July 29th, 2004

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Full Metal Alchemist Parody Fansubs

Chopstick subbing is doing parodies of Full Metal Alchemist from 40 to the end of the series. :^D For D/L info, check out the webpage.

At the moment Chopstick has brought out FMA #40 and #41. Both episodes hosted on a fast FTP. We're welcome to parody suggestions in IRC @ rizon.net #chopstick (#chopsticks is taken by someone else :X).

Also - concerning FMA's liscense in the US, Parody falls under Fair Use so long as the parody-makers are in no way claiming to own the copyrighted material (of which we're not).

Just thought I'd spread the word to fans.

more fanart spammage

Hello FMA comm! I'm back w/more fanart spammage! *dodges tomatoes & junk*

o___O *ahem*

I just thought i'd share a pic of Hawkeye w/you all to balance out the ridiculous influx of roy, ed, al fanart. XD Come on!! FMA girls are awesome!! <3 They need luv too...

[fanart] riza hawkeye

cross-posted from my journal... cuz... i'm lazy... XD...
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Colour Dodge [A Wilhelm Scream]

Episode 30 Screenshots

Can be found here.

Al X 1
Armstrong X 4
Ed X 16
Izumi X 6
Cig X 4
Kimblee X 2
Moofy X 8
Group X 16
Greed X 3
Roy X 2
Scar X 9
Sloth X 3
Misc. X 1
Winry X 1
Yoki X 8

There's 84 shots all together.

ETA: Needed for a fanfic:

Is there any part in the series where Hughes and Gluttony meet/interact? And if so, what episode/chapter?
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Esp - Sheep


Mwehehehehe.... Finally.... dr_ghost suggested it in her post, and this is what I got.

I present you....



Current score: Roy 6 (kilt, pink house, yukata, black mage, toga, farmer) - hime1999 0  moumusu 0

Tell me he managed to fail looking good so we'll at least manage to score one!! *bambi eyes*

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Right... So the score for THE WAR (TM) is "Roy 6 (kilt, pink house, yukata, black mage, toga, farmer), Hime's Army 1 (afro)"... I think.

So, after watching from base camp, I finally had the chance to be at the frontline!

A few warnings before you proceed, though. One, my drawing skills suck. Two, I did this in school, where people were screaming and my ears were ringing and ducks were singing (@__@;;), so I guess it turned out awful.

*cough* So...


...I was about to draw the legs, but then I glimpsed Roy's face and he seemed to give me a "finish this drawing and I shall burn you" look, so Al popped in. I have no idea why, though. And Roy's head seems a bit too big.


He so does not look like Roy.
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