Just came from Otakon and I have piiiishures! Well, some anyway. I'm really hoping that the Winry I ran into at the con is a member of this community. I want to apologize to her in advance for the picture coming out so crummy, it's 'cause my camera's crap, and if possible, I'd like to take another photo(s) of her tomorrow =3

I saw quite a few Eds running around, only two Als, neither of which I was able to get pictures of, one Scar, one Hughes, one Riza, and a few Winrys. Got some shots of the Sins, Greed and Lust were fantastic, unfortunately, the picture of Envy I took did not come out either T.T

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