July 27th, 2004

Ammy / ticket to the end of the rainbow

Pasted-on stupidity

So today I was lazy, and decided I'd make one of those Photoshop editions. This time, using a movie screencap. Heaven knows it's rare to mix FMA with this fandom, but I know some of you should've thought of that before I did. This is pure crack, but either way I introduce you...

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Hollow, Ichigo

Need help

Hey guys, i stumbled on this website a few days ago that had a COMPLETE diagram of every alchemy circle ever used in FMA, but i dont remember the link >_<;;

if anyone knows this site please tell me! thanks!
The eye

I am such a NERD! *and proud of it!*

So, I was in the process of watching 41 and 42...when somewhere along the line..i picked up a sharpie marker..and started doodling on the back of my hand. This isnt out of the usual, as Ive done this before (usually in one of my college classes when I'm bored XD). I finish watching the episodes...and after spazzing in a fangirly manor over how INCREDIBLE the series is...I look down at my hand. And this is what I saw

Its not that good. Its not in red ink either because I dont have a red sharpie. But at any rate...
Im such a nerd X3
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Just watched 41/42. You can tell by the vacant and disbelieving look I have on my face, at the current moment.

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*Goes back to her corner of 'OMGWTFOMFG'.* @_@

(Crossposted, by the way.)
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Colour Dodge [A Wilhelm Scream]


Finished another comic today. I scanned it, but I can't get on the internet at my house right now, so you'll have to wait until I can. It's Envy/Ed... again (I'll give a link to my last one later)

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Apple - Lust

Random Doodle-age

Ok well um I did a bit of doodling last (early in the morning) night when I should have been studying for an exam and since I was listening to Undo a lot, I doodled FMA... Now I've done lots of random FMA art but none of them ever had much effort =P Well neither did these because I didn't really have references as I explain in the description. It's not very good and stuff but I'm rather proud of it because I feel like at least Ed looks like Ed and Lust looks like Lust. My Winry on the other hand... I won't go into =P For more details just read the description. And yeah, I drew on scratch paper cause I'm that lame. Anyway here ya go:

I promise improvements in later art so please bear with me =P

FMA tankoban 8!!!

I was at Mitsuwa today and was browzing through the manga section and found FMA #8 with the new arrivals. Yay!

And yes, Greed-tachi went to heaven. XD

If anyone wants scans, tell me. yeah.

Funniest 4-paneler was one where everyone was at the beach. Al got upset that they used his armor to grill lamb-thingies on him. =D;

EDIT: oh yeah, there's some info on the movie; i can't read much on it though.

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Have fun. If anyone can translate the Japanese text, that'd be very appreciated. =3
The eye

This is gonna cause some slight chaos...

So, I was searching Japanese sites for my usual dose of Roy x Maes goodness....when i stumbled upon a very nice picture...of Ed nekkid from the back O_O. Ill post the link, but BE WARNED: this site has yaoi artwork on it, some of it a little bit on the explicit side, so if that bugs you, dont click on anything else!
Also, if nekkid Ed bum offends you, dont even click on the link! Duh. XD

okay, the picture is here and its the FOURTH picture down on the list.

Personally, I think the artwork on this site is absolutely gorgeous...kyaa...someday...I wanna draw like that....*gets all sparkly eyed and dramatic* Someday!
Apple - Lust

Art Doodle-age Take 2

>.< I'm really sorry about that last post... I was late for class so I was in a bit of a rush so of course I forgot to put a text for the bloody link ... I guess in a way it's pretty typical of me because whenever I have to send an attachment by email I have this rather large tendency to forget to attach it. That's how much of an airhead I am.

So anyway here it is with an actual link: FMA doodle collage

In addition I also did a bit more doodling in class cause we were reviewing for our lab final and it wasn't anything spectacular. I think this set of doodles may be a bit more sketchy cause I didn't have a chance to really check what was wrong with it. *shrug*. I may try to redo some of this later but I highly doubt it... For some reason I just can't draw the characters very well... Either my doodling has gone downhill (not that it was very good in the first place) or I'm out of practice. =P

Anyway, FMA Doodle 2

And on a quick side note... I think the new FMA ED is an improvement over the last one. The song was a little more upbeat (but nothing beats Kesenai Tsumi! XD) And the images were not so Winry-centric... As for the new Opening... I dunno believe it or not, despite my original dislike of Undo... the bloody song grew on me and now that and Ready, Steady Go are my top two. Don't get me wrong, I <3 Asian Kung-Fu Generation... but maybe this song just needs to grow on me too... Perhaps my biggest issue so far is that this song is so much like their other songs, you know? I guess to me the other songs were more unique and seemed to fit FMA. Anyway I'm blabbering too much. Again I promise to eventually update with better art...
ponyo: lovely dark and deep


It's not my fault, I swear! It's just that the "Woke up female!" storyline harukami's doing is so damn FUNNY . . . (latest installment here.) Anyway, it features, so far, female Roy, Ed, Al (yes, Al) and most recently, Havoc.

Hence the picture.

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Anyway, please comment!
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Chibi fanartness

(ie, Red is in a frenzy of Otakon-related productivity)

My friends and I have a table in the art room at Otakon, and in addition to the gazillions of buttons that we made for the occasion, I thought it might be fun to draw a few FMA chibis to put on stickers and such.

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