July 28th, 2004



The Fullmetal Alchemist Photoshop War site has finally been updated with more wacky entries (keep them coming!).

Now it is 3:11am. I'll go off and collapse. Go visit and bring a friend, alright?
(゜ω゜) んーごくらくー

Black Mage Roy

I haven't thrown a picture in here in ages, and it just so happens I've been meaning to scan Roy in a Black Mage outfit since the dawn of time, so there it is. Can I join in on this war on Roy? :D (I'm supposed to put the score here, right? I think the current score is Roy 3 (kilt, pink house, yukata) - Hime 0, Me 0 =_= ROY IS A TUFF OPPONENT.)
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_tsumetai - waiting in the Air

Kill Me

Its me again. I looked for an FMA Game community where I could post this and not bother you but I couldn't find one.

Anyone know how to get past the stupid bridge on the GBA game? Its driving me insane.

Help would be appreciated.
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Original version of Doodle

Hey guys, it's me again! I promise to actually put a link this time too! Lol

Anyway, here is the Original version of the first doodle (http://www.deviantart.com/deviation/9250163/) that I did for FMA.

... I would have done more doodles in my Communications class this morning had I not been so nervous about my presentation. =P Oh well, that just leaves plant bio and bio review XD (although unfortunately this means no references again...). Considering my recent FMA doodling binge (instead of studying ^^;;;) , it's a good thing both the lecture and lab finals are multiple choice otherwise I might have put FMA stuff as answers, hehe.
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First shot at animation

Hey, I come bearing two icons from the FMA OP and ED. I don't think there's anything terribly spoilery about either. If for some psychotic reason someone wants one, all I want is credit. This my attempt to try to do animation with a more unique touch than the usual "box" technique. My friend seems to think that's too stale.

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Kuma Love

REWRITE & I Will Screenshots

So I took screen shots of the new FMA OP & ED a few days ago, and now I finally have them converted and uploaded. I thought I'd share, so you can view them here.
WARNING: Beware of non-52k friendliness & extraordinarily cheezy humour.

Feel free to use 'em for whatever if you like. You don't have to credit me, I don't care ^^.
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-ego- // me

Icons, Roleplay Advertisement

Plenty of icons under the cut. Credit, comment, don't direct link.

[24] Full Metal Alchemist

[8] Roy
[8] Edward
[3] Hughes
[2] Havok
[1] Hughes Family
[1] Sins
[1] Office Lackeys

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And, on another note...

ATTN: All RPGers:

fma_rp is searching for a new Alphonse. If you would like to apply, please IM either me or angels_burn under our AIM SNs, which are fiery alchemy and Human AIchemy, respectively, or leave a comment here to get in touch with us. We are interested in a dedicated armor!Al for some intense, awesome RP. <3

Not only that, but there are a few other characters available for the pickings. Armstrong, Winry, Lust, King Bradley, Gluttony, and Archer are available. Along with a few others that I'm sure I forgot. XD;


From episode 39 and 40. Made from screencaps courtesy of makaioh. Many thanks.

You know the drill: you want, take; but comment and credit plz, kthnx.

[1x] Roy
[5x] Kimbly

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How many of you FMA-philes are going to Otakon this weekend? :O Just curious. I'm going to be there, buying as much FMA shit as I can get my obsessive hands on. Sigh. Oh and free stuff is good too. :O

Anyone who cosplays as Ed, prepare to be attacked with love. Cons are the only place I really truly let out my pent up inner dorky fangirlisms. D: (Good thing my friend is cosplaying as Ed and already has given permission for me to molest her.. oh my! XP)
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Colour Dodge [A Wilhelm Scream]

Never Again

Requested in my request a drabble post (still taking requests, if you can find it).

Fandom: Fullmetal Alchemist
Pairing: Hawkeye X Hughes (Hawkeye X Roy)
Title: Never Again
Word Count: 337
Rating: PG
Written for: selskia

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Any and all CC is greatly appreciated.
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(PIC) PinkHouse!Roy

Triggered by the statement 'Roy can wear anything and get away with it', I officially declared war on Col. Roy Mustang. Nothing much. I just want to know if there's anything he doesn't look good in.

Current score: Roy 1 - Hime 0

I present you PinkHouse!Roy.

I'm having fun. XDDDDDD

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(PIC) Yukata!Roy

You know, maybe I shouldn't be doing this. I have enough things to do without declaring myself a war.

But then again, I've never been too smart.

Current score: Roy 2 (kilt, pink house) - Hime 0

One last try for 'Roy-looks-good-in-everything' today: Yukata!Roy

Now, back to school work.

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FMA Icons

Figured I should post my FMA icons I've made so far here. I haven't made very many. I'll just post the newest one and then link to the ones I made last week or so..

Won 1st place Roy icon at fma_awards last week. Fwee! My first icon contest winning thing. :3 Just comment here if you want to use it, and please credit me in your icon keywords for making it. :O

More of my Fullmetal Alchemist icons can be found HERE. ^_~
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Fancomics and such

Let's start off with a 4-paneler that I made over a month ago and forgot about. It also comes with a sketch of Riza with her skirt-thing backwards (like I saw on a Riza figure at a local store. haha).

why Ed hates cows <-- two/three minute thing from conception to finished product. Shut up. XD

And also I am doing a "fancomic" with two of my friends and I started off with a generic scene....

page 1
page 2

Page 2 saved wierd so it's darker but otherwise managable. Kinda shoddy shading because we agreed that it wasn't a serious project and plus, we wanted to get them out ASAP. =D;

have fun.
Ears - Perk


I think a few days ago, someone posted asking what we think will happen at the end... Granted, this is just my opinion, so take it with a grain of salt.

Personally, I think Al's going to die. It's the only ending that makes sense.

1) There is no way that Ed and Al are going to regain their bodies. Not only because it doesn't go along with the "mood" of the series, but it completely goes against the whole theme of "equivilant trade". They've been shoving the principle of equivilant trade in our faces from the start, and for them to just find and use the philosopher's stone to get their bodies back is just kinda... cheap. Not only that, but they did something wrong. They got punished for it. To take the punishment back gives the message "I can mess with nature as much as I want because the results won't be permanent".

2) If they aren't getting their bodies back, it would be no problem for Ed to continue living the way he is. But Al can't survive as a suit of armour. Without the ability to use his senses, he'd be cut off from humanity and eventually lose his. He's been suffering like that for years, commenting about how much he wants to touch his brother again and angsting over how he might not even exist. It's just merciful to put him out of his misery.

3) For the theory that Ed would die to give Al his body back, that most likely won't happen. First of all, we already know that Ed won't do *anything* for his brother. He wouldn't kill all those people to create the philosopher's stone. On top of that, Ed doesn't strike me as a suicidal person. He's a good alchemist, and he knows it. He's a big help to the public, and he knows it. He knows he'd do more good for the people alive than dead.

4) All the character deaths in the series have been preparing Ed for the eventual death of his brother. Every time someone dies, Ed lost it. Notice Al doesn't have as intense a reaction as Ed does. This could be linked back to the fact that Al can't really "feel", but I think it is to make us focus on Ed and how he reacts to death. He will slowly come to accept the fact that people close to him will die, and he will, in the end, accept the death of his brother.

5) Collapse )

So there you have it. Anyone else want to throw in their $0.02? I'd like to hear other opinions or theories.

Crossposted in my personal journal and fmalchemist
Wall-E &amp; Eve [1]

Heheh. ^_^U

Hrm, I have a question. It's probably notified in the oldest entries this community has, but I'm just curious.

How tall is Edward Elric?

XD What a sad question, but I really want to know how short he is.


And oh, yes. Thank you. :)

P.S. I like the new layout on here. ^_^;
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